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Gulf Air Developments

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Gulf Air Developments

Old 29th Aug 2012, 22:13
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and GFA TRE going too and so on
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Old 30th Aug 2012, 15:09
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Sanjay is going to enjoy the "I N D I A N - M A F I A"
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Old 31st Aug 2012, 18:18
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One more Saudi destination next year? Slight mistake in the article mentioning Gulf Air to fly to Dubai but nevertheless...

Gulf airlines eye flights to upgraded Saudi airport - Transport - ArabianBusiness.com

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Old 1st Sep 2012, 02:55
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Heard DFO resigning or retiring.

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Old 1st Sep 2012, 03:57
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Saw sanjay going on A330 in etihad good luck ET

Guess hard work pays off....wish him the best!!!
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Old 1st Sep 2012, 08:59
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Have to agree with you there IB.

Sanjay worked tirelessly to carry out his duties and obligations as fairly as possible, and to the best of his abilities. Yes, he deserves what he achieved, and is undeserving of any offhand and derogatory remarks.
Good luck with your future Sanjay.

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Old 1st Sep 2012, 11:35
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Has anyone else heard the rumour that Etihad are to take a stake (60%) in GF?
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Old 1st Sep 2012, 16:36
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Yes of course they will

it goes back to Sheikh ISA AND Zayed ( both now dead)

some things last a long time out here

Mind you i think its a CEO change if/when it might occur

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Old 1st Sep 2012, 19:32
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Yes, I did. Not sure about the percentage though.
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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 14:29
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i heard there is extra pay in gulf air
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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 15:28
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***rumor*** Heard there is a mass resignation wave coming up. Talking about almost 3 digits. Can't see it being that much, but even half would be painfull for Gulf Air. Especially if they want a shot at the Saudi contract next year October.

Only way to keep people would be a payrise and a big rise in allowances.

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Old 2nd Sep 2012, 20:46
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I heard 60, from a 'good source' recently. Whether it be 40, 60 or 100....it is going to have a major impact on the operation as a whole.

Watch this space....
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Old 3rd Sep 2012, 03:04
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No doubt about the major impact! The other day, I had a chat with one open-minded local chap and he has raised a valid point in this regard. He firstly shows gratitude to all expats working for the company, but he said something about what if the majority of the staff, especially the flight crew, was of Bahraini pilots? Say 80% or so.. Would they still turn their backs to GF , likewise many expats, at hard times and during the various "curve down phases" the company was/is suffering from? I guess the answer is "No, they would stay"! Some might still prefer to leave though and go somewhere else where the grass is greener. "No blame on expats here" he mentioned because they have more pressing issues and different kind of commitments to their families and to themselves. His second concern was "Could GF have done better to recruit more qualified local pilots but they didn't? Go and check how many local pilots have applied at GF and haven't had a chance. Let alone the GAA cadets crisis! Look how GF did put everybody in a deep dark hole including themselves!" he said.

He was absolutely gutted about it...and me myself too!

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Old 3rd Sep 2012, 05:15
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Good luck

mentioning expats pilot expat plots who started this company, Senior expat pilots who were terminated by an email after workng for GF for 35 years ,This is a bahraini company its there place,people look for a better life the reason expats are leaving it alot can give you alot of reasons good luck every body
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Old 3rd Sep 2012, 08:24
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Well, if you made any sense of that, you are a lot brighter than me. Expats pilot;Expat plots; a baraini (try Bahraini) company. Yeah , expats, time to go too & leave it to Mamamia ! Also, wishing for a payrise when you have just had a pay cut shows a dreadful lack of grasp. And the big black hole was never caused by employing expats over Bahrainis. It was caused by appalling lack of Management skills when the "Locals" took over. Nothing wrong with these guys, they just were not ready and then went on to create a little club. Fatal. Here is the result.

Now, I am off to create an expat plot.
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Old 4th Sep 2012, 09:03
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Lol.. Here it goes again.. The 'expat vs local'

Anyways i reckon, even with an up in pay, it may appease the masses for a wee bit. Whats needed is a better all round schedule.

Regarding that 1% alot are bitchin about, if after the measley pay cut,one cant make ends meet on a $10k ++, ya seriously gat issues!

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Old 4th Sep 2012, 10:00
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Yeah, buba!

This local and expat issue will always be around, but everybody knows that locals have a lot more "informal benefits" - aka better roster and a big amount of forgiveness, to say the least - than expats...
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Old 4th Sep 2012, 10:11
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Dunno man, it never happens on my shift, nor would i allow it.

But true, some folks hav a few hidden benefits,Personally i rather not bare me arse to the devil.. Lol
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Old 4th Sep 2012, 10:18
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Sure. I had no intention to stir up that ole boring scenario rather than throw some humour back at Mamammia who had obviously just got home from BJ's ! Bubs, forever humorous (blimey, is that the stuff you put on your greek salad ?) but well informed, courteous & visioned. Bubs, why do you not just walk in & offer yourself for CEO. Of course you are right but any CEO needs his hands untied (to give him a free hand) and he must, also, not have sticky fingers when placing them near the till.

Cut costs (freely) even if it causes a reduction in the work force (specially from overstaffed HR).

Make GF stand alone (specially handling at BAH) Bye BAS

Kill the corruption & prosecute boldly where theft can be shown ( now there's wishful thinking eh ?)

Get the right leased aircraft for the job.777 perfect for mid/longhaul & the NG 737 perfect for short. Mixed manufacturer fleets has always been expensive.

Do the route planning right. Why on earth did we ever do AMS via CDG ?
Why on earth did we ever do MXP via Rome ?.............just plain daft. When KLM took our routes to AMS they went direct & wound up from once a week to daily. Even I couldn't get on to see my cloggy bird !

Forget the "There airline "....I think Mamma meant "Their". Make GF international again, get the right staff for the right job irrespective of colour or creed. I once applied to RBA (Brunei) and was told that it was definitely only a three year contract as they were dedicated to producing an "all Brunei" company. That was twenty years ago ! Are they " All Brunei " ?.are they heck !

Oh & Bubs, if you need a Deputy CEO..............Geees a call !!
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Old 4th Sep 2012, 11:22
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Landflap... Lol.. 'free hand', 'sticky fingers'.. That just conjured up rude thoughts, haa haa..

Me?CEO, we'l be broke in under a year! I'd hav wee skirts and 'fck me boots' totting down the back. I thinks ur the better man for the job

Anyway.. U hav valid points there.. But just like god, GF works in mysterious ways!
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