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Deconneur 19th Oct 2011 23:42

Qatar Salary
Can a Qatar pilot inform me about salary
Understand USD8100 first year. Does it go up after few years or not?
Trying to get the numbers before joining.


imnotwhoyouthinkiam 20th Oct 2011 03:05

You need to be more specific, F/O, Capt? Which fleet etc.

wembadios 20th Oct 2011 03:20

FO salary first as far as i'm concerned. Is it true that the same salary applies to any fleet 330, 320, 777,...

newty74 20th Oct 2011 19:28

the salaries @ qatar
first pilot salaries goes by rank SO, FO, Captain. And then depending on the hours you fly the pay changes. e.g. 777 pilots will end up making more because they're being paid to sleep. and will fly more than 75hrs a month easily. Exchange rate is 3.65QAR=1USD

SO is fixed salary ~2700USD monthly tax free + free apartment. ~32,400/yr.

FO basic salary is ~ 6500 USD+ free apartment.
FO's get flight pay @ 90QAR/hr.
Assume 75 hr/month (75*12=900) is approx 1850USD/month.
FO monthly salary is approx 8350USD/month. Annual 100,200 USD.

CA basic salary is 9100 USD+free house.
CA's get flight pay @ 120QAR/hr.
Assume 75hrs = $2500USD/month.
CA monthly salary is approx 11,600. Annual 139,200 USD.

There are some intangibles such as free education for 3 children, medical insurance etc. But raw $$ that's roughly it. Bear in mind flight pay is only paid for flying months...so the salaries are going to be lower generally. E.g. If you take 2 months holidays a year then you will lose flight pay for 2 months.

John21UK 20th Oct 2011 19:42

For an F/O, I assume that 6500USD is incl all allowances and year 1? Is there no duty pay besides the flight pay? Would it make a difference if you were married? And if there a kids? It´s just to confirm.

flyforfood1 20th Oct 2011 20:03

FO basic is 21500QAR, flight pay 90QAR per hour - NO DUTY PAY.

Allowances are 1500QAR for transport and utilities (accommodation dependant is approx 400QAR - if you end up at HV you won't get any utilities allowance). Regardless of whether your married, have 1 kid or 15 - can't answer the school allowance as I don't have 'em! ;)

So as you can see its massively un-fair due to the amount of duty hours/flying hours the 320 guys do in comparison to the 777. For example, a 320 does Dubai and then sits on the ground for 5 hours during the turnaround (which happens on a hell of a lot of intra gulf sectors on 320) and therefore you make 180QAR for an 8 hour day whereas the 777 guys will get all 720QAR even if they are asleep onboard, multiply that by 10 flights - BIG difference! :ugh:

Deconneur 20th Oct 2011 22:29

Do you get paid during training? Is it full pay or else?

jibba_jabba 21st Oct 2011 00:01

From what I have been told you get paid from Day 1 of your training course.

eiffel 21st Oct 2011 12:21

Qatar F/O $8,100 + $410 (transport allowance)

A320 First Officer (AZL) - 1401287965 - Flightglobal Jobs

clearedfortaxi 21st Oct 2011 13:01

Could anyone shed some light on deductions made to f/o salary , for non typed joiners. I understand that after 3 years you should get 50,000 usd. But over how many months is that deducted? 36 or less? And after all the deductions what could you expect in your bank account for say an avg months flying ($8100) for arguments sake.:confused:

eiffel 21st Oct 2011 13:40

2 year-bond according to the link above (AZL)

gdukkoq 21st Oct 2011 13:54

Newty has the numbers right, coz 8100 is assuming 70hrs. The bond was 3 years when I was in Doha 5 weeks ago, but you only pay half of it (25k) during 18 month. (it is a little confusing) you pay 1388usd per month the first 18 months. Then no more salary deduction. And you get all your money back after 36 months. :ugh: I think that is how it works

John21UK 21st Oct 2011 17:14

So no seperate housing allowance and other allowances besides the 410 transport allowance?

What about a income protection scheme? Is there any and how much is deducted?

B737NG 22nd Oct 2011 09:18

It doesn´t sound that good overall, too low. You could generate more somewhere else. The Jetlag would be less and the hassle to go home frequently if you cannot break up all your social contacts. You would also have access to all websites you like and more freedom in your moves.

safelife 22nd Oct 2011 09:49

B737NG could you kindly quote a FO job which pays considerably better than this?
I'm not aware of any and I thought I knew the market.

gdukkoq 22nd Oct 2011 10:07

What are the conditions for Qatar executive pilots?

The Dominican 22nd Oct 2011 14:46

could you kindly quote a FO job which pays considerably better than this?
I'm not aware of any and I thought I knew the market.
Apparently not:confused:

fmp320 22nd Oct 2011 20:38

Maybe EK? At least they have a pension scheme...

safelife 23rd Oct 2011 03:26

EK's package might be better overall, but QR's salary is higher at least if you're rated or once out of the bonding.
Still standing by for any suggestions.

Luke SkyToddler 23rd Oct 2011 04:46

Here's two options for you Safelife, that pay better than QR :

Option 1 : It's possible to make well over $US10,000 per month tax free as F/O with Vietnam Airlines on the 330 or 777, if you go onto the 6+1 or 10+2 roster pattern. No flight pay component, so it's the same every month whether you do 0 hours or 90 hours.

More leave than QR and it's guaranteed, you don't have to bid for it. Free business class ticket home on every leave period.

No accommodation provided but you can rent a very nice apartment (a lot better than AKG or HV!) for about $800. Cost of living is nothing compared to Doha. Eat as much pork and drink as much alcohol as you want.

No management hassle, no "its not allowed captain", no reports made against others, no short-haul night turn arounds. You can actually walk into the rostering office and request a flight or some days off, and they smile and do their best to help you.

Command upgrade after a couple of years (upgrade only on A320 at this time), with no company politics or crazy command questions. A320 captain gets from $US12 to $14,000 depending on the roster pattern they choose.


Option 2 : go straight from QR RHS to Air Asia LHS if you already have some jet hours, plenty of QR pilots already did that. Once again you will earn well over $10,000 with no hassle and much higher quality of life.


There is no contest. QR needs to seriously seriously raise their game with regard to money and to lifestyle, or they will continue to be a joke airline where people get the rating and leave.

Massalama habibis :E

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