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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 13th Mar 2003, 15:17
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Very much agree with Dumpvalve.

Capeaviation - no need for any bashing about "mud island" because it's true.

If you don't like it here - well the airports not very far away, and it would help some of us move up the seniority list
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Old 13th Mar 2003, 18:49
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Whiteknight - Thank you

wagtail23 - thank you for stating your facts without generalising.
your points were fair.

Capeaviation - we finally agree......about the European Island, well at least it is a start.

Calamityjane, if you have read any of my previous threads, you will see that I am a wife. What - are you the only female allowed to write on PPRuNe? And believe me there are a lot of us out there that are not girlies as you so like to put it, and have done just as much as you in Dubai and life in general but with a lot less whinging or bragging. I have no need to mislead people about my identity, what I have written here, I am prepared to say openly, and if I am not a female - please explain that to my hubby who calls me his wife and children who call me mommy.

Last edited by Dumpvalve; 13th Mar 2003 at 19:00.
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Old 13th Mar 2003, 21:02
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Hey Dump
If you think you wont get a gun held at your head, then you haven't been here very long.

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Old 14th Mar 2003, 07:01
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Girls! That's not appropriate behaviour. Please take it to the Dome or you won't be able to play at all.
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Old 14th Mar 2003, 16:20
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I hang my head in shame, you are right Ernest, I will try not to argue like a girl (that I am) and try be more mature like a man that I am "supposed" to be - eeek I think I am suffering from an identity crisis. A mature man????? Now that's a whole new thread on its own.
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Old 16th Mar 2003, 08:21
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I love Dubai.
Unfortunately I failed the interview in sept. 1997. It really gave me a headache with all the stupid games. I guess they have a "mould" and if you don't fit in any way you don't get the job. At my time they had 6000 applications for the current campaign and they had to throw out half for lack of manpower. So they can pick!
I have stayed in DXB a lot as we used it for a technical stop. I got to like the Arabs, their culture and means. To me DXB is the Paris of the Middle East.
But if you jump for a fight when someone pinches your wife on the bum at the market, it is definitely not your place.
I still regret not getting the job.
One thing - it is not cheap anymore.
A bottle of Johnnie was USD 2.50 at Dubai DF in 1989; last time I was there was 12.50, which is more or less like everywhere. So much for tax-free salary.
Good Luck!
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Old 16th Mar 2003, 08:38
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MMMMM, yes well, all the chat about the pro's and con's of Dubai.
The year in this part of the woods ( pardon the pun) is 1462 or something close to that. Do I need to say more.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Old 16th Mar 2003, 14:52
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Given that I am interested in working for EK I have heard that they look very closely at you during the interview process, even when you don't realise it, ie cocktail party. Apart from the obvious things such as a wrong attitude, what sort of things would fail you?
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Old 17th Mar 2003, 09:58
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Re: why fail - I was made to sign a doc agreeing not to try to investigate in any way why I failed. That was in sept '97...

Are you serious???? ....ok then!! Kind of makes you wonder what they are trying to hide?

For all of those who are still interested in EK, I pulled this off of the www.aviationinterviews.com site. Although it's a few months old, it still might be worth something to someone.

P.S. Good interview stuff on there for LOTS of other companies!!

Folks I'm sorry but I've had to pull the "cut & paste" that JoeCo placed here. The original poster of the gen on the aviationinterviews site doesn't mind it being there but he's upset that it's on this site. So I have respectfully and with some regret removed it from this post.

It had some good gen on it - try and find it on the original site or try ask JoeCo to mail you a copy. Don't abuse this avenue; I'd suggest that you go this route if you think it'll make a difference.

Just another reminder that it takes all types to make this wonderful world.


Last edited by 4HolerPoler; 17th Mar 2003 at 14:47.
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Old 19th Mar 2003, 05:20
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.....Well, what to do?? To bad. But in the end, to sign up to the aviation interviews site (follow the link in my previous post) only takes 2 minutes and it's free. Looks like a real "honest" site. Worth a look see.

4HP: I don't know all the legalities of cutting and pasting from other sites, but if I crossed a line, my appologies. In the end, if the original material is free, then what's the difference if it's in here??
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Old 19th Mar 2003, 09:18
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Thank you for editing the post. While I am not at all averse to helping people with information that I have, I didn't appreciate someone taking information meant for another sight and placing it here. I think that if you asked CRJ700 about me you would retract this comment, "Just another reminder that it takes all types to make this wonderful world. "

No hard feelings JoeCo.

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Old 19th Mar 2003, 13:25
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If you're married and your wife is solidly supporting the move, a no-tax well paid M.E. job is the fastest way to get your home mortage paid and money in the bank.
If you're married and the marriage has problems - don't go - M.E. living for an ex-pat will quickly wreck a shaky marriage.
If your wife is not into spending her days shopping and socialising and needs to work for fulfilment you had better check with the Dubai guys if she'll be allowed to work.
We had three good years in Saudi, my wife was able to work, and we came home together with pockets full of money and my wife's gold jewellery - gold rope around a woman's waist is very fetching in the right conditions.

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Old 23rd Mar 2003, 10:31
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Just keep in mind that you will be on a F/O salary for a at least 7 years, if they keep expanding, as a F/O with family it's almost impossible to save some money.
Dubai is an expensive place.
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Old 23rd Mar 2003, 14:58
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Cape town boy.

Bollocks to your first statement

and yes it's fairly costly, but cheaper than UK !!
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Old 23rd Mar 2003, 18:35
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I am talking about new joiners, for guys already here it will be faster of course.
Unfortunately not everybody can be a captain, EK needs F/O's too.
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Old 23rd Mar 2003, 23:39
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Fair enough Cape, this may be for the guys joining in the seniority list above position 1000 (give or take) but it doesn't take into account retirements and people leaving.
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Old 25th Mar 2003, 08:05
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Thank You Tim!!! (T.A)

You stopped me making the biggest mistake of my life

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Old 25th Mar 2003, 08:34
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how many Captains you think EK needs? EK has almost 800 pilots now and they upgrade fast track guys, so if you are not fast track you will get bypassed big time and when you have your 3 years you'll be at the end of the food chain.

How many Captains you think retire???
There were just a few the last 4 years.
Looking at the current situation there will not many pilots be leaving either (for a low seniority number with another airline).

Make your calculations 100 A/C in 2010 and a crew factor of approx. 7 and don't forget they need more F/O's for the super longhaul acting as cruise captains.
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Old 29th Mar 2003, 02:04
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Interesting debate.

I attended Emirates selection a while ago and was unsuccessful.

I am pretty sure I know which part I let myself down on and can only blame myself. Other than that I was happy with the rest of my efforts over the three days.

The recruiting team were pleasant and, overall, the selection process was very reasonably carried out.

Several points:

1. The airline (as an airline) is second to none. The training facilities are superb.

2. The admin is poor. Couldn't believe how poor it was when I was being offered Standby dates and, subsequently, confirmed dates.

Standby dates give you a minimum 20 hours notice.
I got a phone call at 1000 local in the UK from Emirates saying they wanted me out there the next day. Get your bags packed, run to Heathrow, buy your own exhorbitant ticket (if you can find a flight), fly there, get to the hotel, get some rest and turn up fresh for interview at 0430 in the morning UK time!!! Use a bit of common sense for christ's sake!

Not forgetting I wanted to take the better half out there for the process as well.

All this after waiting 3 months for those dates as standby.

3. Accomodation is very average.

Villas we were shown were nice inside but very close together.
We would only qualify for these as we had children.
If we were childless then we would qualify for a 3-bedroomed flat several floors up a high rise. Not ideal.

4. Pay for your own transport to get to Dubai - come on Emirates, play the game.

5. We were being quoted average three years to command. Even allowing for expansion and increased orders my maths allowed me to question these figures. You take your chance.

6. 50% of the guys attending interview were unemployed, high time guys from Sabena, Swissair, Canada 3000 etc. Would they be there if they still had a sound job in their home country? Best of luck to them.

7. No confirmation of where you are living until you get there. Could be awkward when you are trying to arrange schools.

Overall, my own view is that Emirates could try a lot harder to look after their new and prospective pilots. At the moment they don't have to - so they don't.

I would encourage anybody who is interested to go out there and give it your best shot - but go out there with your eyes wide open.

All the best.

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Old 29th Mar 2003, 15:40
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Wet Power...............................spot on
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