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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 13th Feb 2004, 20:20
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I picked up that book (How to prepare for the Emirates Interview) as well and most of the information is well dated, some good stuff on the history of the Company but there are better sources around.

For the technical exam I purchased the book "ACE The Technical Pilot Interview" by Gary Bristow and found that a lot of the questions from my particular question sheet were very familiar, after reading this book.

Food for thought
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Old 14th Feb 2004, 03:44
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In the words of Homer Simpson...'Done......and done!'Thankyou indeed ,gentlemen.This is shaping up for a major cram due my roster!Liftoff....and the clock is running!
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Old 18th Feb 2004, 00:36
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Out of interest Compact, what is your experience?? Just gauging the type of time they are looking at now. Also, are you a captain?
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Old 24th Feb 2004, 20:34
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Routedisco check your pms.
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Old 25th Feb 2004, 07:09
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I'm sure it is somewhere in one of the Emirates forums, but since the "search" option has been deleted I can't find what I'm looking for.
Does Emirates pay for your ticket to DXB and your hotel during your stay for the interview?

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Old 25th Feb 2004, 16:02
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The answer was off course on the emirates website
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Old 22nd Apr 2004, 01:49
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Emirates Interview

Hi folks,
I'd like to know what are the minimum req. to has an interview as a Second Officer with Emirates?
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Old 22nd Apr 2004, 03:18
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At the moment Emirates do not employ Second Officers. Full details of their recruitment requirements are at www.emiratesgroupcareers.com
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Old 23rd Oct 2004, 20:58
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Interview with Emirates

does anybody have an idea where I can find some books or Manuals to prepare myself for Interview with Emirates?
Would appreciate any kind of information!

Happy Landings
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Old 23rd Oct 2004, 21:22
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Woulnt bother,, save your money and use it on something usefull like some vaseline, it will prepare you for the management shaftings , if you get in....
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Old 25th Oct 2004, 06:52
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Hey Mikojan,

there is a manual you can order form here in Canada dedicated to Emirates interview. Gives info about the company, the payscale, the whole interview process and sample questions both personality based and technical. Overall its a good manual. They also have one written for Cathay. Its called "Preparing for you Emirates Interview" by Captains XYZ, its about $33.95 CDN

Good luck!

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Old 25th Oct 2004, 10:16
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Be yourself,dont try to "be what they want",the guys will see staright through,They do a good job.

Be a team player,and get some "handling" in on your current type,before you come.If you can fly safely,no one does a perfect job,but being unsafe,will be noticed.

Xpect group exercises,and discussions,and be honest in your dealings,with the team,in the int view,its an overall view.

The weather is nice,the kit good,youll work with good people,99% of the time.Theres plenty to read on PPRuNe about guys whove done it before.

Flyings good.There about to be a lot more of it.

Good luck.QB
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Old 10th Dec 2004, 18:33
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Emirates now or never.

Hi fellow writer , i'd like to share with you my doubt .
Life is strange....i applyed for EK years ago , and waiting with patience THE CALL , and is arrived. I'm enlisted for selection next month. I recived the e-mail the same day i completed my final upgrade to CPT.
So now I' have to make the decision . But i'd like to hear both side of the bell.
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Old 10th Dec 2004, 18:46
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you are joking, right? This question has been flogged to death already on a few threads, just read them!
Good luck...
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Old 11th Dec 2004, 06:45
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Well, it depends where you are working. The conditions you are under now. Is your wife working and kids happy. I know it is hard to resist the magic of Emirates.
Go do the interview. If possible spend a few days here before or after. Have a good talk with the recruiters. See if your family would like it. Only then decide.
Be careful reading the posts in here. They are very biased. Look at it this way. There are other jobs out there, but they prefere to sit under a palm tree and bitch. Remember no job is perfect. No employer your friend. Your contract is changed every now and then, without telling or asking you. That is one of the harder things to accept. One the other hand the sunshine is guaranteed and the tax office is hard to find...for now!

It is a personal decission. Good luck
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Old 11th Dec 2004, 16:40
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And furthermore "quick commands" are something of the past.
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Old 11th Dec 2004, 18:03
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Enjoy your command but forget about this place.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 08:47
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That asside,the beaches here in Dubai are superb and most sensible people,like us 'Limeys', tend to go during months from October to May.Yes,It does get bloody hot in June through to September but most SENSIBLE people don't go to the beach then.Many families return to Europe/Africa/Aus/States during summer hols but there are some things still to do to keep kids occupied......as long as it's indoors! Regarding your decision,Payscale is right.Come here,do the interview and take it from there.Many f/o's here are ex Captains and time to command is starting to take longer.Also,rules can and have changed on a daily basis which may or may not dissadvantage you depending on your fleet and experience.The 'novelty' of a command can wear off pretty quickly if you work for a second rate Company who's terms and conditions are poor.Choose the Airline first,then work your way up if it's a good employer and your in it for the long term.Emirates does offer excellent long term job stability and rumours abound of maybe even more orders to come.Provident fund is performing poorly but at least the cash is yours at the end of the term unlike many pension funds which require you to buy an annuity. Aircraft are all new wide bodies and routes are good,mostly,with mix of short and long if you wish.Rosters are stable and we bid for our work.Good Staff travel and schools are paid for,as is accomodation.This can vary,however,so don't expect a 4 bed villa with pool & gym as there are plenty of less well equiped 3 beds around.They are still big compared to houses in Europe say. Also,strongly recommend asking plenty of questions re.school places as depending on your childrens ages,if you have them,they can be difficult to get hold of.
If you get through and are offered a position,both you and your wife will have a tough decision to make.I can't stress enough how important it is for your partner to want to move as well.It's not just a job change,it's a complete lifestyle change.Most people it like it here,some,as you can clearly read,loathe it. Why they don't leave i'll never know.
Very few people leave Emirates.That must indicate something.
Good luck in your interview if you decide to come.
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Old 12th Dec 2004, 13:43
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Well, see... that is EK in a nutshell. Some like it here. Some dont. Most stay...

Enjoy the interview

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Old 12th Dec 2004, 14:37
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Does EK bond you even if you are type rated?
Apart from that, you do lose quite a lot of money if you leave the company before you have served a certain number of years?
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