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I certainly hope the young lass that got whacked is ok too, things do have a way of escalating sometimes.

As far as P'MC 's idea about the Egates being near the buses - couldnt agree more.. but lets take it one step further...

I hardly ever get to briefing now before the crew are ready to basically leave for the bus... so I have to do a cheap and nasty brief, with them watching the clock and then generally have to flick thru the WX NOTAMs etc - which usually the F/O has looked at more closely anyway.

My suggestion is to move the Egates and sign on/bag belts to Terminal three
- which I think we just bought for EK only???

And send the WX and NOTAMS with the crew or have them delivered to the aircraft..( or give us a printer/paper allowance and I will print them from GABI and read in the car to work??)

Funny this seems to work at the other 120 destinations fine!!!

That way the briefs could be a little more comprehensive, less rushed looking over paperwork ( and I might actually pick up things in the 4000 pages of mashed tree pulp), be in aircraft for boarding etc etc.

Also we would not be boarding a bus at T-70 minutes when we haven't even started work legally - which is starting to annoy me a little.

What do we lose - we cant check mail really any way, as said all facilities are 'airside' .... oh... might have to put dry cleaning in on return leg.... but am sure that could be resolved...

There is no pilot interaction etc anymore or with any other crew ( maybe this is deliberate??)

So what is the point of going to this big slowly falling apart building in the first place..I personally find it a monolith that I cant wait to get out of quick enough...

Is this just me or would other guys like to go straight to the gate...hmmm we could always do what they do in LHR and go straight to the jet in the car and put our bag on the bulk hold belt ourselves... but is that taking it too far as it would put several bus companies out of business not to mention several baggage handlers?

If you think these ideas have merit vote yes and I will send a message to ED ... not that anything will change as then no one will be able to bollock us for looking shabby around the EHGQ after a 16 hour Houston trip...

Am I too Cynical..??? Maybe

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