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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 11th May 2012, 16:54
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lol I tried it louder FL123, still no results.

Be strong SOs colleagues! and don't forget that very hard work is waiting for you in Doha to reach the FO level so no need to be in a rush I guess

All the best
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Old 12th May 2012, 20:42
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Bomb on board:
take to a special location in the aircraft and decend to 10000'

Tyre burst:
continue take off, you have more runway available to land again

circling approach:
the missed approach from the approach flown
on final from the landing runway: climb do msa, turn to the circling side and follow the published missed

always, shoulder harness for taxi, takeoff and landing
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Old 12th May 2012, 21:54
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with the bomb on board, besides following above advice some aircraft may consider extending gear and flaps in case you later lose hydraulics?

If the blown tire happens within 20 kts of v1 I would also recommend to continue takeoff
wake turbulence descends 300-500 feet per minute and normally dissipates within about a 1000 feet..... I would guess 3 minutes but think answer is "5"
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Old 14th May 2012, 11:25
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Thumbs up Just interviewed with QR

Well, it took about 3 months but finally I got invited to interview with QR on May 9. So, it is all over so now just waiting to hear if I made it or not. The whole experience was great from start to finish. They flew me both ways business class and man, best I have every experienced and I have done this lots over the years. Air Canada is dog shit compared to this first class company just to give you an example.

Anyway, all was done in 1 day. 5 star hotel, nice. There were only 8 guys for this 1 day, less than I anticipated. Out of them only me and 1 other guy, had good jet command time, the rest, not much. Some Dash captains but only for first officer position, I think just the 2 of us for captain, me for sure. Meet and greet at 8am, then 50 question MC test in 1 hour. Test not easy, but all of us passed, but you had to know many things to pass and lots of theory of flight and other stuff. There were 2 or 3 different exams, we compared, different. They told us all immediately after exam we passed. I was then told interview in an hour, great and picked first. Interview went well, the usual stuff like tell us about company, yourself, etc. Then, lots of senerioes about situtions, lasted about 40 minutes. Nice folks, only 2 of them, one man, one woman. After interview, told me in 5 minutes I passed, and invited to sim in a few hours. Perfect, time to relax, lunch, and they off to sim. All sims were busy so they put us in 787 one pilot at a time with instructor, he played first officer and ran the box, not ideal situation but was ok. ALL hand flown, no FD, no AT, no NAV, all hand flown and raw data. Short bried before sim, wx ok, couple of approaches, some airwork, 2 ILS approaches with 1 APU fire and evacution. Thats it. Not easy jumping into new type first time, but they arent looking for you to ace flying this bird, more interested in CRM, decision making, and so on. I was a little ropy to start, but last half, did well. You must tell him exactly what you want him to say or do, or he does nothing. Remeber your check calls, and so on. Anyway, it went ok, could always do better but kept blue side up, landed nicely. He never said a word about how I did, didnt press it. So, that was the day. Was told on interview, it takes about 4 weeks just to hear if they plan to hire you, and then, weeks or longer after to get offer. Not once did they hint or tell what plane you would fly, cause they dont know it seems. They gather all the info, the chiefs get together, and decide who gets what. It all depends on timing and of course what you bring to the table. In my case, hard to say. I have pretty good B and AB time as captain, so maybe a chance to get DEC on 777 or hell, even the 787 but I dont know their policy on this or who they have to pick from. It is clear to me that they are NOT getting really high time and experienced captains from what I saw on my assessment. I thought many more pilots and guys with really high time, but not so. So I am not sure where I fit into the mix, but any job they offer would be fine, pay is basically the same but schedules would be different of course. So now, it is a waiting game, just wait and be patient, pushing them will NOT help and make it worse. So I did my best, and all I can do and see what happens. But first, you must pass your exam or you are done. If you pass it but fail your interview, one guy did, you are done. I am just glad I was called and to have the opportunity and I did enjoy the whole experience. QR staff were very friendly, on ground and in the air, and treated me with respect and kindness. Good luck to you guys who are applying.
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Old 14th May 2012, 11:35
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Good afternoon,

The information I shared with you is based on inside source I have from some contacts. When I mentioned the word "patience" I know that it is the only appropriate word for this airline. QATAR will be one of the largest airlines in the world within the next couple of years following the unbelievable development of the country which in turn will expand the airline to incredible numbers of aircraft.
All the future orders were made according to a careful plan and following this massive country development and the need for mainly use it as a very big international hub. Many of you are wondering why does it take so so so long for them to actually reply. Believe me they do have many delays in training their pilots at the moment ( a number of around 200-250 pilots were put on hold) because of lack of training facilities. They are signing contracts with different TRTOS to overcome this big training problems and then being able to proceed with their future plans. My suggestion to many of you who received the successful e mail is to take each opportunity you can get and stay active until you are given a contract and fleet in the first place and then a starting date in the second place, and then leave your current employer.
It can be very frustrating I know but the main thing is to keep your skills and your flying abilities to the max when you will have the chance to finally join this company provided of course you still have the necessary patience.
As regards fleet division yes there are some situations where purely it does not make any sense on how do they assign them. There was one candidate with 2,500 hours on Boeing 737 that was given the B777 fleet and another one with more or less the same hours on the same type that was given the A320. No one knows precisely how do they decide that. I guess it can be a combination of random, timing, training availability etc etc.
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Old 14th May 2012, 20:02
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QR Allowances

Hello everybody !

I know that QR gives housing allowance of 10000 qr for FO and 12000 qr for Capts...

What about furniture allowance ? is it considered and how much ? if yes, then when ? is it after the probation period or as soon as you join QR ?

Is it true that married pilot get 2000 qr Extra ? That what every company in qatar gives to married employees ....

What about the interest free loan from the company ? and what is the max amount if given ?

Thank you !
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Old 14th May 2012, 20:07
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Originally Posted by Global01
Hello everybody !

I know that QR gives housing allowance of 10000 qr for FO and 12000 qr for Capts...

What about furniture allowance ? is it considered and how much ? if yes, then when ? is it after the probation period or as soon as you join QR ?

Is it true that married pilot get 2000 qr Extra ? That what every company in qatar gives to married employees ....

What about the interest free loan from the company ? and what is the max amount if given ?

Thank you !
Your post has been answered here.... http://www.pprune.org/middle-east/46...salary-11.html
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Old 14th May 2012, 20:15
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You might be right although, i applied in december, but so far did not get invited. So the annoying thing is, should i regard this as 'not selected' since others get invited within 3 months or is my case also based on patience?
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Old 14th May 2012, 21:30
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Interview invitation

I have heard of cases where people get mails that they are not selected for interview but anybody knows about the case that they simply newer replied?
More than two months after application for me and still nothing. I would realy like to believe that no news is good thing.
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Old 14th May 2012, 23:12
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The "no news" ,"good news" applies aft interview in my eyes.
Aft interview all people didn't pass got "bad news" within approx 20 days.
In my case it was"no news" so aft 3 months I got "good news" email.
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Old 15th May 2012, 03:01
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That's correct, "no news" "good news" and a very good waiting
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Old 15th May 2012, 11:16
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I don't really know what is your notion of "high time and experienced captains" but on my assessment ONLY for DEC there were guys with +17000hr TT, + 11000hr command time and +8000hr wide body time, with others with around 10000 TT and +6000hr command time on wide and narrow bodies. For me thats pretty good experience anywhere in the world. Don't forget they're making assessments 5/6 times a week, so yours was just a small sample in the overall average.

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for sharing your experience at the selection process!

In terms of fleet allocation, to give you an example, a guy experienced as I reported above was offered the A300-600 so expecting the 777 or even the 787 might be pushing the envelope a bit.

Good luck
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Old 15th May 2012, 11:42
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Be patient

To give you my example...
I applied the first time in September 2011. I updated my profile in December 2011. In January 2012 I received an invitation. I went to Doha in February for the assessment. In March I received the good news. And now I am still waiting for the contract. I am a FTSO.
In another thread I wrote what might cause the delay for receiving the contract.
So basically, keep updating your profile and be patient.
As said before... They are holding 6 times a week interviews. And each day, about 10 guys/girls come. That's 60 pilots every week.
I think I don't need to explain how busy the recruitment department is at the moment, as well as the training department.
The facts are that QR needs about 700 pilots this year.
A friend of mine who started 2 months ago told me also that there are always about 2-3 pilots who come to start with QR and they leave after a few weeks, because unable to adapt to the ME.
Another 8-10 pilots are apparently fired every month because of not flying a stable approach. This is just a rumour. Those cowboys come in high, fast, not configured in time...
Cheers and c u in Doha! Sooooooooooooooooon!!
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Old 15th May 2012, 13:00
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Thanks for the posts Flightdeckman, they are recomforting.

I totally understand the arguments, it is crazy work to expand an airline by a third in a single year and it is nonsense to think that all can go smoothly...

Still, sending one extra mail, at least to the pilots that were successfull in the process, after six weeks of waiting stated in the good news mail, saying "Gentleman, we do want you in our company, pls give us another two months of patience before we offer you the actual contract", wouldnīt be that difficult, and it would make a huge diference.

It is a pitty that QR is investing a fair amount of time and money into getting the candidates to Doha, accomodating them, leading them through the process, and then to loose them a few months later, just because of the inability to properly communicate.
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Old 15th May 2012, 13:01
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Old 15th May 2012, 16:00
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Interview Invitation

upwhereIbelong a friend applied same time I did and received negative mail in 10 days (you don't meet minimum requirements ...). For me nothing still (this was end of February). I applied for NTR FO so I guess I am not at the top of priority but I meet the requirements more than twice and that keeps me hoping.
I wonder is there anybody who never got any reply?
Also anybody knows the success rate of the interviewed candidates?
How many pass in average in one group?
As I read this forum the wait seems exhausting but I think QA is worth it.

Best of luck to everyone here

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Old 15th May 2012, 16:41
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interview very soon.

has anyone had B787 for sim recently (within last week or so)


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Old 15th May 2012, 17:25
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Hi aka,

I applied for f/o. I also never got a reply although i'm meeting the requirements.

Dont know if i should consider this as "not selected".
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Old 16th May 2012, 00:34
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Check out 787 simulator at Gatwick


Sounds like the Qatar 787 simulator has been used lately if you read some of the other posts. Evidently it is somewhat random which sim is used - probably dependent upon use of the other sims at the time.

Others on this forum have described the procedures used during the sim. I would look for those details in posts specific to the sim ride. That said, if you do get the 787 sim during your interview, perhaps it will look something like this one at Gatwick (nice view of the HUD on takeoff):

And yes, I'd be quite happy if I were assigned the 787! That said, not sure if newhires will even be given the option for the next few months. Seems a bit random. I assume internals will get the first open slots but you never know. With 60 787s coming over the next 4 years, I am sure suitable newhires with the requisite experience (probably widebody experience - who knows...) will get assigned the 787 at some point down the line. Given the recent delay in the arrival of the 787 to August, who knows how that will impact fleet assignments...

Good luck in your interview and sim!

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Old 16th May 2012, 16:16
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Share your recent experience, please .

The Form was sent 2 months ago. No emails got back from Qatar, neither positives nor negatives. I meet all the requirements with 5000h on MD80. Going for NTR F/O.
No news so far.
What's the average waiting time for the interview after applying?
Share your recent experiences guys. I know there are several posts about that but everything is changing very quickly there and it'd be so helpful to know the most recent experiences.

Cheers ! ! !

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