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Reverend Doctor Doug 4th Nov 2003 16:19


You hit the nail on the head. As with EK and most other employers here, they all say the right things, but the reality is usually different.

What is a bit unusual is that they put an add on the same page as their anti discrimination policy, that proves they tell the odd porky. I am sure there are a few more where that one came from.

Experience would tell me to view this company with the same healthy suspicion as I do with every other company in the UAE, until proven otherwise.

Cop U Later

The Rev

Rotate777 6th Nov 2003 02:01

Pilots are a tough bunch

In reply to a few posts back: Captain Salary $US 7500 Plus flight allowance. This includes housing. F/O Salary $US 5,900.

When I posted earlier that there are no locals running the show, it is interesting how everyone jumps to their own conclusions based on how they see the world.

There are no Emirates nationals in places of management simply beacuse they are nationals. There are arabs and non arabs in all sorts of positions, including ; flight ops, finance, IT, manitenance.

I am sorry to dissapoint the cynics amongst you. Healthy suspicion is one thing, but making statements an unfounded assumptions is another.

There sure are problems, including ticketing, web bookings and so on. But lessons are being learned fast.

On the pilot pay issues, the schooling and housing are very low and not compatible with the reality in the UAE. These we have been told are being looked at.

Also no pension plan, and no savings program of any sort. Medical insurane is completely inadequate.

These are the facts as they stand today.

Let you know if anything changes.

newswatcher 18th Nov 2003 19:26

From UAE Gulf News(18/11)second A320 in service

newswatcher 27th Nov 2003 22:55

15 destinations by 2005
Interview with Donald Hubbard - Fin Dir interview

Bang 2nd Dec 2003 02:49

Perhaps my CEO..(Qatar Airways CEO-AAB) could be sent to Sharjah to get some training and tips on "people manegement" from Airarabia CEO!!

newswatcher 15th Dec 2003 16:35

Air Arabia unveils starting fares
From the UAE "Gulf NEws"(14/12):

"Air Arabia, the UAE's national airline and the first low-cost airline of its kind in the region, yesterday unveiled its starting fares and explained the dynamics of its fare structure.

"We are committed to offering the lowest possible market fares at any given date to any destination," claimed Adel Ali, CEO.

Air Arabia's starting fares vary according to destination. A one-way ticket from Sharjah starts at Dhs 159 to Bahrain, Dhs 222 to Kuwait, Dhs 99 to Muscat, Dhs 199 to Beirut, and Dhs 310 to Damascus - excluding government taxes, which vary from country to country.

The fares are all quoted one way to allow customers the flexibility to choose their return destination at their convenience.

The way the fares are structured depends on market supply and demand, Ali explained. Hence, fares increase as seats are sold on every flight. Accordingly, the earlier a passenger books, the more likely it is that they will pay the 'starting' fare.

The adoption of a 'ticketless' airline concept also results in saving on paper and processing costs, and less hassle for the customer, who need not worry about collecting tickets, as well as omission of free in-flight meals.

Air Arabia flies to Bahrain, Beirut, Damascus, Kuwait and Muscat. The projected destination list will cover: Amman, Cairo, Colombo, Doha, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran, Sanaa and Saudi Arabia.

Bookings can be made through the call centre, the website www.airarabia. com, or appointed travel agents."

320guy 6th Feb 2004 12:29

Air Arabia
Haven't heard much talk on this new start up with regards to the usual issues, pay and working conditions and growth. Are there planes full? and are they hiring. Any hints to left seat time? Some must have a little insider to add.



newswatcher 9th Feb 2004 18:22

Air Arabia to acquire two more Airbus A-320s
From Gulf News

pilotusa 19th Jun 2004 23:38

Air Arabia
Went back 100 days and found no threads on Air Arabia. Anyone have any input on working conditions (A320) and hiring process?

(Went further back and found some info from last year. Anything new to tell?)

320 star 20th Jun 2004 15:30

this is their captain package

Remuneration (Dhs.):Base Salary: 21000
Housing Allowance: 4500
Transport Allowance 500
Flying Allow (Fixed) 1500
Duty Allow: @ 30 Dhs./duty hour
Overtime payment 300Dhs/hour

Schooling Allowance: 50% of the actual cost of tuition fees for three children betwee ages of 4 to 18 not exceeding Dhs.1600/- per month per child.

pilotusa 20th Jun 2004 22:54

Thanks, 320 star!

Any scoop on the interview process?

hapimus 21st Jun 2004 13:42

where is the base ?
how to apply?

pilotusa 21st Jun 2004 19:22

Not that I'm an expert, but I believe the crews are based in Sharjah, UAE which is about 10 KM down the street from Dubai.

Send CV to [email protected]

Website gives a few details: www.airarabia.com

Can anyone shed light on the actual interview process at Air Arabia?

JoeCo 22nd Jun 2004 09:37

Doesn't look to promising for those without current time on type or those who are over 50. Maybe one day my resume will look attractive to someone?!?! ;)

sidestick321 25th Jun 2004 21:29

Trouble at Air Arabia
The latest middle East startup is having much trouble. It is fast becoming a typical poorly run airline.
During a recent converstaion with a close friend on the inside it is sounding like all is not well.
No Schedueller on duty and pilots and flight attendants have to get the duty on a daily basis. Rumor is that they get calls in the middle of the night to operate flight in the early morning.

All management posts held by ex GF, and all know how great that airline is, so great it is going out of business!!!!!!!!!!

Favoritism and inequality are rampant.

Unqualified Flight OPs management do not have a clue and are doing nothing but putting out fires that they started.

Few pilots that they have are already looking elsewhere for jobs, and just biding their time.

Shame really cause first low cost in middle East obviously eyed by all as a model, instead turning into fiasco.:}

vfenext 26th Jun 2004 18:35

If you got your info about Arabia in the same place as your info on Gulf Air then I think you should go back to the pub. At least sober up before your next post! What a load of nonsense. I know its a rumor network but this is taking liberties. None of the above is even remotely true. Honest!

A318 27th Jun 2004 17:26

vfenext, you need to do a bit more research. Everything that Sidestick has said is true and more.

Management is all ex-GF but the pilots aren't treated as nice as at GF, because management says it is "low cost". Upgrade plan is a joke, welcome to "Gulf Air Lite". Over half the pilots are looking elsewhere and are sending out CV's now, both Capts and FOs. Too Bad

sidestick321 28th Jun 2004 15:05

Windshear Ahead VFENEXT
VFENEXT Pls explain why you think this is rumor if people inside the company are saying this. just to damage their otherwise perfect Airline. I know for a fact that one Captain flew more than 100 hrs of flit time in one calendar month. Reason, management never planned for number of flights. Welcome to Gulf Area management.

Like all other great airlines such as this, no planning.

Did you know that Rosters are not computerized and people are asked to keep track of their own FTLs.

Etihad on the other hand looks like an airline to watch. Slowly building a positive reputation.

As for the PUB bit, I think maybe you should take your head out of where it is buried. You sound just like the rest of the guys running the show over there pretending all is hunky Dory, while it is spinning out of control.

Lowpass200 28th Jun 2004 15:35

I had heard that the CEO was a great guy, and this was from one of the pilots there. Seems things change. Maybe the pressures of the job.

Rotate777 29th Jun 2004 17:28

I know the CEO of the company and I think that he will not let the airline go down the tubes.

Problem is maybe like many people in his shoes he does not grasp the details of what is goind on around him. He tries not to be a micreo manager from what I konw. But maybe he should start doing something.

The general comments from the crew do not inspire much confidence.

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