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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 2nd Aug 2009, 18:35
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Qr Interview

from another forum,interview from last year:

Many thanks to Icarus1 for posting this in the International forum:

Fellow pilots greedings from Doha. Just finished day 1 of the interview. I am suprised to say that they are asking very very basic questions.
there is a written test, a personality test and a personal interview froma panel of 3.
Written test Q's.
Altimeter settings and how weather affects it.
ICAO Holding Speeds.
Describe what is a dutch roll.
what makes a good captain, good F/O
When do you use anti-ice
what is the sqawk code for threat in the airplane.

Now on the personal interview it last about 10-12 min.
First they want to know about you, if you have a bond with your current company and why Qatar.

then they will give you senarios such as:
On T.O and while on high speed, you realize your tires are deflated. what do you do and how does it afect the braking performance.

if you have a bomb on the Airplane what do you do.They ask me if i had a bomb immidiate action item in my company which i don't. It has to do with time and pressure.

what is the definition of safe take off distance.

thats about 90% of the questions.
Laid back and i think they need people so they are very elastic. They will emphasise that there is no commuting and that the are not planning to have any other bases exept from Doha. i will let you know about the sim ride tommorow


All succesfull candidates that we passed Day 1 we were invited for the A320 sim evaluation.
The hotel car picked us up and in about 10 minutes ride we were at the Qatar Sim Center. We wated for about 45 min in the lobby and then one of their Captain ( who by the way recently had done A380 training) took us in a briefing room and gave us a briefing for about 30 min.

A320 sim is very sensitive and for pilots like me that haven't flown stick it was a little challenging.
So here is the profile, very straight forward.

T.O RWY 34 Doha, right turn for downwind, make sure flaps are 1 by the time you are abeam the threshold and then start the time. 45 sec go by turn right base and flaps 2. By the time you level you set flaps 3 and turn final. once on final it's up to you if you want to put the gear down or wait to get closer.Very important, they want you to be stable by 1000'ft. If not GO AROUND.

then they will reposition you to the rwy CAT 1 weather and will give you a V1 cut, vector you for the ILS which of course the weather drops below min so you can do a Single engine Go Around come back and fly a single engine non-precision app and land.

Overall, laid back they are looking for basic skills follow SOP of your current company brief everything andbe proffessional. The use of AutoPilot is not allowed for the visual circuit but its allowed on the single engine stuff. The check Airman will disconnect the AP once you are getting established on the App. Also on the V1 cut make sure you use rudder trim so the AP can be engadged.

Thats it and now the beaty of waiting for 3-4 weeks for the results.

Take care and hope it helps
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 20:31
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thats all great info, but for the rest please keep in mind the bar has been raised and many things have changed since last year when this was assumably posted.

it's not an impossible task but it's now a little easier to screen out candidates who do not meet the present required profile.

Poisoned by Compromise
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 21:39
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Emirates has the same group deal, its not the result but the way you interact with the rest. With common sense its a no brainer. The technical is not the same and were gonna get feedback from the aug 12/13 session
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 23:34
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I've just recieved the interview package. Plates for Doha, Bahrain and Damman. Some introductory notes on the A330 taken from the FCOMs.

I've heard that the tech quiz is 50 questions with a one hour time limit, general aviation stuff such as TAF decoding and QNH settings.

HR person asks you a few psych questions and a pilot will ask you a few tech questions.

No assymmetric in the sim, looking for raw data performance.

Accommodation is the Mariott Doha. Food and internet unbelievably expensive, $22 for a burger, $30/day for internet. Don't use the hotel taxis, call for one. You have been warned. An Oasis in the Desert - Review of Marriott Doha, Doha, Qatar - TripAdvisor
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Old 2nd Aug 2009, 23:58
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If we can all put a question,
I heard one question was what are the five major elements in a emergency decent.
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 06:46
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If anyone else that is going to be in doha for the 12th 13th interviews would like to catch up on the 11th sometime, just PM me.
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 10:45
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Joining Qatar Airways


Does anybody know maybe, whether or not it is correct that the HR department for tech crew is now moving to Qatar Tower and setting up a new office, so they are currently unreachable ?

Because my joining coordinator ask me for a release letter and I have sent him twice and I have not got any replied yet . .

I have a joining date already but then I tried to email and phone him but he was unreachable. I just need to confirm him whether he got my letter or not, and whether there is no change in my joining date.

Appreciate your reply or PM.

Safe flying !
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 13:17
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Rated or not, only aviation knowledge exam.
If we had the questions do you think we would be on this forum
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 16:29
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help needed...

For the last week I am trying to send my application to the email stated at the pdf file. I always get an automated email saying: router error exceeded disc quota. The email I am sending is only 2 mb big. Any info or solution will be nice....
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 17:11
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[email protected]

EPR pls understand there ia a new pilot recruituing coming to power this month
What happened in the past no longer applies.
50question test 60minutes max multiple choice, general aviation subjects
As far as the interview, no new info.
QR at this moment has plenty of guys to choose from, so there being extremely picky.
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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 21:12
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Well, I have been trying to send in my completed application since last Friday. Every time i sent it, it bounces back with the message "Router : database disk quota exceeded". Are you guys/gals having the same issue ?

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Old 3rd Aug 2009, 23:16
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same problem flyby ....from what I read that error is if someones email is full and can't accept any more...Maybe they have too many applications and don't want more atm.
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Old 4th Aug 2009, 00:03
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From what I've heard, August FO screening slots full, next screenings yet to be decided. Capt screenings in October, not sure if they have been allocated yet. They don't seem to worried about the fact the email now doesn't work, I'm guessing they have enough apps to sort through to keep them busy for the moment.
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Old 4th Aug 2009, 03:32
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OK epr this is my last response you seem a little uptight
I currently fly here at Qatar Airways. There was a Air crew notice annoucing management changes and this included a new chief pilot recruiting. Thats how I know. If im at this site its to get the most info so my best friend can get hired.
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Old 4th Aug 2009, 19:33
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anybody here is going on the 10th aug !!!??????
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Old 5th Aug 2009, 14:10
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The famous airline interview...

I walked into the interview with a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm. Flying airplanes was my one true passion in this life. This was my big chance to merge my occupation with my love. I would become an airline pilot.

"So you want to be an airline pilot?" the interviewer inquired.

"Yes, sir, more than anything else I have ever wanted," I replied, realizing I sounded like an anxious adolescent.
"Well, great, welcome aboard," the airline executive said.

"You mean I'm hired?!" I cheered.

"You bet, we're glad to have you. Actually, we've had trouble finding good pilots to hire," the exec explained. If I was surprised, it was overshadowed by my joy of reaching my dream.

"Let's just go over a few points before you sign on the dotted line," the company man chortled. "We're going to send you to the world's most renowned medical center. They'll spend two days probing your body orifices, draining and analyzing your blood, and administering psychological exams. They'll literally take you apart and put you back together. If they find any hint of current or future problems, you're fired and can find your own ride home."

"Gee, I think my health is OK," I nervously choked out.

The manager went on, "Good, next we'll evaluate your flying skills in an aircraft you've never been in before. "If we don't like the way you perform, you're fired,"

I was confident with my flying, but this guy was making me nervous.

He continued, "Next, if you're still here, we'll run you through our training program. If during any time in the next 10 years you decide to leave the company, you'll have to reimburse us $20,000, or we'll sue you. Also if you fail to measure up during training, you're fired."

The man who had just given me my dream job listed still more hurdles. "Each time, before we allow you near one of our multimillion dollar aircraft we'll X-ray your flight bag and luggage, because we don't trust you. Also we'll ask you to pass through a magnetometer each time. If you fail to do so, you'll be arrested and jailed."

"When you've completed your flight, we'll have you provide a urine sample, because we don't trust you to not take drugs. Very soon, we plan to take a blood sample to look for more drugs. "Also if you ever fly with another crew member who may have used drugs or alcohol, you must report to us immediately. If you fail to notice that anyone has used these substances, you'll be fired, have your license to fly revoked, and be fined $10,000."

"Every six months, we want you to go back to the medical center for another exam. If they ever find a hint of a problem, your license to fly will be revoked and we'll fire you. Anytime you see a medical person, you must tell us about it so we can see if you need to be grounded and terminated. Also, we need to examine your driving record, and you must tell us if you have even any minor infractions so we can remove you from the cockpit as soon as possible."

"At any time, without notice, a special branch of the government will send one of its inspectors to ride in your aircraft. The inspector will demand to see your papers and license; if your papers are not in order, you'll be removed, fined, terminated, and possibly jailed."

"If at any time you make an error in judgment or an honest human mistake, you will be terminated, be fined tens of thousands of dollars, and be dragged through months of court proceedings. The government will make sure you never fly again for any airline."

"You will be well out of town most holidays, weekends, and family events - half our pilots are always on the job at any point in time.

Smiling an evil smile now, the airline hirer went on. "Oh, and one last thing to cover. Occasionally, we in management fail to see a trend and screw up royally or the country's economy falls flat on its face. If as a result of one of those events the corporation begins to lose money, you as an employee will be expected to make up the losses from your paycheck. Of course, management will not be held to the same standards.

Oh, and one last thing - if we negotiate pay and work rule concessions from you in the in exchange for a better pension plan, we probably won't fund that pension plan agreement (unlike the management pension plan and golden parachutes) and will likely have yanked it away from you."

"Now sign here," he pointed, grinning as he handed me a pen.

Good luck y'all!
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Old 5th Aug 2009, 16:10
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Seen it before but it is soooooooo true, with a few more twists added here!
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Old 5th Aug 2009, 18:08
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Most of what you are whining about currently exists at every major airline in the world. Exactly, other than the gross exageration about the medical, what are you complaining about. Please name one airline in the world where some if not ALL of these things do not exist.

I'm waiting.
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Old 5th Aug 2009, 18:57
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Hi everyone.
One of my friend is interested by Qatar.
is there a chance to get an interview without a type on any of Qatar's airplanes these days?
thank you
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Old 5th Aug 2009, 19:20
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Heh Schneider,

I think I know CAPTAIN Oryx? He's the guy wandering around the Tech Building looking for a management job and identifiable by his lack of a sense of humour!

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