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Jet Joc 19th Aug 2003 02:27

pilot selection started!!
Air-Arabia started last week interview pilots...any feedback:p

Jet Joc

John Smith 3rd Oct 2003 22:16

Recruiting at Air Arabia
Sent an e-mail and got the standard form to fill out and return but heard nothing since. Has anybody heard any more??

Understand that the initial pilots came from QR, is this the way to get and will the pipeline for pilots open again soon as they will be taking more aircraft on next year??

Thoughts, facts .... any info!!

newswatcher 23rd Oct 2003 16:14

Air Arabia article
Sorry, not quite what you wanted John, but this appeared in the UAE "Gulf NEws" (23/10):


chrispatrick 23rd Oct 2003 23:36

:( Dear John Smith ,

Just a few words to confirm that I received the same negative answer from that company. For the time beeing , no added news have been issued concerning a next recruitment ; it seems as if the priority had been given to arabic pilots.
wait and see...

homesick rae 24th Oct 2003 04:25

Nothing on the Cabin Crew side of things either according to my sources! Seems they have gone for local(ish) recruitment there as well!

Rotate777 28th Oct 2003 20:08

Air Arabia Launch
Air Arabia launches it's first flight today to Bahrain. Let me be the first to congratulate this promising airline. Unlike other operations in the region, this is looking like a very good place to be.
Never mind that the pilot package is not the best, things will change with experience. The CEO has had a recent meeting with the pilots and has been saying all the right things. Time will tell if this will be put into action soon. But from personal experience the man delivers what he promises.

We have got a great bunch of people working here, and unlike other airlines, this one values it's people.

There are no locals running the show simply because they are locals. All the people here have a lot of experience and what they lack, they make up for by being good team players. They are able to delegate authority and things get done. No insecurities here.

As for the hiring, the company does not hire pilots or advertise unless it needs them. This will happen again soon with the new aircraft deliveries. So all who are interested in a great place to work, just be patient.

Oh and one other thing which makes all the difference in the world. Pilots are treated with respect. At the instigation of the Director of Flight ops, and in the presence of the CEO, a vote was taken on what the uniform should look like. The vote was contrary to what was originally planned by management, but the majority won. implimentation was immediate.

Let's hope some of this management style wears off on some of the other airlines in the neighbourhood.

Keep up the good work guys.

homesick rae 28th Oct 2003 20:30

Just a quick question.

Why did they not acknowledge many of the CVs from highly experienced crew, Cabin and Flight Deck, who have had years of experience in the region? (I know many of the QR pilots joined)

I know 7 people apart from myself who were interested to join and applied months ago...not a peep!

I wish them all the best and hope what has been mentioned above continues. Good luck!

BahrainLad 29th Oct 2003 01:10

Indeed, have heard some very positive things about this outfit.

Sounds like they've taken the very successful low-cost model operated elsewhere and copying it to the letter.

I wish them the best of luck.

newswatcher 29th Oct 2003 22:52

...and it's even made
the Beeb

masalama 30th Oct 2003 02:41

the day they start flying to the subcontinent with these(1/3) fares , they're sure to get a very high lad factor, about time i think a LCC started off from the middle east...good luck .

jet4hire 31st Oct 2003 01:07

Hey Mates! Any contacts! For pilot recruitment
Air Arabia......
Will appreciate any information to contact in order to send my CV of to whom should I address it ? Chief Pilot etc. Thanks a million
Happy Landings!:cool:

Rani 1st Nov 2003 01:04

The start-up of a low-cost carrier in the Middle East is certainly a good development and a precursor for an increase in regional travel. However, I find it particularly ironic that such an airline would provide such a basic, unreliable and empty website (www.airarabia.com) considering the airline is encouraging online reservations.

I tried their reservation engine and the system could not give me possible dates of travel (for example, Sharjah-Beirut). The browser has to go back and manually change the travel dates in order to find flights. This is very inconvenient for passengers and indicates 'low-cost' internet representation and sales potential.

drive a bus 1st Nov 2003 03:11

@ Rani

I donīt work for Air Arabia, but I have to defend them. Now itīs only four month ago I heard about their launch. They have still a lot of things to do, I guess. I do agree that the webpage is a little empty, but be fair, they need a little more time. They are a new startup and have to develop everything. Letīs see how it looks, letīs say, in 6 month.

Take care,


tradewinds 1st Nov 2003 11:32

Lakeman and rotate777...

Thank you both for your informative posts. Two questions...

1. What is the starting salary for Captains and F/Os, and are there any pension benefits?
2. Is the position permanent or on contract?

Wishing this new venture much success ( I am still intrigued by Etihad's stealthy start-up! ).


JET 1st Nov 2003 12:02


notice that www.jetblue.com and www.airarbia.com are pretty similar , anybody thinks there is a conenction ?

c u

sorry about the spelling


Arctaurus 1st Nov 2003 15:12

It is interesting that on the career's page, http://www.airarabia.com/careerinfo.html, they say their is no age discrimination for jobs, yet the position advertised immediately below specifies an age limit of 30 !!

doha 2nd Nov 2003 20:30

air arabia
the news now that they are flying to any of there destination with very low price
only 100 dhs
this is very very good price unbeliveble one

ferris 3rd Nov 2003 00:26

Lip service
Thanks Arctaurus- had to smile over that.

Selection for employment to Air Arabia is based upon fair and widely acceptable criteria without reference to the applicant's race, colour, gender, age, nationality, ethnic or national origin, marital status, disability or religion. Air Arabia selects the best and most suitable person for the job.
The job ad below those words asks for a female below 30:confused:
As a male over 30, I wonder if I'll get it?:hmm: Anyone care to be a reference?

The advertised 99dhs airfares might cause a bit of a stir, though!!!!

Sheep Guts 4th Nov 2003 06:10

Maybe they are the same routes. But JetBlue started off by raising 130 Million Capitol before any plans were made on the CEOs reputation. Me thinks that Airarabia could raise this capitol much easier.


CatII 4th Nov 2003 07:54


No worries about discrimination. If you are Caucasian you will be given priority for almost every thing. Just have a glance next door at Emirate; 40% Australian/NewZealand 40% British 19% Canadians/US 1% locals or none Caucasian.
Rotate 777 had clearly outlined company policy
"There are no locals running the show"

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