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Etisalat, Skype, UAE telecom issues

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etisalat, Skype, UAE telecom issues

Old 16th Aug 2006, 16:07
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Yep as Foxy said still not fixing the skype problem ( but damn ghostsurfer is an amazing little program, I mean the little slider bar is like tittie sites on demand!!! Hmmm I'm a good boy leave it on normal, want to visit hornygrannies.com and slide that little baby up to secure and awaaay you go!!! Take that Etisilat!!!!(by the way I made up the hornygrannies bit I promise!!! )). But yes, still no joy with skype. Foxy use ghostsurfer to go to the callserve website and download their nifty little program and you'll be callin Oz in no time.
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Old 16th Aug 2006, 16:26
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Cheerz mate.

Does yar missus know you are in the computer room on your own, I thought you were only allowed in there under supervision!
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Old 16th Aug 2006, 17:05
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Come on mate you know the old saying "Play together, Stay together", its no fun on your own mate!

Let me know how you get on with the alternative to skype that I mentioned.
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Old 16th Aug 2006, 21:36
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Wife and Kids away, of course he's in the little room!

Neighbour helped with work around tonight, haven't tested but at least the litt;e icon is noe green. Willing to help if you PM me, look for TOR, download and I'll assist with config.

No need to resign yet, any technological block can be beaten with combined intelligence and cunning!
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 00:31
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Ok, so look at the time of my post and you can tell I've been out on the razzle...but i swear I'm not seeing things, honest!

Yesterday I looked at this thread, smug look came across my face as I thought "not me"...yet...

This morning, could not log on to skype, same story all day, all the way till I went out for a drink this pm... 'egg on face' sprang to mind....

Now i come back homeagain.... quick check of the emails... and low and behold, I have a little green tick down on my tool bar... what is going on?

All prepared to play with ghosts etc, and now it seems I am OK... for how long?

Nite nite
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 09:03
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Ok I checked Callserve and it is still working for me, so sorry "contacted" I don't know what the problem is.
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 10:05
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I removed the Skype software and the got it re-installed from the latest software on the skype site (do it down route if you have to load it up afresh). The re-installation sorted the internal server error msg and lack of connection for me, now back on and fine. Is there anywhere we can get the 10mb prog loaded to a non-skype server so that it is easily obtainable without having to type the word skype in!

How about 4HP asking Danny for a bit of server space for a bit so the boys can link to it and download it. Don't want Etimoneygrab to block PPRuNe though, that would be disastrous!!

Contacted check your PMs
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 10:57
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I have it working through TOR. I now have my IP address hidden but it's slowed my connection and there is quite a delay on the phone.
I've adjusted the settings on skype's connection to the same ones TOR uses but I'm wondering if I used a different port I might solve the delay. Does anyone know whether this will work and what port to use?
At the moment I appear to be working through servers in Germany and the US.
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 14:27
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Thumbs down ima ....

Thanks for that mate but unfortunately it seems the 'sniper' program Etislut are using has our every move in its sights and this patch didn't achieve the aim.

Keep the ideas coming though....I would love to beat these snapperheads at their own game
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 15:18
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Skype via a VPN

Hi all,

Brilliant to see all the wise heads knocking together here.
I am sure once the black stuff in the ground is it a price thats profitable for big brother he will diversify away from telcodollars!! But till then just a quick question ...

Is it possible to use Skype via a vpn such as LogMeIn etc??


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Old 17th Aug 2006, 16:50
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Skype and DSTV

I have today become skypeless !!!!
Eataslut have once again proved they could not stand up to the competition from a REAL FIRST WORLD service provider.
I also flicked on my tv to watch tv and i have no signal from the dstv satellite.My subs are up to date so that is not the cause.
I have been hearing rumours that the dstv satellite might be changing so us lucky (not) desert rats might be forced to watch shredded movies behind half a screen of arabic subtitles.I love watching movies with strands of barbed wire filling the screen.
Does anyone have a solution to the skype and am i solo in the dstv problem
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 16:54
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etsalat vs rest of the world

Well...its not working again..I can't figure out why at the moment. But i called the ETslut..told them since they blocked Skype probably i dont need ADSL anymore..no more 189 dhm per month... because thats the reason why i installed it in the first instance. Why dont'you all do the same..just to scare them a little......these b......s!!!
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 17:53
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From today's 7 Days magazine...

Good on them, sums it all up really!

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Old 17th Aug 2006, 18:53
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Looks like some smart german engineering helps to overcome 3rd world limited skills..

... with this smart proxy-anonymizer SKYPE runs (somewhat slow, but basically okay) nicely again, at the SZ-road, at my friends places in Jumeirah, down in the InterNet-City and Springs as well ... well, as that skype traffic is "tunneled" and 100% masked it can't be detected and blocked by that "Sniper" or "guardian" tools, which are Etisluts "watchdogs" to scramble the once identified Skype traffic - well, it was at least a nice trial from EtiSalat ;-))

but You've been outsmartened by those tunnel builders:


however, these JAP-anonymizer outsmarts especially that "Snipers" and "Gauardians" UK-attempt of blocking skype, once again by 100% (!!) masking it - which is the flipside of the coin, as it needs some resources (fast connection) otherwise it renders/slows down the VOIP to garbled bits an' pieces ...

of course that original website of the german university in Dresden is blocked by those 18th centuries wonnabees ....

You might find a way to get it - it's brilliant to admit, even if i'm not german i just had a 1hours skype chat from SZ-road to the UK
for some merly 70 cents -ähhh... Etisluts - beat that
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 19:32
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DSTV still OK here, as well as Skype working OK
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Old 17th Aug 2006, 23:04
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Help me!

well I have Ghost surf installed and thats working fine, however Skype - my lifeline to the world is still not connecting.
Please any of you computer genius out there help me and us lesser mortals by providing us with an idots guide as to ip addess etc.
I have gone into the skype options- connections selected HTTPS Port 7212 these are the same Internet Explorer settings in my browser.
No joy!
PS DSTV works fine where I am
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 06:22
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Try the following settings on the Network settings page for the phone:

Primary Gateway 205-240-76-113.
Alternate Gateway 205-240-76-113.

Both ports set to 1646.

TCP Port 0
UDP Port 0
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 06:25
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Join Date: May 2006
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skype and dstv

My dstv is back online so it was Showtime and MBC (Moronic broadcasting company) taking potshots at the satellite with a blunderbuss.All ok but still skypeless.I have a 007 tonight and will download and save latest version of skype tp see if it helps and make avail to all if it does.
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 12:01
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Skype is working for DIC users. !!!

Im using DIC for my ISP,

This AM I could not log onto SKYPE, I just downloaded the latest version of SKYPE and it works fine.

However, am still not able to use Yahoo Voice to make a call ? anyone got any ideas on this one ????

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Old 18th Aug 2006, 13:00
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Skype Etc

I am unable to connect to my AOL software, my Skype, my Iconnnecthere.com, my MSN Messenger, nor my Tiscali NetPhone when connected to the Internet via my hotel's WiFi in downtown Dubai!!
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