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Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Originally Posted by Bus Driver Man View Post
"The single pilot ops trial seems to be a succes."
Haha...now that did make me chuckle Bus Driver. Last time I heard a certain manager announce in front of the auditorium that "he was working with Boeing and Airbus to design the single pilot cockpit" I just rolled my eyes.

I now realize he's far further along with his trial than I could have imagined!
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Hello? Yes, Kabul? One hour, great, please let it be a line check! It is? Wonderful, no, no, thank you. Yes I hope he gets better soon too. Bye then.
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ahhh Capt... this layover is soooo nice, I feel I should be staying a bit longer 😈

ahhh FO's... he is probably late for pickup updating the EPT. What a nice fella. Should I get him a Cappuccino for the way??
Yes, Purser, you can all go to the bus, he'll be down in a minute.
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