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Oman redundancies

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Oman redundancies

Old 13th Aug 2020, 06:38
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Scratched record


That was done way back when expats were asking for an even higher education fees for their kids and have the audacity to complain about delving into their precious fat pockets to pay for school fees, which mind you, Omanis have to pay and have been doing so since airline started..

If you'll point fingers and say Omanis get same level of education for free, then you my friend are an idiot.

Why not send kids to a government school back home then? It's free and same education level as the top private schools in your hometown(according to you).

Stop being conceited and get on with your life and be bloody grateful you're not on a repatriation flight with no future aviation-wise, or at least for another 3 to 4 years.
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Old 9th Sep 2020, 20:23
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True colors are shown

If you'll point fingers and say Omanis get same level of education for free, then you my friend are an idiot.

I just feel sad that the true colors are finally out. As BOEMBUS has finally said it, we were idiots to think this company would have at least the decency to show up on time for the termination meeting MTG(because they were smart enough to change the code on our rosters so we do not notice it! kudos)

On a positive note,(hope all the English 4 level captains, my young and recently upgraded BOEMBUS refers to, understand sarcasm) I wish all the best to the terminated pilots from EY/EK/QR that are welcomed with arms wide open and are currently doing their training, I sincerely wish them all the best and I hope they bring some kind of change and inject a tad of leadership, much needed during these tough times.
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Old 2nd Oct 2020, 09:53
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I've been in the company for 4 years, and I have 0 sick calls. I've done all my stbys calls flights. I've never refused a flight and always picked up a call from CC. I bet my EOS if there is only one local pilot who can say the same.Besides that, I've been recognized for 2 consecutive years for my performance and given an award, but yes, It's better to have a local second officer who calls sick because it's raining in calicut or there's LVP in Delhi. I got really dissapointed about Oman Air. Not because they terminate expats, that's understandable, but the fact they hired more people after terminations, It makes me realize that there was no need to terminate more people. Like you said, they used the pandemic excuse to get rid of expats. That move was shamefull and believe me, at the end of the day, they will regret it.
I just wish WY all the best, and I hope this re estructuration of the company help them to achieve their goals.

And how the says say..."It's in the bad moments when you really know how people are"
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Old 3rd Oct 2020, 04:18
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Is there anybody still at WY from the old Oman Aviation days?
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Old 3rd Oct 2020, 09:34
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It was mentioned that they are simultaneously hiring pilots from EK/EY /QR even as ex pats are being made redundant.

Who are these pilots ? are they solely Omani nationals who find themselves suddenly out of a job at the neighboring carriers ?

Genuine question not trying to provoke argument just curious.
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Old 4th Oct 2020, 18:04
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Finally some common sense, wisdom and truth.
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 12:13
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in order to update the aviation community and since Ive discovered that some posts were deleted I will try to be as polite as possible.
i guess it is difficult for some to understand and believe it,
Oman air has decided to fire all expat pilots and hire local pilots, (most of them with far less experience) thats a fact
now , how safe would you guys think the airline is going to be , knowing that pilots are in no need to excel on their duties and resposibilities? they know that they are protected by their passport, they dont need to work hard like most of us have to. "why bother to remember the memory items? no examiner is going to fail me"
would you put your family in that aircraft?
I know i wont
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 15:55
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Originally Posted by reyhavok View Post
"why bother to remember the memory items? no examiner is going to fail me"
Oouch, that just simply amazed me every time....
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 16:50
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How dare they want to run their own airline?!
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 21:03
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You all appear to have a very low opinion of Omanis! If you have worked there and know this is the case - then fine! I worked there for many years (not with WY) but in a flying position, and I found the majority very intelligent and hard working (and also very hospitable!). Maybe things have changed in the last 20 years but I have been back several times and saw little change!
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Old 10th Oct 2020, 21:24
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Dear Bill, new generation of pilots came with a remarkable lack of skills and knowledge only because they are backed up by their own status of nationals what makes them in some kind ‘untouchables’ so that’s why they think this is just another job. It’s so sad to see on a safety flight how a young local cadet with less than 200 hours total time disrespect his instructor telling him that if he don’t want to sign it, another one will do it.

I can guarantee that 20 years ago, things were different, you can see it on captains of that generation.

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Old 10th Oct 2020, 21:45
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Dear MC24,

With your vast experience of 4 yrs in Oman and 3 yrs in Copa, do you really think you have the knowledge of world aviation?

You claim as a "fact" that the pilots going to WY are mostly inexperienced.

Are you aware of the content of their log books? Don't think so.
The least amount of hours per pilot coming back is I would say over 10000 jet(zero prop apart from flying school) and up to 30000hrs for the extremely senior skippers.

Your view, amongst others here, is one letter short of dispicable mentality due to the Cov19 redundancies.

Only 8 months back,you & family would have gladly taken a plush flight to your preferred destination, knowing full well there might have been 2 locals flying you on your hols.
No complaints there. If anything, you would have popped in to the FD and did a bit a*#e licking to seem you were all for WY.
Fast forward 8 or so months, you and the others wishing nothing but devastation to Oman air pilots and ipso facto, its pax.

Well done boys, you truly hit the bottom of the barrel.

Wishing nothing but smoking holes in the ground to a company that looked after you better than your home company, otherwise, let's be honest, you wouldn't be working for WY,or maybe none of the other outfits in GCC took you, for whatever valid reason they had.

All in all gentlemen, all are suffering, some more than others, but whatever you do, bear in mind, aviation world is tiny(globally) , your SO/FO today, may be your manager elsewhere another day.

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Old 10th Oct 2020, 22:30
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Now you are talking about a different topic ,20 years ago training was different everywhere even in your home country ...its nothing got to do with different nationalities.
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Old 11th Oct 2020, 07:45
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I honestly think you should breath a couple of times before you post anything, the anger is powerful that is not letting you write proper English and I seriously would like to understand you

first of all, nobody is wishing any harm to oman air. ( do not play the victim)
we are just feeling a great concern. because we saw the experience of the pilots 8 months ago, and we see it now
you dont need to see the number of the logbook, most of us feel the experience of the pilot by their attitude,,,, being on time for sign in, being respectful, being open minded,..... qualities that im sure youve seen lacking in a lot of pilots.

finally you dont need to threaten anybody,
I hope your dreams come true, i really hope you can become a great manager one day and that you can use all your power to destroy the fellow aviators who disagree with your point of view.
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Old 11th Oct 2020, 08:59
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On my way out as well. A lot that is being said is partially true.
TBH, most locals don't care, or at best, are unaware of the plight of their expat minions. They live in an entirely different galaxy where their careers and livelihoods are immune to the impact of the pandemic. Their lack of empathy has been the most disheartening experience so far. They have been mute spectators to the shoddy treatment of the expat workforce.

I wouldn't call local pilots incompetent or unsafe. Ofcourse, there are exceptions, as there are with some expat pilots who amaze me by the fact that they have survived this long without bending metal. Most are good operators who will certainly excel in their careers.

But lazy, yes. Flown with enough local FOs who have 'managed' a challenging roster by using more than their fair share of sicks.
Marginal weather, and the flurry of standby callouts is obvious for all to see. The lack of paid labour to do the tougher parts of this job will certainly be a wake up call for them. The learning curve will indeed be very steep for some.

I don't think anyone wishes to see smoking holes. But the general consensus is that the level of safety will decline. `I would attribute that to a certain level of resentment at being made redundant, but you cannot entirely discount the opinion of experience.

I wish them all the best.
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