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SAMCO Aviation ???

I was wondering if any of you guys here have any info on SAMCO Aviation out of Riyadh?
They are offering a contract in a Challenger 601 and I don't know anything about them.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Samco has re-invented it self many times, in the old days, ten plus years ago, you wanted to stay clear, because they would hire anyone who looked like, walked like and talked like a pilot. I had the pleasure of talking to some Samco pilots on the Legacy in 2007, seemed OK, two months on, one off, good compound, but it was charter work. I saw the ad for the Challenger and it said part 91, so hard to tell. I worked for a Sheik from Riyadh who was part 91, but he sure had a lot of friends who flew everywhere else he didn't. Come to find out he was selling charter on the aircraft, But it was part 91??????. If you can negotiate a good contract, then it might turn out.

Best of Luck
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Old 8th Jun 2010, 15:24   #3 (permalink)
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Thumbs up SAMCO

Hi All,
I was with SAMCO for two weeks, December '09 to mid January 2010. I was treated very well, and paid on time. Mr. Maqsood kept his promises to me.
The compound and accommodations are good, but far away from everything without a car. Small store, coffee shop, gym and pool and dry cleaners are there.
There was not much flying, and that can get pretty boring after two to three weeks. I did catch up on my reading and movie watching.
Two months later, March '10, I was called back for about six weeks, and again all was as advertised. No problems with my money.
It is a private operation, but now and then there are charters, mostly within the kingdom.
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Old 6th Oct 2010, 08:43   #4 (permalink)

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Thumbs down Beware Of Samco

I worked for this company for 18 months and they've totally screwed me over. Because the incompetent (who has NO aviation experience)who is responsible for the challenger did not transfer my work permit from my previous company I was threatened with jail, then kicked out of the country and banned for five years!
This company is only bothered about money, they do not care for the crew, or for the safety of the jets!
If they can get you to work for free they will.
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That is true, I worked for almost same period, very recently, they are totally unprofessional, the owner is ok, Mr. Maqsood is the only you can trust.

I didn't know who are the deck crew at this time.

They pay on time, salary wise is not one of he best, actually is the lower Legacy pay-check on Middle East. Even if you have no option, think better about joining this company, don't waste your time in a place where people they dont know what is respect and professionalism.
Good luck for those are thinking to join Samco
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Old 11th Oct 2012, 16:01   #6 (permalink)
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Thumbs down SAMCO - DONT DO IT

I agree with EX SAMCO.

I flew the Legacy.

They are unprofessional, disorganized, do not communicate important information to the pilots until the last moment, push the aircraft limits, don't consider crew rest and more.

There induction includes a speech on respecting them and then they mess with you from day 1.

Every day you fly for them you are putting your pilots license at risk.

They promise all sorts before you join them and then without regard or consultation change it.

It's a real shame as the owner is not a problem and the job could be great if it wasn't for the big fishes in a small pond.

Don't consider them even if you are desperate, it's not worth it.

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If the owner (Sheikh) is the same principle I worked for in 1996-97 on the 727 (VP-CKA) he is a good man...in 18 or so months I spoke to him maybe 6 times...

We flew worldwide, literally, and spent minimum time in the Kingdom...

Management was a problem, however, and eventually cost me my job...

I had full authority over the actual operations of the jet, budget, hotels, even airports (i.e.-I preferred Burbank over Van Nuys, for instance)...

My biggest problem was the manager hired a totally incompentant F/O...French Armenian whose daddy paid the manager to have him hired...

Money was good and always on time or early...we had late model Toyotas and wanted for nothing...

I'm really sorry to hear things have apparently changed, but if the opportunity were to come up again, I'd go back to work for Sheikh F., in a heartbeat...
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Old 25th Dec 2012, 20:01   #8 (permalink)
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Danger Mess management

Well I worked for Samco between 2010 and 2011, all the Mickey Mouse start up during the phone interview, it was ridiculous, I spoke with a guy that nominated himself "Chief Pilot", after joined the company I was informed Samco has no Chief Pilot, but a senior immature, irresponsible kid "Lazarus Lazure".
Well, the Owner is very respectful and honored Business Men, however, the rest......, lets start with "Senior Pilot": low experience, unsafety, and totally disorganized, he tried to re-invented the aviation ad turned a simple operation, in a complete mess., hide the flight information until crew get inside the airplane, don't share any information about next trip, destination absolutely nothing, really kindergarten pilot........Engineer:, He believes just because he hold a stupid expired mechanic licence that he is "Engineer", totally lost about the AIRCARFT maintenance, pretends He does some jobs nd lie to the Owner, Sheik Fahad all the time, flies the airplane to Dubai and Dusseldorf just funny and dink alcohol, and of course, make some extra money from service centers...Flight Operation is a duty and reposibility belongs to Mr. Maqsood, actually the only one knows something about aviation on Samco, but the Senior pilot and General Manager (engineer) created a big novel about him to the Sheik and poor Maqsood was demoted as simple General Manager's secretary....., flights, destinations are good, except when the General Mnager, engineer put himself on goods flights (Europe, South America, Africa and North America), than is a complete disaster....expend a lot money, and other things that is amazing.........
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Danger Me too

I agree with DownIn3Green .......Sheikh Fahad and His Family are very respectful and educated people, but that is the thing you can enjoy working for Samco, if they don't start from zero, with good ground staff, decent professionals and mature people, the history on Samco will be very tragic soon.
If somebody from Sheikh side, take few minutes to verify the operation, they will understand what we are talking about.....
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still, anyone have contact details?
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Thumbs up

Ex-Samco...you're right...on the 727 we had the PATS aux fuel system...at one point it started a slow leak...not unairworthy, just unsightly on the ramp with a 55 gal drum under the a/c...

We were in Portland (PDX) for 54 days in 1997...I messaged the then mgr Zack (Zaher Dier)...more than many times that we needed to have this fixed in Dallas at AAC...Sheikh released us for maint during this time but Zack only gave us 10 days to do minor maint...Time and again I e-mailed him, and time and again I was told "no"...

Of course on departure from PDX, Sheikh noticed the 55 gallon drum under his jet...once in cruise, he called me back to the cabin and read me the "riot act" ref why the PATS hadn't been repaired....

I pulled out all of my correspondence regarding this issue with Zack...Sheikh didn't seem happy...Zack met the a/c at Stanstead and I'm assuming the conversation wasn't plesant...shortly after that, in Sept 1998, my services were no longer needed...

Masqood was excellent and also the accountant Peter as well...and I reiterate, I would fly for Sheikh again, anytime, anywhere....DI3G...
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Old 1st Jan 2013, 14:55   #12 (permalink)
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I can't believe

checkthisout, after all that"s written here you are a fool or desperate if you want to work for these guys.
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Desperate times require desperate measures... I know whats coming and Id be willing to go...
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