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Family life in Dubai?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Family life in Dubai?

Old 20th Feb 2008, 16:32
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Family life in Dubai?

I'm looking into Emirates, after 9 years of ExpressJet (a US Regional). I'm ready for a change, and none of the US majors are intriguing enough for me to leave ExpressJet. Really the only concern I have is my wife and kids being happy. She is up for the move but is naturally hesitant about life in the Middle East. I have three young girls (6,3,&1), and my wife doesn't work. I'm trying to get as much info on Dubai, cuz everyone knows if the wife isn't happy, no one is happy.

Thanks for the info.
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 17:00
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Express sucks

Surprise you lasted 9 years I would choose the US majors, but depends on your situation, age etc. If your wife is flexible the sandpit is an option for a few years, you will gain experience in international operations, great destinations etc. For wife and family it is not a bad life provided your wife is open minded. Good schools, good shopping, plenty of help in the household (maids, cleaners, babysitters etc). I think it is a great choice, but only for a limited time, it is not a career here.
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 17:03
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Read the earlier threads. They say it all in various ways.

First year. Fun, different and exciting
Second year. Somewhat disappointed but thinking things are temporary hitches
Third year. Feeling cheated
Forth year. Angry.
Fifth year. Dismayed. Anxious. Wondering why you did not see the obvious.
Sixth year. Damage control. Seeking an exit strategy.
Seventh year. If you haven't made an exit the rest is resignation, like a whipped dog accepting whatever may come. Hoping one day someone will leave the gate open and the way out becomes apparent....
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 17:24
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I'm 33 years old and an offline check airman. I have a good schedule and make more than most 737 captains. I find myself a little bored and am looking for a change. EK would be a big change, I know I would love living in Dubai and my wife is very open minded, but it will be a big culture shock. This wouldn't be temporary for use, so another concern would be getting back to the US to see family. Right now our family lives half way across the country so we don't see them much. I'm sure we will see them even less if we move half way around the world.

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Old 20th Feb 2008, 17:41
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We await with baited breath the publication of the March roster. Then we can answer your question. BIG, Big changes over here. New roster rules in force.

Getting back to the USA?

Well concorde isn't flying any more so.....

Perhaps not that often.
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 17:42
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33 still young

However if your goal is the majors you are getting old. Make a decision NOW. Dubai is not a bad place to live, but no comparison to US or Europe. It will NOT be a career. Plan on 4-6 years for upgrade, another 2-3 years as captain then you might to move at around 42+. As I said not too bad, but plan around 6-9 years. Cheers Mate
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 19:21
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Why do you say EK isn't a career? I know Dudai is in the desert, but how is the humidity? How is the company housing for pilots? Does Dubai have much in the way of family type activities?
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 19:38
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I was in Dubai in September and it was quite hot and VERY humid. Since you're from the states, imagine what a Miami humidity feels like and add about 30-40 percent on top of that. I was surprised. I had spent some time down in Miami and it has never been over about 37 (100F) in Miami. Dubai goes well above 37 AND has the humidity. Of course, you don't spend a lot of time outdoors then.

I suggest you take a "fact finding" trip/tour to Dubai at some point to check it out for yourself. I did this and found I really enjoyed Dubai, but I was there as a tourist and didn't have to live there on a day to day basis... but I still liked it.


Old 20th Feb 2008, 20:22
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Talking of wives, if a pilot is invited for an interview, which Gulf airlines provide tickets for the pilot AND their wife?
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 21:46
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The pay cut and loss of QOL to go to a US major doesn't appeal to me. I'll stay at Express before going to a US major. Now EK's route structure and equipment does appeal to me, as well as the stability of being a government owned airline. I also like the idea of living somewhere completely different from anywhere I've been. I do not however what to jump around for the rest of my career so I was hoping to make a career of EK. I know no airline is perfect and I'm willing to work through the snags, but why am I hearing EK isn't a good career airline. Does EK pay for the wives to come out during the interview? If not I'll defiantly bring the family to Dubai before I make that big of a jump.
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Old 20th Feb 2008, 22:38
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How is company housing for pilots with families?
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 02:32
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Are you looking at a DEC position at EK or an F/O position? With the falling dollar and high cost of living in Dubai it can get a bit dicey based on posts on this forum. One thing you do have to keep in mind is that you will be gone a lot. If your wife ok with being alone with the three girls? Right now they are still young, but as they get older (puberty) they may perhaps get a lot of unwanted attention from local adults. As someone suggested, perhaps you can go there and see for yourself. On the other hand, when you go there, they will be serving you the company coolaid, which tastes pretty good initially. If you have never been to the ME and have no exposure to the culture, then do all the research before you dive in. For most, the intent is "career" but 2-3 years later, not so much.
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 02:48
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It has been said before, but - my advice is to await the VERY interesting March schedule. It might be one of the stupidest changes they ever made, and will have an enormous impact on ppls lifequality here. Stay away until this is settled once and for all.
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 02:58
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Nevrekar, I'm interested in an FO position. What is the change for the March roster?
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 03:46
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Calcify - you remind me of a moth attracted to a candle. Do a search on this forum - your answers are there.
Ignore the info at your peril.
Oh, and if you do come here for a look, make sure it's May- Sep. 40+ with 80%+ Humidity. In April the temps go up dramatically, only dropping to a bearable range in late October.
The terms career and expat are mutually exclusive.
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Old 21st Feb 2008, 21:51
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I don't think so many EK pilots moved to DXB because on one morning they woke up with the need to move and live the arab way of life. The point was easy money and easy life for westerners, with maids and king Fadh lifestyles.
Today there is inflation, traffic etc... and the job is just a pilot job, like in many airlines...and people are showing the real reason why they came... $$$$$

By the way, I'm not sure it is more risky to have teenage girls in DXB than is some other west places... locals are not rapping girls everydays...
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 03:26
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Do you really want to expose your family to this?

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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 03:34
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Moving to EK because you're bored? Probably the worst reason to risk your career & family to come to Dubai.

You're a check airman, do some checking. All that glitters is not gold and you won't have to scratch too hard to find out that it smells as well.
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 06:56
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just don't do it...

...you won't be happy here. nor will your family be happy.
if you are still serious at it try to follow the advice of others: do a fact finding tour together with your family.

good luck!

(I fly longhaul on b744f for a european carrier. very happily and glad that I did not end up at the gulf...)
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Old 22nd Feb 2008, 09:59
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I guess that if your main concern about living in DXB is about carrying marijuana, then i guess your place is not there.
To enjoy the expat life you have to understand you are a kind of guest in a new country, with different cultures and traditions (good and bad ones).
It's not the question about it being the best place in the world, it's just about your ability to accept those differences.
DXB is a very very superficial place, but it's also one of the best multicultural environment (depending on how you think you can benefit from it). If you think it's just a question of coming to get some money from silly Arabs, then you'd better return to your own dreamland...
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