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Emirates Cabin attendent in Critical state

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Emirates Cabin attendent in Critical state

Old 9th Dec 2008, 17:55
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Emirates Cabin attendant in Critical state

A young Korean girl is in a critical condition, possibly paralyzed after a sheet of aluminum fell from the bottom of an escalator and struck her on the head.

She and the rest of the crew were leaving the new EGHQ building to get on the crew bus when the incident happened.

They were going down the last of three escalators when a large sheet of aluminum attached to the underside of the top escalator broke free a fell about 50 feet, just missing the Captain who was behind her, it struck the poor girl on the head causing her a serious injury possibly paralysis.

Not sure when this happened as it's all been kept quiet by Emirates who like to sweep things like this under the carpet.

The whole of the new Crew Briefing Centre in EGHQ in my view is a shambles with no thought whatsoever going into the design, you have to pass through egate which puts you airside as soon as you enter the building, which means you can't leave!!! Whereas if the egates had been down stairs before getting on the busses you could come and go from the building without a problem.

Instead of three steep escalators on either side of the building as you leave to take you to the lower floor, lifts would have been far better and this accident would never have happened. It's all down to a poor design.

There are no pilot/crew facilities at all, no crew lounge and no food or beverage machines, if there is a delay to your flight your stuffed, you can't leave because you're airside.

The most ridiculous thing about it is there are shops, food outlets and a Costa coffee in the building which you can't get to because of the stupid egate system.

Nice one Emirates, another great screw up!!!

I can only wish that the poor Korean girl makes a full recovery but hearing today about her injuries that might not be. It's so sad this has all had to happen because of such a poorly designed and constructed building.

Sleep easy Emirates managers.

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Old 9th Dec 2008, 23:10
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Sleep easy Emirates managers.

No worries, they're on leave up to the 14th, they won't answer you althought they feel almighty getting your emails on their blackberry's.

Who cares anyway? they just closed the right "going to the mine" RHS escalator at the EGHQ, they might fix it, outta any official/police eye.
I just hope she fully recovers, and just hope she gets the right lawyers to screw them.

But... you know the moto... " [email protected]! the crew "!

Just wait for a few months, Abu Dhabi will make them swallow back their arrogance forever.

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Old 10th Dec 2008, 05:36
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Actually she was from Argentina and indeed made a full recovery. She won't be paralyzed nor loss of vision.
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 07:04
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Good news that she is ok if true... still hope she can get compensation out of the idiots that built the place...

The escalator bits still fell on her though... God forbid we have anything more than tremors here, anything higher on the Richter scale and the true standard of workmanship here won't leave anything for AUH to pick up at the forthcoming boot sale.
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 09:24
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Are you sure about that etops? I was told by some of the crew I was flying with yesterday she was still in a critical condition. I hope not.
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 12:23
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This was directly from her friend that shared the elevator with me yesterday. Now I used the elevator in CBC to get to the bus, but is it safer??
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 13:48
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This matter actually strikes closer to home than you might think, particularily if you live in one of Dubai's 'iconic' housing developments.

A toddler belonging to one of our colleagues was playing in the bath one evening when the water heater fell out of the ceiling into the tub. Psychological trauma only occurred, thank God, but just think about it.....

In another case a wall-mounted mirror fell out, again across the children's play area, luckily while the kids were in the kitchen having lunch.

You might want to wander around your house and give the odd fixture a tug. I did in my place and a lot of the mountings look like they were fitted by a three year old - no, more accurately, a blind, drunk, three-year old with a malicious temperament.
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 13:58
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When your stuff is built by the lowest bidder, who employs people with qualifications such as "I built my last mud hut from scratch but it didn't survive the yearly monsoon so I decided to take my skills to the UAE and work in high-rise construction", what more can you ask for?!
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Old 10th Dec 2008, 15:10
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the way it goes in UAE seems to be by trial n error.....i had a guy coming to my previous accommodation for 3mths trying to fix a leaky heater..can't imagine those guys buying a high rise tower apartment...
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 01:43
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And Airbus wants to to assemble their planes in UAE???

I'd never get on another Airbus again not knowing where it was put together!
Enshalla.Mafi mushkilla

Alice in wonderland nicely describles Dubai for those looking to work there.

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Old 11th Dec 2008, 02:14
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I certainly hope the young lass that got whacked is ok too, things do have a way of escalating sometimes.

As far as P'MC 's idea about the Egates being near the buses - couldnt agree more.. but lets take it one step further...

I hardly ever get to briefing now before the crew are ready to basically leave for the bus... so I have to do a cheap and nasty brief, with them watching the clock and then generally have to flick thru the WX NOTAMs etc - which usually the F/O has looked at more closely anyway.

My suggestion is to move the Egates and sign on/bag belts to Terminal three
- which I think we just bought for EK only???

And send the WX and NOTAMS with the crew or have them delivered to the aircraft..( or give us a printer/paper allowance and I will print them from GABI and read in the car to work??)

Funny this seems to work at the other 120 destinations fine!!!

That way the briefs could be a little more comprehensive, less rushed looking over paperwork ( and I might actually pick up things in the 4000 pages of mashed tree pulp), be in aircraft for boarding etc etc.

Also we would not be boarding a bus at T-70 minutes when we haven't even started work legally - which is starting to annoy me a little.

What do we lose - we cant check mail really any way, as said all facilities are 'airside' .... oh... might have to put dry cleaning in on return leg.... but am sure that could be resolved...

There is no pilot interaction etc anymore or with any other crew ( maybe this is deliberate??)

So what is the point of going to this big slowly falling apart building in the first place..I personally find it a monolith that I cant wait to get out of quick enough...

Is this just me or would other guys like to go straight to the gate...hmmm we could always do what they do in LHR and go straight to the jet in the car and put our bag on the bulk hold belt ourselves... but is that taking it too far as it would put several bus companies out of business not to mention several baggage handlers?

If you think these ideas have merit vote yes and I will send a message to ED ... not that anything will change as then no one will be able to bollock us for looking shabby around the EHGQ after a 16 hour Houston trip...

Am I too Cynical..??? Maybe

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Old 11th Dec 2008, 07:31
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Surprised no one has mentioned the many large panes of glass (that make up the exterior facade of the building) that have fallen from the EGHQ building. The count was 38 (!) around two months ago. Apparently, the builders/architects or whoever didn't allow for expansion in the Dubai summer.

Maybe with the cooler weather, these very large panes are remaining in place.
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 07:57
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I had a boiler fall through my cieling too. Funny thing is that they tried to pin it on me. Thats until I contacted the said boiler company to find out the warrantee is only 2 years ( because of the sand in the water). As the offending appliance was 5 years old and I presented these facts . They stood down. As I moved in with an expired appliance !!!

ps, I believe that the surplus of hard hats from all those in the buliding industry who have lost their jobs here will now be mandatory for all EGHQ staff. Ha ,they can see what it feels like to wear a hat !
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Old 11th Dec 2008, 12:12
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Hope she gets fully recovered before xmas. If know those at CC dept., they will give her 2 months of CU for being sick during this time of the year...
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Old 12th Dec 2008, 23:47
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3 months of CU ...
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Old 13th Dec 2008, 13:48
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EK was very professional.

She is not from Argentina, she is recovering, was a very bad accident with good luck, she almost did not tell the story. It is better to keep it in a low profile.
From what I heard from her friends (we did not speak with her in order to not wake her up when she was at the hospital) the company behaved in a proffesional way. Emirates and the management did a great job.
The company itself started a full investigation on what happened.

Sorry but you should NOT talk bad about management on this one.

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Old 13th Dec 2008, 15:17
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Lets not let the facts get in the way of a good story and bitch fest eh girls.
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Old 14th Dec 2008, 04:31
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The crew that I flew with this morning informed me that the poor girl passed away. Would be nice if someone told me it's not true!
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Old 14th Dec 2008, 14:23
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LR 3,

Interesting post. What culture do you hail from and how long have you been here to make that call?

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Old 14th Dec 2008, 15:31
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Are They Lying?

Are they lying to you?

Or is that they do not wish to offend!!! and therefore giving you the answer that THEY think will not offend you?

PZU - Out of Africa (Retired)
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