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Who is happy at ANY ME airline, post here

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Who is happy at ANY ME airline, post here

Old 12th Nov 2009, 01:00
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Who is happy at ANY ME airline, post here

I get it, nobody seems to be happy at any airline in the Middle East. It is the order of the day!
BUT I know there has to be at least 1 in each airline. Would love to hear from you. You know you will be called a brown noser if you say you are happy, don't be scared! LOL
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 08:08
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 13:38
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Its not en vogue to admit it... but me too.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 14:46
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There are good days and there are bad days, like at any other job, however, overall I am happy. If I wasn't, I am sure I would have moved-on long time ago (life is too short).
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 15:13
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me too - when I get unhappy I will leave (or perhaps stay unhappy and keep whinging on internet forums)

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Old 12th Nov 2009, 15:17
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Ditto the above , overall I'm very happy here. I enjoy the ME & the flying. Hard hat on !
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 15:31
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The number of years here moulded me, so that I ended up weathering the big and small storms.
Basic stuff to watch out for here, is (good and spacious. you and/or your family will spend a lot of time indoors) housing hopefully supplied by the employer, full paid or subsidised utilities and school fees for those with kids (6-19). Then you have set your targets on how much you need to save, add the daily expenses hopefully without those above. With similar package, you will certainly save more in Riyadh than in Dubai, but then life styles are so very different.
In regard to the job, well, it's like everywhere else. There will be ups and downs. Don't let them expose you to safety/security neglect and you should be alright. This is why a good HOME is important after a bad day in the "office" flying the machine or the desk.
... And try to visit the place if you can to see what's in waiting for you...
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 16:42
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I like my job and living over here - works for me and my family!!

Doesn't mean I'm happy with current practices in our esteemed leadership though And if any of you fairies want to call me a brown-noser (as I've been accused of in the past) then A. I assure you I am quite the opposite and B. Come say it to my face

Keep your chins up chaps!!!
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 20:08
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I'm happy here. (EY)
Old 12th Nov 2009, 20:23
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Another one happy at EY
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 21:00
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I was starting to think you guys did not exist. I joined this group a year ago to get a feel for what's going on in the ME. Boy was I in for a surprise when I started reading. I knew there would be a lot of negative stuff, we are pilots after all, that's our nature it seems.

I know that it is not a bed of roses there, but geez !!!

Thanks for the fresh air guys.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 21:20
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Im relieved too! I was thinking everyone was in hell over there..maybe we will move to Dubai afterall! Thanks postive people I knew not everyone hated everything!
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 21:25
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I am very happy and I am in QR
Old 12th Nov 2009, 22:07
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Glad to hear at least 1 guy at QR likes his job. I have an interview in December.

I am not discounting any of the negatives posted on the threads by any means, but it just seems to me that the guys at EK say don't come here, then the guys at QR say don't come here go to EK instead......... you get the picture.

It is just hard to decide when you try to get information to make a decision.
I know that in a perfect world, none of you guys would be in the ME if there wasn't some compelling reason. It is the same for us guys contemplating the move. We didn't just wake up one morning and decide that we want to pull up roots and move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha.

It just gets a little annoying when guys just start with "don't come here" when all you want is basic info.
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 22:31
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Just because I bitch about the insane practices of this airline, does not mean I am an unhappy person. I am happy. True.......... the lunatics in charge of the asylum here are truly the worst imaginable managers on the planet, but there are still some good things about Emirates for example. Honesty or intelligence is not their forte though, haha

Get out and go kite-surfing, or spend and afternoon of amusement at the Mall of the Emirates..... seriously...... after you watch most other people in action in this city, you HAVE to go home smiling. (or cursing, depending on your POV)

What I worry about the most, are some people who are obviously in denial about things here. It's almost as if........ they are trying to convince themselves that they have made a wise choice to bring their wife and kids to this shitehole. I can sympathize with them, because that is my story too, but at the bare minimum, I am realistic.

Living in bliss and in denial works for a while, but I do fear for some of my pals because things are not so good on the home front and they don't even see it yet. It worries me alot actuall, because they are good people in general.

When the false glitz and glamor finally shows its true worth, then most people long for their days back home. I wish it did not bother me so much, because I enjoy my life here, but I cannot get past the fact that many people are living in denial.

Imagine bringing your loving wife and 2 kids to a place that has no laws with respect to decency, and then add into the equation that most drivers seem to want to kill you on each and every day, plus the fact that this place truly is a disgusting environment....... but since you made the move, you are basically stuck here for the duration. No wonder this place attracts the most self-centered, drama queens, of any city in the world.

You either adjust and take advantage of the good things (ie,the wife and kids are seemingly happy, and you get to go golfing occasionally) but in truth, this place is one of the worst places to raise a family.

Xenophobia is rampant. Lies, misrepresentation of the truth, homophobia, duplicity, outright propaganda, are the norm here. You have to admit those facts to be true, otherwise your kids are going to grow up, messed up ! Throw in a maid who doddles over your family for a few hundred bucks a years, and people wonder why their kids grow up being self-centered?

This 'paradise' for some, will result in a sad ending for them and their kids in some cases. I have to withhold my beliefs when chatting with most families I know, even considering I am happy here. They don't seem to see the writing on the wall with respect to their kid's health (something quite often overlooked here). Their kids normal progression towards adulthood is not normal in Dubai.

Sadly....... the underlying stress and sadness of many wives here does not become evident until they decide to LEAVE !

I got lucky. No question about that, but I am the first to admit this place is NOT conducive to a normal family life. I shake my head each and every day listening to some people justify their existence here, even though the signs of the decay of their family is so evident. I worry for these decent people, but then again, they should be realistic about this cesspool.

Darn it all, I love my job. I enjoy going to work each day/night/afternoon or morning with a smile on my face, yet I am the first to admit this company is raping us. I don't even get bothered about the duplicity and lies of this country anymore. I figure I"m here to do a job and make some cash, so what do I care if they are a bunch of hypocrits and liars!

This place will meet its destiny in short order and I am hope we are gone before that happens.

Happy? damn, what does that mean? I am happy because I don't worry about job security (other than the occasional 'firings' of pilots for no reason), I make acceptable money, I don't go to work when I am fatigued ( about once every 2 months now) and I take enough fuel considering all aspects of a given flight. Screw our pathetic managers is my point of view. I (WE) are the pilots and they have no CLUE, so drag me into the office if you wish.

Respect for Dubai and Emirates??? pretty much non-existent here. Sorry to burst your bubble if you want to come here. But then again, if you are tolerant, can put up with insanity on a daily basis, and figure you might get some good experience flying wide-body jets to every imaginable destination on the planet, then good for you. You might end up happy too!
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 22:34
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Don't get too exited about meeting all the happy people, they are probably the guys who are here for some time or came from some crappy outfits, its all a question of what you had before coming here.
I really doubt there are happy people in temp accommodation or between the guys stuck in the right seat or all the others watching their package going downhill.
I would have said I was happy about two years ago after I joined EK but now I am just happy I quit and have quality of life again!
Anyway good luck and better go and have a look before signing anything.

@ mensaboy: you nailed it
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Old 12th Nov 2009, 22:56
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The only reason anyone would be happy working for a ME airline is because they have a job.
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Old 13th Nov 2009, 01:33
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mensaboy and schibulsky

I hear you loud and clear. I have visited Dubai twice, Ahu Dhabi once. EYES WIDE OPEN! Guys I am 48 years old, born and raised in a third world country before moving to the US at 24 years old. I know crap when I see it.

When I ask the question about being happy, I am asking about work, not personal happiness. Just making that clear. My job sucks to high heaven right now, losing $2k per month come January, facing possible move back to the right seat, but guess what, once I reach home to my wife and son then life is good.

I enjoy lots of things, motorcycles, cars fishing, you name it. The unfortunate thing is that I am only home 3 days per week. I commute 1900 miles one way to work once per week for a 4 day trip. I have to go in many weeks on my last day off so as to report at 0545 or 0600 the next day. Not much frequency to my base.

I only work because I need money just like the rest of you. I am a bum at heart LOL. The love affair with airplanes went away for me many years ago. Got my ATPL in 1986. I FLY ONLY FOR MONEY. almost 19k flight hours.

I know how to do many other things, this is by far the easiest job I have ever done. Tiring sometimes...... yes I am used to the backside of the clock, know it very well.

No offence guys.
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Old 13th Nov 2009, 03:11
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F8 CVG by chance?
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Old 13th Nov 2009, 03:49
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Useless Air
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