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Eastern SkyJets

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Eastern SkyJets

Old 14th Jun 2011, 20:08
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Eastern SkyJets


Any information on Eastern Skyjets (based in Dubai) regarding routes/layovers (particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan) salariy for B737 FOs...?

Thanks in advance
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Old 15th Jun 2011, 20:46
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Eastern SkyJets

Any information from someone currently working for Eastern SkyJets would be great....
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Old 16th Jun 2011, 10:37
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The Region's leading Charter Airline!!!
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Old 17th Jun 2011, 18:45
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Eastern SkyJets

Thank you. That was immensely helpful.
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Old 17th Jun 2011, 19:51
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Keep well away..........
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Old 18th Jun 2011, 18:11
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Eastern SkyJets

Any particular reason why my good sir?
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Old 24th Jun 2011, 03:23
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Eastern SkyJets


Did you manage to find any useful info please? Searching all the forums but no concrete answers re: Layovers, Typical Roster / hours per month.
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Old 28th Jun 2011, 04:38
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Everything bad said about this airline is true. Really avoid at all costs.
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Old 10th Jul 2011, 06:43
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Angry so True!!!!!!!!

Hi Guys,

Well is very simple, if you want to pay for something you have done before very bad, well this is the opportunity because been in ESJ is like jail.

Poor cabin crew and pilots are send to Iran for a period of 15 to more days out of their base "DXB" and left their to fight for their own with another circus company called Taban Air jajajaja what a joke.

About the pay, not at time at all, the salary comes in different dates maybe the position of the moon would let you know when your money will come; basic salary 6000 for captains and 4500 for FO, when in the market a 737 driver is over 10.000 and more.

Medical is a crap, they give you one only for you with a restricted network only covering a crap hospital and that's all.

Accommodation, you decide if you want a studio in a beautiful place called international city or if they give you the money captains 1000us and 700us FO
can you inmagine in Dubai living with this kind of money.

The management is from Pakistan so if you really now how this people are well so theirs nothing to say, they love money for them but when it comes to share with the staff that's a different boooogie. hooooo I forgot with a UK passport.

So my advice stay away from them as much as you can, you cant be lower in this market.

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Old 20th Aug 2011, 09:17
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ESJ is one bigtime f**Ked up company owned by fraud sweet tongue person known as, T.K real name (Tariq Khan) and his family including brother, nephew, cousins, Paki Brit passport holder bloody third generation of Kashmir-i's who migrated to UK as coal miners and rail track labor and later they opened up grocery shops and start driving Red buses, what you expect from them, stealing and making money from the blood of poor Afghanistan people and staff, ontop they are not even giving proper salaries and benefits to company employees, this family came to dubai started real estate business after some profits they opened up this company ESJ, t.k, ash, tahir khan, his nephew etc all of them are crooks. all the pilots and cabin crew becareful before signing any contract.
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Old 16th Apr 2012, 12:53
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not so bad..

well if the company is so bad, why are there crew who have completed more than 5yrs still with them?
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Old 30th May 2013, 12:20
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Great People to Know

Having read some of the threads I must say that I have known these guys for many many years and have conducted business with them too.I find them to be honest fair and open in all aspects I am sorry that some of you have had bad feelings the guys are great by the way no they do not employ me, but ahve worked with them on a number of different projects........keep us the good work ESJ there are a lot of us who still appreciate the effort and commitment you have all put into developing your business....Good luck and all the best..
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Old 31st May 2013, 13:32
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Company BOT Aleart

company troll people; watch out.
Old 1st Jun 2013, 11:48
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Hey Cricketer 201, Happy Guy. And those who support these "gentlemen".

I suspect you all are either involved personally with these "gentlemen" or have turned your head away from the deceipt and deplorable manner that these folks conduct business and treat their employee's.

The truth is that anyone who comes remotely close to these characters realizes that they can only do business in the areas they do because of the manner they chose to conduct themselves and their business, and frankly no self respecting business would want to be associated with ESJ. And its not for want of trying on their part!

They have had many Talented folks come thru their office's at W3 DFZA, but sadly have left not as happy as when they arrived there, and being owed alot of money!

And those employee's that are left there are either trapped their for one reason or another, or cant go anywhere else, or dont want to! But they are good people and deserve to be treated better!!

The rest is there for all to seen!!
Happy Landings.
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Old 1st Jun 2013, 17:57
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Talking Human Cargo

Hi Human,

I dont have anything more to say, except that I completely agree with you.

As i have said it subtly in my posts before, ESJ did have some outstanding pilots and individuals who were shafted and pushed around when the Pakistani DFO and his sidekick 'Tonto' showed up on the scene, that along with a few 'spineless' indians and some cheap imports from Egypt, Syria, especially that Iraqi sales guy.

I've heard that business in on the decline in ESJ, loads are down along with increased pressure to sell charters on 'over-the-hill' 737-300's.

That place is bad news.
Old 8th Jun 2013, 15:46
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The Flying Circus


If only certain Authorities would have a look at this outfit ( could never be described as an operator) then surely they would feel compelled to do something about this sham of an outfit. Shamefully aviation is reactive and it will take an very serious incident for this outfit to be brought to rights.

Makes you wonder who is or isn't looking over their affairs?

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Old 10th Jun 2013, 16:26
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Do Something at ESJ?.

Well, i'd partially agree with you.

I'm not sure how long have you been in the middle east, but from the looks of your comment, you seem to be new here, and obviously are!....

Whilst the GCAA talk of safety, from the stats, it clearly appears that Safety is not sometihng that's monitored or even reported.

In Dubai, everyone's is an expat and like several here, refrain and turn away from reporting anything they see wrong or out of place, unless if its a smudged EFIS screen, if someone dropped cofee on the seat or its loud enough to catch everyone's attention, like a tire burst(!).

Every expat irrespective of nationalities pretty much are spineless in the middle east and understandably so, they fear loosing their jobs and being packed and sent home. Some fear the penality of making that mistake, trusting laws are the kind where we come from.

All that the U.A.E care about is making money, and charging you under some pretext or the other. Each Charter flight requires you to pay a "royality". Has anyone understand what this royalty fee's means?.

Sounds like the italian mafia walking the steets in Chicago in the 1920's taking protection money and a fee to ensure they 'look-the-other-way" when you commit your crime

Whilst Eastern SkyJets would be the worst airline to work with, or treat its employees or respect contracts for that matter,they still are a bunch of lads who i'd believe slug it out in 60 degrees heat in Dubai and RAK t keep their planes flying, and that get their salary after 3 months.

As much as M-Rats would deny it, its public knowledge when it comes to the names of the pilots who choose to "NOT" report incidents or, if something goes wrong, even it its an irate passenger, or a wrong taxi procedure, or the high level of unstable approaches in a month for that matter.

It shocks me to say that i seriously wonder if there is anyone who reports incidents that arent 'loud-enough' to be heard by anyone?.

When i said ESJ still has some outstanding pilots, i purely meant only a "few" of the EX-PAK Airforce guys who fly into afghansitan. well, they know the region, they know what to expect and know how to deal with it.

I cant say that for rest of the PIA lot there.

ESJ's safety violations would come more from stupidity and immaturity. Like their Syrian or IRaqi sales guy they have who was an ex-flight attendant. Apprantly this 'felafel' overrides the flight ops and the pilots to fly ultra long flights deleting en-route way-points and FIR boundaries to save money on tech stops and fuel, all thanks to the Masters Blessings.

If you work the region, hear them on the radio, you'd know what i'm talking about.

Nuff Siad
Old 11th Sep 2014, 11:17
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Wow can't say you were not warned. Hope they get brought to justice. Really a shame
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Old 25th Nov 2014, 17:15
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Eastern SkyJets [email protected]

Hi All,

Could anybody give a possible idea of salary grades for F/O and Ground Crew?

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Old 26th Nov 2014, 02:41
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Zero, as they are out of business!!!
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