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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 25th Feb 2018, 06:43
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The short haul multi sector flying you allude too unite frankly doesn’t compare to how EK will work you, I’ve done both and on balance I was never as remotely tired anywhere else compared to my time at EK.
As for living costs, take housing costs out of the equation and you’ll find day to day expenses 15-20% more expensive than London like for like...don’t kid yourself.
Ok fine, you are doing multi sectors into places you are familiar with, at EK apart from DXB it’s rare you head to same place more than a couple of times a year, throw in the day to night roster pattern and quite frankly it’s life shortening and unsustainable for many.
Expect to work with some nice people, but also plenty of “English as not a first language” pilots from 2nd and 3rd world countries who often have attitudes to match and who tend to think EK is the gift that keeps on giving.
If that appeals, go for it, and understand that you are now “owned” by EK, your input is not required nor is your opinion. They certainly need more crew as the rate of resignations continue unabated.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 08:57
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Nope, not the end of the world. Just five years of your life or $45,000 USD gone. That would tend to eat into whatever perceived financial advantage you've convinced yourself of. And more often than not, the missus gone too. The vast majority of my friends who joined are still married. Just not to the wife they joined with.

But hey, no guts no glory, right?
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 09:48
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"Sleeping down route at odd times wouldn't bother me" must be a contender for the most, er, "innocent" post on PPRuNe so far this year. If you are human it WILL bother you. As was said before, no guts, no glory.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 09:57
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It's no use lads he's already convinced and looking for affirmation, so whatever you say it's not going to change things.

I used to think I had nothing to lose. Then I came to EK.

You have a lot to lose, not least of all your health, and including your significant other (if you brought one, or meet one) your sanity (they will get you eventually) and for many, your very dignity. The last one is usually what makes people pull the pin.

I flew regional as well and I laugh now to think how I thought the rosters were hard, 6-8 sectors in a day? A dream compared to the constant zombie state of fatigue I endured for my last 18 months in EK. Still suffering the effects now. And no aside from the first 6 months or so, I wasn't a partier. My days off were for resting at home and the odd social catch up. I can't imagine how those with a more 'active' life manage it (or don't)
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 10:09
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AimingHigh123 - I don't doubt you can sleep like a log. I have some of my deepest sleeps when on descent after a 17 hour flight as an augmenting pilot.
Can you please pass on your technique of sleeping when you have a 12 hour timezone change and it is 2 in the afternoon according to your body clock?

I want your sleeping skills.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 10:19
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They have seen it all, they have done it all, they have calculated, earned and paid it all and moreover, they know the ME better than we silly mortals who have lived here for some years.

You are my hero 123
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 13:02
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Aiming I can only echo whats been said by others.

Regarding your wife working or not. Unless she's in a very specialised field she may not earn what you think she will. Lets just say the drive for cheap labour has spread to every corner of the UAE. Heavy restrictions on employing non locals in some disciplines i.e its impossible and for others employers here will not pay for experience as they can find a multitude of cheaper labour from the subcontinent. Experience means nothing here, cheapness rules!

Should you opt out and buy it gets worse ( I won't go into rent that a whole different story and full of pitfalls) but running a house is eye wateringly expensive. We've just forked out 15k AED for community fees for a three bed villa. Add in a maintenance contract at 6k due to shoddy work/construction and DEWA fees of 5% of the rental and suddenly the UK isn't that expensive. Food here is massively overpriced and of poor quality. Theres a reason most guys do their shopping overseas and its not that we like the inside of a supermarket! Your pub meal would be a steal here, as anything with alcohol will only be served in a hotel so budget on 600 AED+ for a decent meal with booze for two adults.

Have you figured on the trips back to the UK to keep your sanity, which you will need as dealing with the rudeness and incompetence here wears real thin after three months? And then theres the taxes.. sorry fees that keep popping up whenever you do anything to do with a government service!

I won't go into the rosters but others have been far more eloquent than I have. To think you can sleep off the constant fatigue that you will experience here due to the brutal rosters and time zone changes just beggars belief. No one has yet mentioned the company now only giving you 30 days annual leave instead of the contracted 42 days because we are so short of guys.

Lastly I'm pretty sure at your current outfit there isn't the constant fear of being sacked/demoted for doing something wrong. That sword of Damocles hanging over you is a huge issue and takes its toll on you every six months when you show up for your contract extension aka sim. The fact that the company fires people for making mistakes and sees nothing wrong with it should be ringing alarm bells for any sane individual! Just check out the other thread here with details on the firings/demotions.

Last edited by Rhodes13; 25th Feb 2018 at 13:44.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 13:44
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Ha !
I do my grocery shopping in UK b cause it’s so much cheaper !
Actually I did low cost before . Night flying is far far worse .

Originally Posted by AIMINGHIGH123 View Post
Ok but how about 4 sector days 7-10 hr duties are standard, only get about 4-5hrs flight time on that. I know flying through the night is tough but by day 6 of earlies with 4 sectors ahead of you no amount of coffee keeps you sharp.

As for costs London is far more expensive than Dubai.
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 18:01
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Just let him learn it the hard way....
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Old 25th Feb 2018, 18:07
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The advice you are being given, is the exact same advice we gave the majority of the posters before they joined. But what the hey, they still joined.
Be aware that goal posts move all the time here, and rarely in a direction that is good for the pilot.
If you do decide to join, welcome aboard. Can I suggest that you make wherever you decide to live here your home. Those that don't never settle. Don't save every cent you make here at the expense of living life. The middle east is not the place skimp out as if you do there is very little you can do.
Once your children go to school, you will not save much money on an FOs salary. Wife's salary would be your savings.
You have no control over your roster. For example, if you bid for a few days off for a special event, expect the few days off to be given before or after the event, and some totally random duty inserted on the day you needed.
You have no control in your leave. No problem when the wife doesn't work and the kids aren't at school. But can be soul destroying when that is not the case, as the company will allocate some/most of your leave at a time that best suits them, not you. Leave as an FO seems to work better than leave for a Capt.
Command on the Boeing will be reduced to fill those of Capts leaving, as fleet growth has basically stopped. So its going to take a lot longer than the 5.5yrs which the Boeing is running on at the moment.
The route network is great. The fellas you fly with are great. The management are self serving muppets.
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Old 26th Feb 2018, 07:55
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Originally Posted by Yorkshire_Pudding View Post
Well the initial 5 year training bond is 57,300 USD....
so, something goes up with inflation and VAT and more!
was 42,000 just three years ago. And much less just another couple of years back from my joining.

makes so much sense...
can't wait to leave this, this, help with the right word to describe it please

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Old 1st Mar 2018, 14:08
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Anyone know how many pilots they hire every year? I would assume 90+% are expats, correct?
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Old 2nd Mar 2018, 12:41
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Anyone wants ez staff travel? Thanks
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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 13:23
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Originally Posted by Seaman Staynes View Post
Guys (and gals) really don't listen to what is being said on all these threads!

Had absolute classic chat with ex turbo prop FO (2 stripe) the other day - joined with all the best intentions but now the plan has changed - stay as long as he can put up with it / until bond paid off (which ever comes first) then look for pastures new asap!

Now EK is pissing off not only the oldies but also the newbies!
Most things said here about EK are negative. So what do you exactly mean?
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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 16:09
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What he means is ensure you do due diligence. Buyer beware is an understatement.
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Old 3rd Mar 2018, 17:56
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From the last 8 FO’s I flew with, 3 were leaving. One inside his bond period...
not only cpt’s are fed up...

Im talking B777
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Old 4th Mar 2018, 05:53
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HI All,

Anyone anything good/positive to say about joining Emirates ?

Im thinking of trying but in my mid forties do you think they would ? is there an upper age limit ?

I have a Private/Bizjet background, no airline experience at all and the exact opposite of the scale where I don't get to fly enough.

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Old 4th Mar 2018, 07:16
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Those that have big shiny jet syndrome will always continue to come.
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Old 4th Mar 2018, 08:57
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Originally Posted by Spam Up View Post
HI All,

Anyone anything good/positive to say about joining Emirates ?

Im thinking of trying but in my mid forties do you think they would ? is there an upper age limit ?

I have a Private/Bizjet background, no airline experience at all and the exact opposite of the scale where I don't get to fly enough.

Recently flew with FO with significant biz jet time in his early 40s and no airline experience.
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Old 4th Mar 2018, 12:48
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I’m just wondering whether the new joining experienced FOs ( on enhanced package ) are put in regular seniority or not ?
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