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Emirates Cabin attendant in Critical state

A young Korean girl is in a critical condition, possibly paralyzed after a sheet of aluminum fell from the bottom of an escalator and struck her on the head.

She and the rest of the crew were leaving the new EGHQ building to get on the crew bus when the incident happened.

They were going down the last of three escalators when a large sheet of aluminum attached to the underside of the top escalator broke free a fell about 50 feet, just missing the Captain who was behind her, it struck the poor girl on the head causing her a serious injury possibly paralysis.

Not sure when this happened as it's all been kept quiet by Emirates who like to sweep things like this under the carpet.

The whole of the new Crew Briefing Centre in EGHQ in my view is a shambles with no thought whatsoever going into the design, you have to pass through egate which puts you airside as soon as you enter the building, which means you can't leave!!! Whereas if the egates had been down stairs before getting on the busses you could come and go from the building without a problem.

Instead of three steep escalators on either side of the building as you leave to take you to the lower floor, lifts would have been far better and this accident would never have happened. It's all down to a poor design.

There are no pilot/crew facilities at all, no crew lounge and no food or beverage machines, if there is a delay to your flight your stuffed, you can't leave because you're airside.

The most ridiculous thing about it is there are shops, food outlets and a Costa coffee in the building which you can't get to because of the stupid egate system.

Nice one Emirates, another great screw up!!!

I can only wish that the poor Korean girl makes a full recovery but hearing today about her injuries that might not be. It's so sad this has all had to happen because of such a poorly designed and constructed building.

Sleep easy Emirates managers.

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