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Female Pilots in Emirates

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Female Pilots in Emirates

Old 29th Mar 2013, 13:51
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Female Pilots in Emirates

I live in Dubai and my wife is thinking about joining me, flying for EK. She's a FO flying 340s.

I fly EK often (roughly 40 roundtrips a year, but not a pilot) and have seen seen maybe two female FOs. I've read about the 777 Brazilian captain, but was wondering if anyone knows how many female pilots there are in EK, and perhaps what she can expect?

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Old 30th Mar 2013, 16:09
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I concur with Sitty.

We now have two Female Skippers on the 777 and they are just as respected ( and abused!!) as the rest of the workforce.

No real issues, though how they will deal with the first pregnant Pilot will be interesting.
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Old 30th Mar 2013, 16:46
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There are at least 3 female Skippers on the 777 that I know of-so there could even be more. No idea about the AB fleet. Good comment re: pregnancy Wiz-will be VERY interesting to see them deal with that.
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Old 31st Mar 2013, 04:39
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'They' Don't have to deal with 'it'. Look at the fine print on your GCAA Class One Medical Certificate. It's a requirement to report to GCAA when a pregnancy occurs, at which moment the medical is revoked.
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Old 31st Mar 2013, 05:24
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I did many flights with female FO's in EK and it was always a pleasure, they are all very nice, just one would tell you 5 times in 5 minutes that she was a 320 captain before.
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Old 31st Mar 2013, 11:00
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I know five female 777 skippers (Brazilian, N.Irish, French, Canadian & Australian) flown with them all over the years - same, same as any other day on the job.

Actually a great bunch, well capable of holding their own in post flight banter in lobby bar after a shift.

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Old 31st Mar 2013, 11:49
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Thanks all. Very useful, and surprisingly encouraging. Yes, it is helpful that I am in Dubai already from a lifestyle perspective.

And, sittingidly, I will take you up on the offer to explain 'differences'. My wife has already noted the hours (current airline is significantly less then EK) and the fleet woes (Airbus vs Boeing, and who has it better, or how bad the 330/340 fleet really is).

We've just had our first (and probably last, for a long time at least) child, so that shouldn't be a problem. Her airline, interestingly, let her fly until she was about 20 weeks or so.
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Old 12th Jul 2013, 19:17
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Just what I was looking for. Apologies for awakening the dead... Applied, shortlisted and waiting
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Old 17th Aug 2013, 14:33
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The problem is not with Emirates but with macho european colleagues!

Don't let the people ask them if you are a pilot or a woman! Show you are a pilot and they forget you are not a man.

Emirati are very respectuous of women. Emirati live like Emirati. Indian live like Indian. European live like European. Don't forget you are a stranger. Respect Emirates.

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Old 17th Aug 2013, 16:05
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Not sure what "the problem" you're referring to is (has a post been removed?) but any macho colleague can be a problem.

You're not a stranger, you will be a guest.

Respect is earnt, both ways. Respect yourself first.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 04:40
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JAARule...are you serious? Show us where that's a "forced" action in the UAE? It's a matter of choice according to my Emirati friends. What a very uninformed and inflammatory statement! Why not try to educate yourself instead of using the "open your mouth and prove your stupidity" action. Sheesh what a maroon! (Thank you Mel Blanc!)
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 15:24
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No real issues, though how they will deal with the first pregnant Pilot will be interesting.
Wiz, a short-term posting doing office duties at EGHQ awaits.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 15:32
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Thanks Crag, but you might notice my question was from 4 years ago!!

Yes, they are handling prego pilots very nicely.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 17:58
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Originally Posted by JAARules
Originally Posted by roulishollandais
Emirati are very respectuous of women
Yes, and that's why women are made to live in burlap sacks - to protect their respectuousness
When I was walking threw the Gold shops in Dubai, I discovered these wonderful pieces women wear under their ... "sacks" !

Should >I belong one, I would not let them home to the burglar ! I would not more let it to the bank and their banksters . I would wear them above these mervellous underwear women may buy in the big modern shop centers, <with that very special perfume from the region : "Ooud" and i would protect all that sensuality and wealth under a... "sack" ! Is it any risk in the street ? No, in Dubai, you always have help. Before you see it.
That is the Emirates efficiency.

Oh I would chose a white and not a black "sack" due to the very high temperature and humidity (the only issue in Emirates). Dark blue uniform with tie, vest and cap is a big issue too , you must accept as pilot.

Grids before emirates eyes ? only fashion, like Kate's hats.

I love Emirates, my only concern is seeing urbanists doing fake ecology.
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Old 18th Aug 2013, 20:42
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What a laugh. you've clearly never spoken to a Muslim woman about hijab or abaya before. If you knew anything about the history of this region you'd know why abayas are generally black and why they wear "grids" (if in fact you are referring to a burqa- the metal face plate)

There is a vast difference between government, religious and cultural reasons for women in the Gulf to dress as they do. Perhaps you should talk to some rather than just go by what you read in the media....

What does this have to do with pilots? We have Emirati female pilots and I'm sure some of them wear abayas when off duty....
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Old 19th Aug 2013, 01:37
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Effectively I wanted to turn in a laugh JAARule assertion, trying to open once again the debate about the women clothes or body to avoid to give them freedom and same rights than Men.

I agree that in the Golf Region the situation of women status is very different from one Country to another. The best is clearly in UAE and I wanted to say that loud and clear as often false things are told in medias, very different from what I could SEE by myself in UAE.

I have no interests in clothes history around the world, aswell Men or Women. I only want that women pilots have an uniform confering the same authority image over passengers and industry representing the Airline and his/her Country around the world.

We need that uniform help us to work, during normal flights or emergencies, are we Men or Women not to wear a flag of gender.

Women pilots must be enough integrated when it is the moment to divert the flight when suddenly the fog is invading Dubai! There is the possible problem which machos, not in the lobby bar.

Problem with pregnancy is no more to begin activity, but to have enough training when coming back. The best solution is to have children first, and get airline pilot later, and have much more training for Women AND Men.
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Old 19th Aug 2013, 09:06
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HD, lots of posts removed from this thread! Getting worse every day on prune!
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