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mall cop fines

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

mall cop fines

Old 17th Oct 2009, 09:43
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Dress code

I'm always amused by our pals from Russia / Kazakhstan and other former soviet countries who come to DXB for their xmas shopping. There might not be many camels in those countries but there does seem to be plenty of camel toes

Now I wonder how 'Paul Blart' would write that one up
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Old 17th Oct 2009, 18:45
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@ LR3

At least we know why you're still here

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Old 18th Oct 2009, 13:08
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back to the thread

I was fined 200 aeds, for bad parking in the MOE.

Considering the slot I was in was determined not by the nice white lines, but the two idiotswho were parking so badly that they took up two slots each. Then hen thay had departed I was alone....and fined...........
As the mall is private property I am interested to see that the police can fine you for traffic offences.....sorry silly assumption.

Slight creep: the new parking policy at the MOE is causing great fun, as when everyone leaves, the barriers can not cope with the slightest problem. Eventually the control room opens all the barriers, all the cars flood out. How long before the barriers are removed. Already Fri/Sat and holidays is uncontrolled.
I am waiting to be fines for overstay in the car park to happen, then the fun will commence.
Why does the Metro only run to 10pm, when the shops close at 12. The staff are deprived of the "benefit of the metro". And why the late start for the metro on Frida. Lastly why the severe baggage limit on the metro to the airport.... typical......

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Old 18th Oct 2009, 14:40
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Quote: "I was fined 200 aeds, for bad parking in the MOE"

GOOD! Serves you bloody well right.......!

No excuses chum, there's little enough consideration for fellow human beings from the Locals, let alone the 'import' of ignorant behavior from the expats!
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Old 18th Oct 2009, 15:51
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Paying for parking is spreading.... Burjuman has barriers as well now, although not working.... yet....

Did notice that Ibn Batuta is advertising as having free parking "since we are part of our community".... is this the first negative advertising in the UAE??
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 01:03
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Ahhh, parking....

I went away on a trip and returned to find my car had taken wing. When I left, all the parking slots outside my villas were taken, so I parked all of two to three metres away from where I usually park, on the street outside the next door neighbour's house - where there are no No Parking signs of any description in evidence.

Unfortunately for me, that neighbour is a Local, and the police, who had taken my car and put it in the Police Impound Lot while I was away, informed me that unwritten rule #22546a sub section 29887b of "Living in the Sandpit as a Non Citizen" clearly states (well, actually, it doesn't, 'cos like so much else in the Sandpit, it's unwritten, you see) that the unmarked-in-any-way public curbside outside a Local's house is for his and his alone use and should he ring the police to complain about a car parked outside his villa, that car will be removed and the miscreant who owns it will pay Dhs 310 (and endure three visits to the police station - one of them, [unbelievably, but I swear that this is true] after midnight, because the officer who had impounded the car was working the midnight to dawn shift, and I had to speak to him and have him explain to me the error of my ways before I could get the car back).

I witnessed another example of this when attending a party at a friend's villa in Al Barsha. With all the space outside the hostís villa taken, some of the guests had parked their cars outside the (Local) neighbour's house, and the (Local) lady of the house came over screaming, just about fit to be tied, demanding stridently and very loudly that all cars be removed IMMEDIATELY from the desert outside HER house. (In my many years in Dubai, this is the only time I can recall a Local lady speaking to a gathering of mixed gender expat strangers.)

I think it comes from an old custom that it was a given, (if unwritten), rule - and good manners - that Ahmed didnít graze his camels immediately outside Aliís tent when Ali had pitched it between the second and third palm trees of the western side of the oasis during one of his infrequent visits to that particular oasis.
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 03:25
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Back to the topic:
I suppose my "Hotties of the Desert" t-shirt isn't allowed at MOE?
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 03:25
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I assume there are laws and written/unwritten rules on how to behave in "every" country. And this is so typically us; complain, and then complain a little bit more. We are not even close to change the rules in Dubai. So if you want to live and work here you have to accept it the way it is. Like it? See, that's something else. And if you cannot accept it and dont like it; how about going back where you came from

Last edited by highnlow; 19th Oct 2009 at 03:40.
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 10:35
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Well let's face the facts:

The muppets in this place don't have any "culture" to start with. They are nothing but a nation of rude, ill mannered, hypocritical, lazy two faced people I've ever had the miss forture to meet.

Did I miss anything out?
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 12:15
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Can anybody please close this thread now?
Old 19th Oct 2009, 13:15
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miss anything?

Puff m'call, only the 'n' in fortuNe!!
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 13:51
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The latest one from the Ministry of Education is that all schools must now sing the National anthem every day.

Getting worrying when that sort of thing starts up.
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 14:17
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Probably sounds like my cat coughing up a furball .

The question for many is how much of this crap is enough? Ek mis-managers will change at some point but the tent dwellers control freakish attitudes will always be there. It has been pushed below the surface in some ME countries for a few years for financial reasons, but it always comes bubbling back to the surface, because when all said and done they just don't like "us" , and by us I mean anyone who does not share their 12th century view of the world.

And for all those who say it can't happen in Dubai, remember back to Iran of the early seventies, Uncle Sams bestest pal, movies, bars,brand new F14's on the flight line. Now fast forward 30 years to Dubai, women have to dress in a more conservative way, malls are back playing call to prayer , X-mas was a non-event in most malls last year because of a vocal minority, more and more internet censorship.

Now the kids have to sing the national anthem, they want to make Arabic a core subject in my local British school, otherwise the ministry marks them down a grade or two. What is next on the step to Talibinisation, prayer practice for 5 year olds ? Refusing liqor licenses for new watering holes ? I dread to think, because I am sure it will be worse than we imagine , probably quicker too.

I look forward the day I catch the freedom bird out of town ..It will be goodbye to the hypocrisy , slavery, double standards, the white flashing menace on the road , the pig ignorance of the local females. That day can't come quickly enough for me.

pause for breath, rant over ,and out .
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Old 19th Oct 2009, 19:38
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Sorry, can complain about a ton of things here but not singing the national anthem. And kids should be learning Arabic if they live here.

I only wish back in Canada the spineless jellyfish in government would bring back the national anthem and tell the bloody complainers to live with it.
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Old 20th Oct 2009, 09:53
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Ha - if you want to see the true morality of the locals in the shopping malls just put your bluetooth onto "receive incoming connections" in those malls for a few minutes

I went to a nice restaurant the other day with my wife who I don't consider was dressed "inappropriately" - medium length dress etc. She is, however, a good looking and fairly well endowed blonde western girl (of course i"m biased).

A local came in after we'd been there a few minutes, sat down with his two wives and made a great song and dance demanding for the staff to bring him a portable screen to place around half their table, so that his girls could remove their veils and eat their dinner without anyone else corrupting their great islamic morals by actually "seeing" them.

The @rsehole then proceeded to leer and stare at my wife for the following hour in the most shameless fashion I've ever seen, his tongue was virtually hanging on the floor - it made her feel really uncomfortable, we canned our dessert and went elsewhere.

I know we see it every day but honestly the hypocrisy of these people just sickens me sometimes. I only wish I could be alive to see the day when the oil runs out, they all go back to being ignorant penniless peasants living in tents, and the world can stick them on permanent "ignore" for the rest of forever.
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Old 20th Oct 2009, 10:16
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Ajax, I'm with you brother!

Sadly I don't think we'll ever see it in our lifetime, which is why I am saving enough money to afford to be cryogenically frozen when I die in order that I can come back in 100 years time to gloat and p1ss in their jacuzzi
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Old 26th Oct 2009, 12:46
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This is in UAE and in "open space". The ladies don't look too pleased.
Here it is one of the many reasons why things don't look as straight as it is claimed by the authorities. Hipocrisy as many said it here already.
This was a horse racing event, but it could have been another celebration elsewhere where other people, with less income, would be atending. What's the difference?
The Saudis, at least, demand a certain dressing code outdoors (and this varies, Jeddah being the most liberal) and a different one indoors or in more closed-up compounds.
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Old 26th Oct 2009, 13:37
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I'm not sure what the point you are making, fractional. I looked at this picture and thought - another expat who doesn't care about local rules, and polite social behaviour, and may well get a serious talking to if she carries on going around half dressed....
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Old 26th Oct 2009, 15:50
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Obviously Allaru started the post but didn't follow up when asked to clarify what was his friend actually wearing at MOE when she/he was fined. Therefore to me he his just the usual fomentator.
Guys .. rules about dress code have always been there in the UAE and nobody should be surprised if from time to time the authorities decide to enforce them... dress smartly and conservatively and you''ll stay out of trouble everywhere not only in the UAE.
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Old 26th Oct 2009, 17:56
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I looked at this picture and thought - another expat who doesn't care about local rules, and polite social behaviour, and may well get a serious talking to if she carries on going around half dressed....
How many serious talkings will the Police have to do with so much going on here?... Semantics TwinAisle.
I've been here for many years, Family and I dress decently. I never looked at any sign of good manners to dress decently when going out. Yes, I've watched thousands times people of both sexes wearing clothes that would be inappropriate anywhere in the world without being fundamentalist. And common sense is not so common here and worldwide.
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