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Old 10th Nov 2011, 11:18   #21 (permalink)
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Guys, I think we're mixing 2 different topics here.

The thread was started WRT an IR renewal, NOT your licence renewal.

As discussed, all you need to have a valid licence is a medical and any aircraft type rating on it, but what the thread starter is talking about is your IR. You can have a current licence without an IR rating.

Again, does anyone have a copy of LASORS 2008, because as Peeproone said, if the UK CAA arbitrarily removed the ICAO rule then I think there is a case to be had.
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Old 13th Nov 2011, 06:58   #22 (permalink)
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The UK CAA will stop issuing JAR-FCL and start issuing EASA Part-FCL licences from 1st July 2012.

The new EASA licence will be valid for life, so worth the effort to get it.

The UK national licence will eventually become obsolete for public transport aircraft from spring 2014.
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 08:00   #23 (permalink)
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This ruling also concerns anyone who thinks their civvie IR is being maintained by holding an unrestricted green instrument rating. Beyond 7 years, it is not. Less than 7 years, you're OK. Does anyone understand the logic of the rule change? How does one lodge a complaint or appeal against the CAA?
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 11:53   #24 (permalink)
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Spring 2014 ? Excellent , I will be 65 in March of that year !!
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Old 6th Feb 2012, 12:14   #25 (permalink)
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380 on UK JAA Licence

As I understand........LOL...the IK regs, unless there is a A380 on the UK register, you can not add the type to your UK Licence.

The logic being: with no airframe on the register there is no need for pilots to be approved to operate non existant airframe....

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Old 17th Feb 2012, 16:00   #26 (permalink)
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Any update on any correspondance with the UK CAA...?

Surely someone must have a copy of LASORS 2008 filed away in their computer somewhere?

Is there a possibility that the new EASA regulations will do away with the UK CAA's ruling?
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Old 24th Feb 2012, 00:46   #27 (permalink)
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I have just been burned by this "7 year " rule. Having just completed a JAR LPC renewal to convert my UK national ATPL to a UK JAR ATPL following lengthy conversations with CAA regarding the renewal requirements I was stunned when the gentleman at the 'same day' service desk at Gatwick refused my application.
What really peeves me is that with all the discussion regarding the date of my last LPC which was more than 5 years ago on my UK licence and having been reassured (by CAA) that the same type rating on my ICAO licence expired less than 5 years meant that I just needed to complete a JAR LPC renewal To renew/convert my licence - not once did the "helpful" CAA rep mention or suggest that the date of my last IR Renewal might be an issue.
I am now several thousand out of pocket with no licence to show for it.
I dont have a problem with rules but for god sake surely the CAA have some obligation to advise their licence holders of significant changes like this.
I checked again today on the CAA website and there is NO mention of this in the FAQ section of FCL Renewal, all it talks about is the 5 year rule for the type rating.
BTW I was advised by the "helpful" chap in Gatwick that I now need to resit 7 exams and carry out a IR flight test under CAA supervision to regain my ATPL.
The 7 year rule in question is described in LASORS section E Page 7.
There is no suggestion or reference to this rule in LASORS section F which deals with licence renewal.
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Old 24th Feb 2012, 02:54   #28 (permalink)
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I am sorry to hear your story, to be honest it's a disgrace, as you say when such a big change in licensing takes place the CAA should have an obligation to inform the license holders or in the very least offer some sort of grandfather rights.

You have have spent a lot of money both now and when you gained your license, in the process contributing to the salary of these incompetent civil servants, the least they could do is treat you like the professional that you are.

Imagine the guilds of Doctors or Dentists doing the same?

I wish you good luck.
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Old 29th Feb 2012, 11:16   #29 (permalink)
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PeeProone, sent you a PM with some info...
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Old 1st Mar 2012, 13:39   #30 (permalink)
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7 years IR rule

Dear 88in,
Sorry to hear about your bad "luck" with the CAA and thank you for sharing it with us! I think you save me and other people from "burning our money"...

Could you confirm once again that, the reason the CAA did not convert your UK national ATPL into JAR, because your last IR on it was expired by more than 7 years?

Now my question:
What about if a pilot flying the same a/c type (with that endorsed on the UK ATP) but with an ICAO licence? Or what about if the UK national ATP is valid but the IR has elapsed by more than 7 years- an LPC with a ukTRE would be sufficient?

Thanks to all you guys for your posts !

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Old 7th Mar 2012, 07:53   #31 (permalink)
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Angry Loss of IR qualification after seven years

Hi Guys. Myself and a number of my colleagues are directly affected by the 2010 change to Lasors. I renewed my UK ATPL to a JAA licence FCL ATPL in April 2009 on the back of a SEP Land Certificate of revalidation. I have been out of the UK working for EK on the B777 for approaching ten years. Like many people the various ratings on my JAA ATPL have expired by more then five years but I presumed that this would not be a problem as I could revalidate on my return to the UK, and I was able to renew my licence on a PA28 based on the SEP class.
At the time I renewed there was no mention of the fact that I should renew my IR or lose it after seven years. Now I read that in order to renew I will have to complete all the written exams again and take a flight test with a CAA examiner. This is ridiculous based on the fact that I and others currently fly four hundred people over the city of london in visibility sometimes down to 75 metres on a regular basis perefctly legally and in accordance with our ICAO valid licence.
The Training we recieve here is based on JAA and certainly meets the same standards or higher as if I was still based in the UK.
To put this in perspective. Can you imagine going abroad as a Surgeon and then returning to the UK to find that you had to take your medical exams again and return to being a House DR. This would be blown away by the Medical authority's let alone the unions.
I recently flew with a Dutch FO who stated that to put the 777 on his licence required him showing the Dutch authorities evidence of his last PPC and logbook hours and the rating was placed in his licence.
I personally believe the CAA is obligated to inform licence holders of significant changes to Licencing requirements which is why they are telling us all about the new EASA requirements coming in to effect in April. They did not do the same in this IR case.
I presume there must be many pilots in various company's around the globe affected by this decision. Maybe rejoining BALPA and taking action together is the way forward.
Any suggestions from those affected will be appreciated.
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 08:43   #32 (permalink)
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And if you had stayed in BALPA as an "Associate Member" for a reduced fee would you have been informed of these changes? I doubt it.
Is Balpa interested today in EK pilots...I doubt it except for your subscriptions.

This UK ATPL licence renewal issue affected me many years ago in Mrs Thatchers time...
After one visit to the Belgardo building which I felt reeked of civil service inefficiency and mentality I decided the British flying licence system was all a hopeless mess and not as Gulf Air preached... cost effective...this time for little me.
I forgot about my hard earned British ATPL as i thought it was going to become a money pit and a worry... I am not sorry I did.
It is not easy flying hard as an expat. and also trying to DIY your licence in a country like England...it costs you mega bucks and is frustratingly stressful.
Tell them to shove it.
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 09:18   #33 (permalink)
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Frankie, I am interested in a collective action. The situation is simply ludicrous! Am rated 330/340 and 380 - but because my licence states P2 on it - can I transfer a rating to my UK licence? A resounding 'NO' so far from the CAA unless I can get a letter from the GCAA stating that we are trained to P1 standards (trained to a standard AT LEAST as good as the UK in EK). Have only just found out, too, that my IR will be under threat in 2 years because of this thread....!!!

The problem seems to stem from the fact that neither side attempts to understand what the other is saying and WE are caught out in the middle! The UK issues the same rating to LHS and RHS and the UAE issues a P2 to the RHS. I think that the CAA thinks P2 means that we are cruise pilots! The GCAA just seems to sit there and not attempt to understand the problem. Meanwhile there are F/Os flying the 330 for British Airlines who have done the same course as me and are doing the same job as me and in the same bit of airspace as me and yet they are rated by the CAA and I have to do groundschool etc etc. For heavens sake, I did the manufacturers course on the aeroplane - what more are they going to want added?!!!

Rant over but consider me 'in' on any action.
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Old 7th Mar 2012, 12:58   #34 (permalink)
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Thanks 40/80 and Captain Smiffy for your respective replies. I agree that this situation is ludicrous. I intend to try and seek some common sense from the CAA but I am not hopeful. Isn't it funny that we are always being told to think outside the box in aviation and yet the regulator is clearly unable to do this. No one who is actually reading this particular thread is likely to be flying without a current instrument rating as a current professional pilot but most are operating under an ICAO system of licencing.
I plan to firstly visit the CAA in April and seek clarification. If I am only directed at Lasors I will write to someone higher up the food chain. The idea of a collective response from pilots in this position working for foreign companies is appealing but how do you establish who is affected and communicate. I will start by trying to find out who of the british pilots in EK is affected by this situation. I already know of at least five but their will be many more.
If anyone wishes to PM me with their details we can start collating a database of who is affected and whether anything can be done.
otherwise it is staying in the sandpit till retirement or back to going through all those exams again. Surely it must be easier now we have internet and you can get practise questions!!!!!
Will update if I get any more info.
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 11:27   #35 (permalink)
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Re:CAA reply

Hi Guys

I am in a similar situation to most of you with my IR in the UK being more than 7 years ago, this is the letter i received from the nice lady in the CAA :

Thank you for your e-mail received regarding the renewal of your licence

Requirements and documentation for renewal of your licence can be found in LASORS, which is a self-assessment guide to UK and JAR Flight Crew Requirements, under section G5. I have attached a link below for your reference.

LASORS: LASORS 2010 | Publications | CAA - Please also refer to 'Amendments to LASORS 2010' within this link.

Once these requirements have been met the following documents are required upon application: -

* Application Form SRG1102
* A copy of your current JAR Class 1 Medical Certificate
* A copy of your certificate of test page confirming that a current type/class rating has been held in the last 5 years.
* Current fee of 136.00 on application form SRG1187

If your licence has expired, please ensure you complete section 4a 'Date of last Pilot-In-Command flight (under privileges of UK licence)'.

Please note if the Instrument Rating on your UK National or JAA Licence has expired by more than seven years, please also refer to section E1.5 regarding instrument rating renewal.

With regards to transferring your A330 from your Hong Kong licence I recommend you look at LASORS section F9.1. If your A330 is Co-Pilot or P2 please refer to LASORS F9.2:

LASORS: LASORS 2010 | Publications | CAA - Please also refer to 'Amendments to LASORS 2010' within this link.

Once the above requirements have been met the following documents are required: -

* Application form SRG1119
* Current fee of 119.00 on application form SRG1187
* Original Logbook
* Original ICAO licence, or a copy certified by your Operating Company

EU European legislation (EASA) is due to come into force on the 8th April 2012 which is going to change the pilot licensing rules and will affect the privileges of many existing licence holders. The current UK Military Accreditation Scheme and ICAO ECAC licence conversions (LASORS G1.5 'Note 1' and 'Note 2') will cease on the 8th April 2012. Any UK Military or ICAO ECAC licence Conversion applications received after the 7th April 2012 will not be issued under the current arrangements.

All of the current information that we have is available on our website. Please refer to the link below:

EASA Updates and FAQ's - Licensing and Training Standards | EASA | Safety Regulation

To view sections of LASORS or other CAA documents from the web site you will need a copy of Acrobat Reader on your computer. Depending on the speed of your computer and Internet connection, it may take a short while to download a document before you are able to read it.

If you have any queries relating to this email, please do not hesitate to visit our web site at Personnel Licensing | Safety Regulation or alternatively contact our Licensing Team on 01293-573700.

Kind regards

Miss Natalie Goodman
Licensing Officer
Licensing & Training Standards
Civil Aviation Authority UK

i have joined BALPA and they have sent letters to the CAA regarding this matter, and have had the usual CAA response. Their legal department has been in touch with EASA on this matter as they feel the CAA is interpreting the rules most stringently than other states.

Its only 24 GBP to join BALP if you are outside the UK, maybe if we can get as many people as possible to join the action we can get something done about it.

I maybe won't use the licence again, but i spent enough getting it in the first place and it seems a shame to let it go because of this.
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 13:58   #36 (permalink)
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Excuse the butting in on the ME thread but I am a Brit working in SE Asia and am rapidly approaching both the 5 year I/R limit and the calendar expiry of my JAA ATPL. Question is, if I can renew my JAA ATPL for an EASA licence before the 5 year expiry on my I/R, do I still have to do an LPC in a JAA sim with JAA TRE or does the issue of an EASA licence remove this ridiculous requirement?

Good luck with the collective action.
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Old 8th Mar 2012, 21:16   #37 (permalink)
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I've actually spoken to a lawyer about this as I'm affected by the CAA stupidity. There is a precedent, the name of which I've forgotten, that referrs to 'high handed administrative changes'. Let's see..

I plan to take a class action to the CAA if they won't come up with a reasonable work around on this, based on the fact that there was no notification of this significant change. All I'm going to ask them is, subject to inspection of our ICAO licences/airline, to give all the affected pilots a period of amnesty in which to renew our IR's.

SBY for a heads up for a facebook group so we can collectively discuss this.

I will also be going to visit the morons in April to discuss this with them. I am trawling thru the ANO and JAR regs as we speak.

Airwaves, I might be wrong, but the IR renewal issue has nothing to do with the info the CAA gave you. All they are discussing is your ATPL issue, not your IR. They are 2 seperate issues. Except for the fact that you need an IR to have an ATPL??

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Originally Posted by Fart Master
SBY for a heads up for a facebook group so we can collectively discuss this.
And for those of us not on Facebook????????
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Old 9th Mar 2012, 04:17   #39 (permalink)
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WK you got me there...possibly a Yahoo group then?
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Old 9th Mar 2012, 13:34   #40 (permalink)
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Good Job FM!

We all appreciate your good work and standing by ...
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