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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 5th Jan 2011, 17:43
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Hi there,

i' ll attend the selection in EK the next 10th.

Who is with me?

Bye bye
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Old 5th Jan 2011, 18:01
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I did the expat thing, but not at EK. With my airline we fly there pretty often.

Bottom Line: U do not want to leave a US LCC command to come to EK.

Do you and your family want a BIG ADVENTURE...and realize that BAs don't always mean great fun....it may be a big shock and too much stress. If you WANT a BA, then you may want to go.
Do you and your family specifically want to live in DXB?
Do you want to fly a widebody, and your family doesn't care where they live?
Do you want your family to live/go to school overseas for a specific reason, and you are willing to put up with the negatives at EK?
I know a number of people who are/were at EK. Some hated it, some tolerate it, some like it a lot. Recently flew on EK and both pilots seemed pretty content.

Good luck, and God Bless!
Whether you stay at LCC or go to EK, it will work out, Inshallah

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Old 5th Jan 2011, 19:49
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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Hey everyone

I am currently flying a CRJ in Canada for Jazz. I have an Emitates interview coming up and had a few questions about the job.

I currently work 16-18 days a month doing on average 10-13 hour duty days with up to 5-6 sectors a day.

I was wondering

1. Is it all going to be airbus 330?

2. If you want to do single day flying to be home at some point during the day is that a difficult prospect.

3. How many sectors a day can one plan on doing.

4. How long is the longest pairing on the 330 and the 777

5. During the road show they said there are other positions like sim, pilot recruitment and CRM. How long does it take for something like that?

6. I am new to the long haul world but how many flight deck crew are on board and at what trip time do they add the extra pilot?

7. As an FO do you do operatation and augmentation sectors?

8. If you do a short sector like a Doha turn will the then add another turn?

9. If you do a seven years EK tour and live a modest life style how much could one save?

10. How often can one make it to there home can you ask to have days off in big groups an travel home every three to four months?

Pardon my troubles. I am currently 8-10 years away from a CRJ or Dash 8 command. We do have pretty easy flying like not to many starts before 4 am and not much night flying but 8 more years to a command is taxing when it's for a dash 8

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Old 6th Jan 2011, 07:30
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Why not just give the guy an answer....hopefully not all EK pilots are such tools....research it. Give me a break.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 08:03
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short flights long nights
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Sorry..have to agree with Fred..if you cant find out this stuff yourself.....you will not survive the first month here........let alone the interview.
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 11:15
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Mr Ahole, I actually think Fred has been very generous and considerate in his responses.

I looked at the questions and thought, 'I could answer those, but can't be bothered!'

They are the same old questions recycled time and time again and will have exactly the same answers attached to them as the ones asked 2000 times previously!

If you can't be bothered to do the research, then I'm sorry to say that guys are simply too tired to wipe your bottom for you!
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Old 6th Jan 2011, 20:08
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Hey Mr. Frame,

This is what you'll become from getting kicked by your arab masters one too many times.

Stick it out in Canada...you sound reasonable.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 00:32
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Got a confirmed interview date, here's a few questions:

Your ICAO ATPL and Class 1 Medical must both be issued by the same country, and the medical must be valid for at least 3 months from date of joining. Both must be issued by the same State authority where you have flown with the carrier last shown in your logbook

Perhaps I am a little ignorant about current regulations and organizations, but does that mean I cannot have a JAA ATPL issued in the UK with a medical issued in another JAA country, flying for a carrier from the UK? Otherwise, this would seem like an insane requirement, certainly don't have time to go back to the UK to get a class one re-issued at my own expense when I have a current JAA Swiss one. EK do their own medical anyway on day 4, so what is the point?

Electronic logbooks can be accepted, provided they are stamped and certified by your employer or a regulatory authority

Well, certainly don't want to give away to management of my current company, who would stamp the logbook, that I am looking elsewhere (with exception of a few trusted TRE's). So not sure if I can get this done by the CAA at short notice.

Eight coloured passport photographs, taken with a white background

What, EIGHT???? Is this for some sort of modeling competition. Eight, are they serious??? I would probably need fewer photographs to apply to be a space shuttle astronaut.

On one hand they state that "Candidates unsuccessful after Stage I are required to rebook the return flight tickets" but then they also say that "Due to high load factors, we regret that no changes to confirmed flight bookings can be accommodated prior to your arrival in Dubai"

Before everyone starts to shoot off responses, yes I get it, I am sure I do not have the right attitude to start with so I will lock myself up in a dark room to think whether or not I really want this job.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 07:58
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Hii all ,

Please some one tell me how long does it take for emirates to call someone for an interview after being short listed , been 3 months so far ! ... Please any feedback ??
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 10:06
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Comanche, I think you answered you own point!!

If you're getting wound up by the requirement to bring along 8 photo's ( OMG how dare they), or the fact that your log book hours are required to be certified (I wander why EK might need that????), then I feel this job most probably isn't for you!

The fact is that (apparently) over 120 candidates attend selection every month without whinging, moaning or finding fault........ Why don't you give it ago?
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 10:19
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8 photographs is pretty normal. I would say you would need a minimum of 80 passport photographs if you take the job here.
You will need them for everything else, not just the GCAA and EK stuff.

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Old 7th Jan 2011, 10:36
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I applied just after Christmas, shortlisted within a few days, invited to assessment January 2nd - I am going early February.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 11:39
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You will need 8 photos to start and many more once you start in different sizes!!!
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 12:35
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Comanche, those requirements are nothing compared to what you will face when you get here. Emirates (and the UAE in general) are one of the most inflexible places you can imagine when it comes to bureaucracy.

When I joined they wanted all the photos with a blue background. Couldn't find any photographers with a blue background so I ended up buying a blue bedsheet, taking it to the photographers and using that. I also had to find somewhere that didn't use digital photography as at that time they wouldn't accept that either.

If you think the requirements for getting an interview are a pain you really, really want to have a rethink about joining.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 14:50
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thanks atp and fatbus.
i wish all "researchers " on emirates job hunt all the very best.
may god give them more and more options in life --- "literally and financially"
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 15:17
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Never read anything about 8 photographs, this is a part of that letter they send out, got mine about two weeks ago.

As part of the pre-joining requirements, you will be required to supply proof of resignation.

In addition to details of your availability, we also require confirmation of the following information:
Your current employer
Your current aircraft type
Your preferred EK port to book your ticket
Whether you are currently flying and if not current, the date last flown
Confirmation of notice period (contractual notice period + any additional time you will need prior to joining Emirates, if successful)
Enjoy your interviews.....
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 17:29
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Re: Passport Photos

They not only need different backgrounds but also different sizes depending on which agency or department you're dealing with. I ended up taking a photo of myself before a white background and photoshopping the background color to whatever they needed (Had so far white, blue and yellow/sand). Also printed them myself in whatever size they needed. Saved me a ton of money and time.

You also get used to carry lots of passport copies around as pretty much everyone needs one. The bureaucracy is insane here, as it has been perfected by the indians...
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 18:20
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short flights long nights
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Comance..lock your self up...trust me you wont survive...I would say you need at least a 100 photos..stay where you are....
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 18:40
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Comance, throw away the computer and stop asking a bunch of crusty old gits for advice on how to live your life. They will never change and will never give balance so just go with what you know and not what what people write here. If you take this forum seriously you will never make the right decision. Far too many axe grinders and conspiracy theorists here lately.
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Old 7th Jan 2011, 23:13
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Fred GARVIN, I am just doing thorough research and trying to get a feel for the place, sometimes with provocative comments, that's all. I am NOT N-American, far from it. Lived in about 6 different countries in the past 20 years for extended periods of time so I know about adjusting, believe me. Heck, I'll even be prepared to learn Arabic to add to my 4 fluent languages. It's better to know all the facts now, so that I know what I am getting myself into and will have few legitimate reasons to 'bitch' about anything once I have joined, because I already knew beforehand! So once I am done, and IF I am offered the job and accept, I will go with the flow from then onwards with a positive attitude, without looking back.....I will just ignore your bad language, just lighten up a bit! As far as your other comments about FIR boundaries, enroute charts and I don't know what else, I have absolutely no idea what your point is... Bit of a rant if you ask me. You mention few things that are unknown to me, my current airline operates to about 200 destinations or so including N-Africa and the Middle East with a decent number of CAT C airports, and are you saying you are fluent in Chinese, well credit to you!
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