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nitrowired 10th Jul 2018 14:00

Originally Posted by Luibar (Post 10107652)
Apparently Air Arabia is recruiting Captains to Sharjah (according to SIGMA). Any big expansion expected soon?

no expansion beyond extra 6 321's that will come next year. But we are always understaffed and summer is particulary tight for the rostering. Check what kind of contract is on offer cause there seems to be more than few different options depending who you talk to.

a32O 7th Aug 2018 04:11

Hi guys!

Do the company really need captain at the moment? I've tried to apply, but no response, mb my pic experience not enough(~1100).

Another question, what is the salary difference between full time and commuting contact(6/2)?

For full time real salary around 15-16k usd? Right?

Hansol 11th Aug 2018 09:53

Does AA offer a commuting contract?

LIPS Support 30th Jul 2019 18:59

Hi all,

Can someone please provide me with the Loss of License package that AA contractually guarantees to their pilots in the event of long-term sickness or termination for medical reasons? We have a product for $86 / month with the following benefits that may be of interest to AA pilots, depending on what they're already provided:

UNDERWRITTEN by Lloyd’s of London, the oldest, largest insurer and reinsurer in the world.
  • $6,800 (AED 25,000) per month
  • Payable for the first five years of medical disability.
  • No maximum age cut-off to join.
  • No medical exam required.
  • Covered to the day before your 65th birthday.
  • You keep your cover when you change airlines.
  • Membership in the Baymac Group included in your monthly payment which gives you access to top-ups for the basic plan, health insurance, life insurance and free legal consultations.
Peter Davis

Rolandopil 29th Apr 2020 15:02

Hi everybody!
Does anybody know if Air Arabia is still looking for captains for their Abu Dhabi base. And what's the salary?

Thank you!

RoyHudd 30th Apr 2020 00:12

Gotta love an optimist!

samca 10th May 2020 09:43

How is the situation with Air Arabia in AUH. are they going to hire Captains on A320 in a short term??

Cantbebothered 10th May 2020 11:07

Originally Posted by samca (Post 10778097)
How is the situation with Air Arabia in AUH. are they going to hire Captains on A320 in a short term??

They are looking currently for one but based in Sharjah.https://www.airarabia.com/en/careersinvalid

squarecrow 11th May 2020 08:55

Reading these and others I find that a bit strange,



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