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RAK Airways Threads Merged

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

RAK Airways Threads Merged

Old 29th Oct 2006, 02:27
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Originally Posted by dahlia
Hey everybody, I just got a call from Rak, I wasn't home but they left me a message: call us back tomorrow..its very important!!

well I will let you know tomorrow!
so dahlia, what was the important call about? been ten days since you last posted.
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Old 31st Oct 2006, 16:35
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737 or 757 TRI assesments ?

Hi there !

Has anyone gone for a 737 or 757 TRI assesment yet ?
Everything seems so quiet all of a sudden !?!
Any news are mostly welcome .
Cheers ,
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Old 31st Oct 2006, 17:43
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Just Another Waste Of Time

Cannot see RAK coming to anything.........Had a look and as per normal for the M/E the Hype comes first..."Yes to New York on the inaugural flight".
But sadly lads I see most postings if not ALL are from external the M/E where reality is not a four letter word so be warned that the fundimentals are very dodgy and that the catchment area and numbers are less than marginal hence starting with "classics" (high maintenance or little ,and higher operating costs,fuel,etc).
Typical for the M/E.
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Old 1st Nov 2006, 11:40
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quidditch ace,

As for so many things, whether or not they have a good management team is a matter of opinion, would you not agree. But you might be closer to the happenings than we think.......

I do believe they have money to get this outfit airborne. The question is when Do you, as we speak, find them on the list of airlines registered with an AOC in the UAE? Think not. Well, if that late model 757 you mention is arriving on the tarmac in Ras Al Khaimah in January, they still got some time to get ready for the launch, me think. Or do I
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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 10:50
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RAK AIRWAYS TO ORDER B787-8 or A330-200

Just read on bloomberg that they are seeking modern efficient aircraft for future expansion.


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Old 2nd Nov 2006, 14:07
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Went for the interview.
Got the letter telling me I've got the job three days ago.
Start date is January 1st. 2007.

The salary is:
Capt: $8000 US Per month.
Fo: $5000 US Per month.
+ expenses
+ per diems
+ accomodation (2 bed house)
+ Transport to/from work
+ EOS benefit @ 21 days per year of employment
+ Private medical cover for whole family
+ Private Schooling allowance
+ Life Insurance
+ 30 Days Annual leave.

They told me all this at the interview... I guess the other guy either didn't get it or didn't ask the right questions.
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Old 3rd Nov 2006, 05:07
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Karlos, I see from your first post that you fly a 757 and I assume that is the position you have got with RAK, but was there any mention in your interview of them going ahead with 737 aquisition? Thanks for your help.
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Old 5th Nov 2006, 09:31
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ATI posted a similar article on Nov 2nd. I can post it if I am told I will not violate any laws. 4HP???
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Old 5th Nov 2006, 12:30
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Danger RAK Airways - what is going on ?

Well let's face it, in September the Head of Training resigned because the CEO and Ops Director tried to bend the rules which did not work. Shortly afterwards the designated Head of Cabin Crew Training and Cabin Crew Admin. Manager resigned followed by the QM. They have two sets of B733 crew sitting around since June doing nothing and one B733 sits ready in the US with A6-reg. on it for the past six months. AOC? No AOC. They hired a guy from the UK as Operations Director who did not work out. Thereafter they made him B 757 Fleet Manager and now he was given 3 days to leave the country!!!!!!The B757 is not even on the UAE type register hence it would take them considerable time to get up and running if ever. The government of Ras Al Khaimah did not put a single penny into the airline. They launched an IPO back in late 2005 (see Gulf News) but only locals have been allowed to subscribe and instead of the projected USD 400 000 000 they got USD 50 000 000!!! Mind you, Ras Al Khaimah has four hotels which includes one beach hotel and nothing around. If you drive to the airport you think you are somewhere deep dwn in Tschad.Make up your own mind but I would not jump on it. Let's wait and see.......www.rakairways.com
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Old 6th Nov 2006, 04:24
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Latest from the media ( Khaleej Times) in the UAE:

RAK seeks air accord with India
BY ISAAC JOHN (Chief Business Reporter)

3 November 2006

DUBAI — RAK Airways, UAE's fourth national airline, will receive its first two aircraft — a Boeing 757-200 and 737-300 — by the end of this month and hopes to conclude a separate aviation accord with India in time for launching services by the first quarter 2007.
The newest UAE airline, which will make its debut by flying to five Indian destinations and four Iranian destinations, is also in talks with several Indian carriers for an interline agreement.
Dr Khater Massaad, CEO of RAK Investment Authority and Managing Director of RAK Airways, said the airline expected to secure regulatory approvals for flying into India by the first quarter 2007.
Speaking to Khaleej Times, he said RAK Airways would not seek to be a low-cost carrier but will be a full service carrier. "Our goal is to develop Ras Al Khaimah International Airport as a gateway to the Gulf. Currently, the airport is under-utilised and our priority would be to create sustained air traffic growth."
Dr. Massaad said the launch of the airline would give a new impetus to the ongoing developments of the emirate. "We expect to see all-round growth in passenger and tourist traffic, cargo handling and free zone activities," he said.
The RAK International Airport will witness substantial upgrading of facilities as part of the launch of the new airline.
Jack Romero, CEO of RAK Airways, said a leased Boeing 757-200 in RAK Airways livery will be taken delivery on November 25, while the 737-300, bought for $8 million, will join the budding fleet by end-November. The six-year-old Boeing 757-200, priced at $30 million, was leased from Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana SA.
Initially, RAK Airways will operate weekly three flights to New Delhi and Mumbai and two weekly flights to Trivandrum, Cochin and Chennai. It will operate thrice weekly services to Teheran and twice weekly flights to Shiraz, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas in Iran, Dr Massaad said.
He said the airline will be flying to most Gulf destinations as well as to Lebanon, Egypt and the CIS countries and Europe by the end of the third year.
Romeroa said the airline would spend around $1.6 billion on new aircraft. "In three years, we will replace our fleet with larger aircraft, either by Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A330-20. In five years, we will have a fleet of 10 aircraft," he said.
By 2008, the airline will be ready to expand operations to more destinations in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
Romero said the airline will be ready for launching operation by December, but will have to wait for necessary approval for the rights to operate to India. "We are looking for a commercial partner and are negotiating with SpiceJet and Air Deccan for code-sharing agreement."
He said the airline would also like to talk to Jet Airways and Indian Airlines on an interline agreement. An agreement with domestic airlines would help passengers to travel to other destinations within India, he said.
"We are scouting for an airline where we can share synergy in the commercial operations,” he added.
Also in the pipeline is the setting up of an aircraft financing unit that will raise capital to buy new planes that will be leased back to the airline.
Set up in February 2006 with an authorised capital of Dh1.5 billion, RAK Airways raised an initial capital of Dh850 million through private placements.
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Old 7th Nov 2006, 06:39
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EOS= End Of Service. A "Golden Handshake" when you leave (provided you do so within the provisions of your contract).
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Old 8th Nov 2006, 12:01
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rak up

Will someone be kind enough to post details to whom I can send a cv too .It seems its going to be nice place work and live..... the web site doesn't have mailing or telephone numbers for pilots...

all the best


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Old 8th Nov 2006, 13:36
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Why don't you go to the www and call or email them. Address it to teh CEO as a last resort. http://www.rakairways.com/index.aspx
RAK Airways
PO Box 31457
Ras Al Khaimah
Tel: +971 7 2075000
Fax: +971 7 244 7387
Email: [email protected]
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Old 11th Nov 2006, 14:54
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rak up response

quick note to thank you for the info....always refreshing to see that there are champions in aviation...

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Old 22nd Nov 2006, 17:57
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RAK Airways aka Al Hamra

I have a friend that is FA that is already with RAK. They are already started their FA training 1 month back.
It's multinational FA environment.

4-5 months back i email to "JF" and got answered they only need type rated pilot.

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Old 23rd Nov 2006, 06:57
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F/A training started months ago, not one month ago, according to the rumours network.

And guess what, the 757 has arrived in UAE, in Abu Dhabi Also according to the rumours network. Question is when it will come on UAE register. A 757 has never been registered in the country, and I wopuld think it will take som weeks, if not months, to get the A6-xxx on the ship side. Any with more info on that?

The 737? Well they have already trained a group of pilots on the type. But is the aircraft approaching RAK, that is the question.

JF has been removed from the list of managers. His photo too. Another photo should be developed soon.
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Old 26th Nov 2006, 15:04
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This is the third VP Ops . Keep in mind that RAK Airways will be operating on the AOC of Hamra Air, an AOC the GCAA "are sitting on". At least they did until recently. Hamra Air had a Post Holder Flight Operations. He was removed when JF took office earlier this year. Then JF was removed, and now number 3 has moved in .

Why did they remove JF? May be he could not, did not, did not want to or whatever. Fact is that he is no longer in RAK.
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Old 1st Dec 2006, 09:31
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If you look closer at www.aviatraining.no you will find that the company is a FTO/TRTO. That they offer manuals to start-ups must be just a small part of what they are doing. But I am sure it will help Hamra Air/RAK Airways to have a manual writer onboard.

Last one from the rumour kitchen is that they want to get airborne mid February (2007 ).

But where is the B737
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Old 5th Dec 2006, 08:13
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What is happening?

Hi everybody.
I have been following this thread and am really interested to apply.
I am flying 738:s at the moment as a LTC.
Is there anybody out there who knows if and when they are going to start to hire more pilots?
If you know please priv me
Take Care everybody
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Old 5th Dec 2006, 08:30
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I read with amusement some of the comments about "villas". Guys, there's many different levels of airline in the Middle East outside of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, etc. Some of them would make your hair stand on end, and I'm not suggesting RAK are one of them, but I think you should educate yourself a bit more and get over the "villas". Housing is very expensive, as many expats are retiring there. And RAK ain't exactly the centre of the universe, it's very quiet.
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