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Qatar Salary

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Thanks BB....will check
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Hello alls..i would like to ask,does QR still pay per diem at layover station on local currencies or with ur salary every month?
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Hi everyone,

Is QR still providing any exchange rate protection?
I heard from some collegues applying that QR is again providing free accommodation for Captains and that they take away the payment for working in a day off (that doesnt make any sense).

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Yes to ER protection.

Accommodation changes on a weekly basis. Ain Khalid Gate is the residence of choice for new entrants (although I have heard rumours of QR moving out, then again I've heard rumours of a pay rise too!!!). Can be temporary or permanent depending on the mood on the day. If you ask for enough extensions you will eventually be allowed to stay. Size didn't suit us so we took the allowance (rumour is..........ah, forget it).

Don't know anything about payment for day off working as I have never done it.


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Old 20th Aug 2014, 06:16
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Day off?
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Old 24th Aug 2014, 08:47
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Hi Everyone,
Where do u think I could fit in? 9500Hrs TT, of wch 1800Hrs PIC Military ME A/C, 5500Hrs WideBody Jet FO time, of which 3000Hrs on present A/C (B777), looking for a upgrade to Left Seat......Thanks

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I'm pretty sure you need to be a current Captain to get a left seat gig at QR.
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I'm pretty sure you would need to be able to write proper English as well, rather than txt spk.

Yes, I am a grumpy old man. The people doing the interviewing probably are as well.
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Thanks PaperLad and BigGeordie....sorry about that...!!!
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ha hA HA HA HA HA :)

my stomach muscles are cranking up.
Salary increase ? you have a better chance al baker granting you permission to get married before wishing for this. Just look at there career website to see how they are REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel to recruit before they increase salaries . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! just p*ssed in my pants
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Thank you beyblade.

Do you have the figures for first officers and the different ranks?
How much is the house allowance and the flying rate now?

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Up QAR20/hr to QAR140

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Where did you hear this?
I haven't received any mail, and I assume this rumor was spread to keep the pilots from leaving. I could be wrong(hope I am), but I've heard one to many rumors in my time here..
It's the 1st of the month, and no news yet.
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If true and dont see why not

a whopping 5% on basic... that should rock the aviation world and get them Cvs rolling in.
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Thumbs down

Bearing in mind no pay rise has been received for about 4 years, this is truly a slap in the face for all pilots who have worked so hard for them and showed so much loyalty. It shows that they have not learnt anything, despite the long line of guys walking out the door to better jobs.
Perhaps if this is true, will send a note to the COO to tell him to keep it as they obviously need it more than I do!!!
On the other hand, will add the extra to my Skype account so I can start looking for another job!
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Hoogaaan !!

I see nooooothing.........nooooothing !!!
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Careful what you post.

Lawsuit re: salary information - FlyerTalk Forums
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No one?

No one to complain anymore since it has been officialy validated and announced by COO??

As usual...to complain everyone is here...when a bunch of good news are annouced...no one !!
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Valid point mate. Well said.
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Reader12 - still looking for the good news.... maybe no one because no news..

Wonder how many will attend the next " management/pilots meeting"
Management where really surprised how many attended the first one - they may be equally surprised at the next.
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