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Etisalat, Skype, UAE telecom issues

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etisalat, Skype, UAE telecom issues

Old 18th Aug 2006, 13:17
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have down loaded newest version and is still blocked.
these muppets
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 14:49
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Has anyone in the ME tried the new Skype phones?

Like this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/G-TRANS-AA2610-S...QQcmdZViewItem

Was thinking of buying one to try and did not know if they work worldwide.

Could not live without Skype when out flying but after Ebay bought them last year just hope that they do not start screwing with them the way that they did after they purchased Pay Pal.

Good luck working around ports and such. Just remember that we are smarter than they are.
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 14:50
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 14:58
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Cyberbird please check your E-mail.
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 15:56
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Thumbs up Proxy

Originally Posted by furbpilot
Just managed to defeat the monopolists.
Get ghostsurfer works fine in Explorer some site when you can download it are accessible fro UAE .. i did it ..check google.Go to proxiysetting in skype.
Set HTTPS settings as from Explorer after Ghostsurf installation..and le voilà le monopoliste ce fotu!!
What a feeling!!
Hi there, I just downloaded that ghost thing. It appears to work nicely, since I managed to enter sites that I wasn't able before.
Skype still didn't work though. Could you enlighten me on the proxy settings from Explorer?

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Old 18th Aug 2006, 17:14
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Hiya Lads

Been trying to sign in and still the same S ....

I had few problems with msn messenger, I Hope its just msn thingy and not EATSLUT.

The two reasons why I think why they blocked SKYPE ... FIRST is to make more money out of you there... there you go International calls, local calls and E-Vision all you are paying is to one company and which is owned by the Goverment..... SECOND... to allow them to monitor all the phone calls abroad without the need for a warrant. (Why do they need a warrant... they can do what ever they want to do)....

I've been thinking seriously to leave UAE. Its seems its just getting worse...
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 17:39
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Ipig Vpn

Some are having trouble dowloading Ipig so I set up another link. http://mediamax.streamload.com/email...ipig-setup.exe
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Old 18th Aug 2006, 19:43
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I have been using megaproxy to browse the internet, so when I go to internet explorer, I have to log in on a special website, and the I can browse. Does anyone here know how I can get skype to use those settings when it connects to the internet, so that I can use it?

Thanks guys, etislut licks balls
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 04:59
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Does anybody have a solution to get Skype back running?
Is there a anonymizer software which works?
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 06:43
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Hi guys,

anybody knows a good anonymizer for mac?

Jap works just fine for my pc.....Skype works a little slower, expecially when calling mobiles....ok with landline.....

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Old 19th Aug 2006, 06:50
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Originally Posted by maddog62
Hi guys,
anybody knows a good anonymizer for mac?

Sorry guys....just found out there's Jap for mac as well .

I'll download it on my next trip...

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Old 19th Aug 2006, 07:15
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what You need is a "Tunelling" software-solution, such as "JAP" -

Skype won't work with some normal "anonymizer" solution, as these programs just mask your own and the selected IP-addresses - of those pages you want to access -
however they don't mask that Skype generated traffic, which can obviously be still detected, and consecutively blocked by those Etisluts "Snipers" and "Guardians" (used to be angels - right?) ... at least, that's what they thought-
as there's a smart solution to unblock Your Skype again:
what You need is a "Tunelling" software-solution, such as "JAP" -
that works just fine again in Dubai outsmarting Etisluts blocking attempt-
however rendered slightly slower (barely noticable) than normal, but basically running okay now!
You have to get You the latest "Developer-Version 05.337" - which brings up your Skype again to reasonable speed ...
there's one glitch though...
Antivirus-Packages like Norton Anti-Virus detect those JAP-tunneled traffic correctly as "a possibly harmful worm" (which it is in deed, a worm, not harmful) and issue a warning, and consecutively tries to block that tunneled Skype traffic;
therefore You must either shut down Your Norton-AV whilst using it - or explicitically allow thatJAP-program in the Anti-Virus settings, which works fine with Norton now - again after some fiddling;
it's probably all together 1-2 hours fiddling with the PC - but it's worth it;
had yesterday an hour or so phone call to mates in australia for some merely 60 cents !!
and by the way, you can top up your Skype credits via your normal browser as well (you need to set Your http-üroxy to and the port to 4001 to communicate masked), as JAP is also masking the browser traffic, therefore You can reach the "normal" Skype websites - and others as weel ...
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 07:50
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Can I just ask if anyone who has a problem with skype has downloaded and been sucessful with callserve. I believe a least 2 budies are running callserve fine and can't get skype up, c'est voila. I believe that they email the odd patch to continue to avoid the proxy settings problems that arise. If any of those suffering the skype blockage do get callserve up then theres your answer to all your problems stated here.
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 09:01
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Thanks Cyber...have installed JAP on the PC and Mac, both running flawlessy, and Skype is back in business! JAP is the real deal folks...easy to install too!
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 10:20
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Angry Still Struggling with Skype

Hi all,

I have just spent several hours researching ways of avoiding the block recently put on Skype by Etisalat, and came accross you guys who really seem as though you have found a way. I have tried various options already (installing privoxy, using another proxy server etc,) but all to no avail.

I couldn't find a site where I could download JAP (which Etisalat hadn't already blocked! )

If anyone of you has the patience to drop me an email with suggestions - or, of course, post them here for all to see and follow - then I would be eternally grateful!!

-- a 'cut-off-from-home' desperate guy --
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 10:50
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For those that are using Jap, please tell us what version you are using, is it the free version from Jap?
Is it just a question of activating Jap plus the browser? Do you also have to change the proxy in the Skype phone?
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 12:11
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Thumbs up Another "Tunelling" software-solution"

You can get the free trial of the following program by sending a e mail to [email protected] and putting the word FREE in the subject line. You should then receive the exe file. Make sure your email can handle the incoming attachment. Install and configure the file you receive, instructions provided in the download.

it may help??
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 13:12
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looking at the jap website I cannot see a link to download the Developer Version
Can you post a link to it please?
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 13:24
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Although not based in dxb yet but will be next month so preparing myself.
just downloaded jap and all seems ok with skype however web pages now take 5 mins to load
used jap version 05.022 and very latest version of skype.
setup for OL mentions deactivating "active content"
how do you do that then-have looked thru tools and not there
OE is working all ok and at normal speed

have i missed something real obvious
cheers in advance
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Old 19th Aug 2006, 13:36
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Skype download link Version:

Official release. Version: Release date: August 16, 2006

Hi all, for all of you who can use it...


Need anything else, just let me know ;-)))


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