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newswatcher 5th Feb 2003 09:30

Air Arabia - all you need to know about it (threads merged)
From the UAE "Gulf News"(5/2/02):

"Air Arabia, the national airline being launched by Sharjah, will have a share capital of Dh10 million, and an operational capital of Dh50 million, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Thani, chairman of Sharjah Department of Civil Aviation, said yesterday.

"This can be increased at a later stage, if required," he added.

He said the outlay would be enough to efficiently run passenger and cargo services: "While some may have expressed doubts about the level of funding, we have done our homework and are confident it is doable."

He said capital would be split 60:40 between the Department of Civil Aviation and the Sharjah International Airport Authority and shares would have a Dh1,000 face value.

"We will be a full-fledged UAE national airline from Sharjah," he said. "Just like any other national airline, we will have bilateral agreements between the UAE and other countries."

Sheikh Abdullah said, in line with the country's open sky policy, Air Arabia would not enjoy preferential treatment, nor would airlines flying to Sharjah be disadvantaged by the airline. "We will complement their services."

The airline is the UAE's third, after Emirates and Gulf Air, in which Abu Dhabi has a stake. Dr. Ghanem Al Hajri, director-general of both the department and the airport, said the airline's premises would initially be in the terminal complex.

"We will finalise our business plan while seeking to firm up destinations and routes, based on the traffic rights we obtain, and the capacities on various sectors."

"We will seek to offer customers safe and secure operations thro-ugh efficient services at competitive rates while keeping in mind their comfort."

He declined to provide details of its positioning, area of operations, or specific destinations. Nor did he reveal plans regarding fleet acquisition. "At this point, all options are open."

He expects the carrier to work out staff needs in three months. "We hope to recruit from the UAE," which will start just after summer."

Sources said the venture, which has been in the pipeline for more than a year and attracted considerable media attention, was fina-lised with a UK consultant.

While plans were finalised some time ago, authorities were waiting for the right time to launch the airline, they added. "The decision to launch at this juncture reiterates their confidence in the project and in the prospects for the region."

Top government officials had declared that one of the emirate's primary thrust areas would be tourism. Experts then said it was vital to set up an airline which can offer feeder services in the region.

Meanwhile, Ajman is also aiming to set up an international airport, catering to chartered and business jets."

Nightrider 5th Feb 2003 13:24

There is certainly a potential market...will be interesting to watch...

taba 5th Feb 2003 17:32

any website? it will be an interesting one!

newswatcher 6th Feb 2003 08:01

First flight scheduled for October - Mara? They expect to carry 2-300K pax in first year. Other details the kind of aircraft that are to be bought or leased are still being worked out.

Nightrider 7th Feb 2003 07:05

Dumpvalve...I doubt very much that this is a major issue. As most of the Cabin Crew as well as the Flight Deck Crew will confirm, a no-alcohol policy during flights will avoid hundreds of incidents we are facing every year.
A "sober" flight will not lead to any discomfort and I am pretty sure that a lot of passengers will welcome such an environment.

On the other hand...if the passengers are prepared to pay the price, I am sure they will be able to get what they want....

CRJ700 9th Mar 2003 15:44


Hong Kong Layover 27th Apr 2003 08:32

Anyone got any new feedback on the subject?

digna 28th Apr 2003 18:07

they don't have a web site yet, but the closer date for senior positions vacancy they have advertrtised is the 14th of july, so they will not start till, may be end of this year I think the whole thing is just in papers yet. will need some time !!

Hong Kong Layover 29th Apr 2003 02:31

Thanks digna for the info,if you come accross any info,please publish them to us thru this page.-Thanks !!

mrbrown 25th Jun 2003 19:10

Air Arabia info?
Does anyone have any info on Air Arabia?

newswatcher 25th Jun 2003 20:12

From a UAE website(18/6/03):


I am looking for contact information for new abu dhabi airline (air united) and air arabia in sharjah. please help!!!!!!

Thank you


Dear Mr. Alasad,

No time frame has been set as to when Abu Dhabi will launch its own airline. Although plans are there, the chairman of the Abu Dhabi Civil Aviation said that they have still not decided when.

With regards to Air Arabia, the national airline being lauched by the emirate of Sharjah, we suggest that you contact the Sharjah Department of Civil Aviation to get more information. Contact details can be found on their website at http://www.shj-airport.gov.ae.

Thank you.
Ministry of Information & Culture

mrbrown 26th Jun 2003 11:52

Thankyou newswatcher

I have sent an email and I'll let you know what they say if you like.

Mr Brown

Tibesti 3415 29th Jun 2003 02:11

Check your PM.

OCC 1st Jul 2003 15:03


If anyone gets a contact email for Air Arabia can you let me know please.



homesick rae 1st Jul 2003 23:16


OCC 2nd Jul 2003 01:23

homesick rae

Thank you for the information.


FlyHigher 2nd Jul 2003 07:51

Any rumors about the aircraft type they will operate?

newswatcher 12th Aug 2003 20:35

a snipett of news
Air Arabia (Aug11, 2003)
Finalized the lease of 6 Airbus A320-200s from ILFC. Air Arabia's first 2 aircraft, previously operated, will be delivered in Sep03 and Oct03 ; the remaining 4 aircraft will be delivered new in Feb04, Mar04, Oct04 and Jan05. During 2004 the airline will likely replace the pair of used A320s with new ones.

B767300ER 13th Aug 2003 14:12

A-320s? Interesting. They won't have much long-haul then.

junkyard dog 17th Aug 2003 02:24

Hello ,
Can Arabia make it on the 18 th of October and start operating ?
I am honestly looking forward to joining.

I think this airline has a bright future if backed by the goverment of Sharjah.

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