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Ex-stewardess offloaded for itch

Dubai: An ex-flight attendant is demanding an apology and refund from Emirates airline for offloading her because of an itch.

Canadian Rasouleh Kazerouni was travelling business class to Prague with her fiancé on November 29 to celebrate their engagement when she was taken off the plane. Ironically, it was the same airline she worked for five years. Both Kazerouni and her fiancé are privileged cardholders and were treated well until she developed an itch.

Ex-stewardess offloaded for itch | GulfNews.com
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A passenger reports a medical condition and asks for medication before a flight, the crew play it safe.

As an ex-FA she should know that's the case.
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dont ask for asprin

Sorry the previous post was rather wide ranging.......... I would agree that she should perhaps have not requested help, at that stage of the flight...I was not there so can not comment any more.

Rather drastic action as an INVOL off load, she should be treated with some refund, 100% perhaps....LOL..


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A couple of thoughts... (which are just that- personal thoughts and nothing official)

- Any ex-FA of EK would know that the captain never comes to 'look at' an ill pax themselves. The medical form is designed to capture the pertinent information and in consultation with medical services (and Medlink if required) the decision to offload or not is made.

- Perhaps the 'refund' referred to that she is asking for is not for the airfare but for the lost hotel bookings etc. In which case that is what travel insurance is for. Did the party in question have any? If not, then I wouldn't think the airline is responsible for the personal medical conditions of passengers. Rather it would fall to the passenger to have appropriate insurance coverage (can guarantee you plenty of crew do personal travel without it, which I am pretty sure hotel/fare etc is not covered, only injury/illness by the company schemes)

- When it comes to allergies, crew and med services generally are very conservative. What appears to be 'mild' can deteriorate to life-threatining in mere minutes.

- Apology? -There was doubt as to her health and wellness to fly. Information was taken, decision made to offload to verify it is safe for her to travel. Alternative flight offered. Pax refused the alternative. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what the requested apology is actually supposed to be for???

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Which I had a quid for every time a Cairo "teacher" asked me for an aspirin. I was told by one of them that actually headaches were caused because they had large brains and they expanded due to the pressurization. Headaches are actuallly a sign of intelligence-huh?
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I think there was some sort of miscommunication, the cc was korean and told the captain the pax was a witch, the captain a religious man did the necessary
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