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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 29th Sep 2010, 15:54
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Hello, where are the EY 777 drivers? I need some help on what to expect for the interview, can somebody PM me?

Thanks for your help
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Old 29th Sep 2010, 20:17
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Question Info about Assessment

Hi everybody, I need some info about the B777 screening process in ETIHAD. Anyone can help me with this? What to study? Do they apply the eCompass test or similar? Please any help I will aprpreciate. Thanks.
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Old 30th Sep 2010, 21:21
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Hi RED z3

I do understand your point but like you said its a step forward and better than what we had before. I was speaking to one of the management guys who said its true they might if needed upgrade on the A330 but then those pilots will still go to the A320 after the 500 hours so whichever fleet you upgrade on either 320 OR 330 you will still fly the other type. Thats fair in a way i guess.
The one good thing is now most of the new intake seem to be on the 320 so the MFF should get better as you will need to cover the 330 flights as no 320 coming for a while.

On another note they have approved additional layovers on the 320 to be announced in two weeks, including AMM, MAA, COK, BEY and HYD in addition to the other five layovers. At least the MAA, COK and HYD cut on the on the night flights.

Enjoy and safe flying
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Old 1st Oct 2010, 19:13
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absolutely, I agree ....
I, like everyone else I guess hope it does improve as it really needs to.

Safe Flying
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Old 4th Oct 2010, 03:30
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Move fast out of AL QATARIA

IF you have an opportunity to come (invitation for an interview),don't even think twice. Qatar Airways sucks big time. Apart from any problems in Etihad.The company is a lot better deal and package is better also.Your wife and kids will like too.

I was in Qatar.Could be a nice place to work,but the crazy rules and stupid management destroy any desire to fly that you have.It's the worst airline I ever work in my career.
Good Luck!
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 04:54
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Hello ya'll

Don't know if I'm living inside some fantasy world where i make up crazy idea's in my head hehe but i been told the last God knows how long that EK is looking for F/O's and going online sure they do have the ad's running on Both the Website and even some other recruitment website's. So I was just wondering as i do believe i meet requirements set in their add if the HR department is just really slow or simply NON existent??? As i have had noooo reply for the past 6 month...

So i was wondering if any of you guy's might have a direct Email to forward my CV, greatly appreciated if possible
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 05:25
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Going by your english grammar and intelligence, you probably don't have a hope in hell of getting on at EK
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 05:41
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Same at Q.R.
After 2 weeks sick leave..50% of your salary...After 6 weeks O% of your salary..same same!
I think according of what i can see and hear, The Main difference between QR and EY..IMHO are
-1 The basic Salary :higher in EY (so when you go on leave you will see the difference)
-2 Annual increase not limited to 5 years seniority unlike in QR!
-4 Last but not least..: The mentality!!
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 14:29
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Still, the EK package superior to EY by far. Not getting paid after 6 weeks out sick, what if I break a foot or something, sounds absolutely crazy that EY, nor QR, not paying you ! My research, I am considering applying in the ME, also seems to indicate EK rewards employee loyalty to a greater extent than EY, e.g :

1. EK awards tickets for life after 15 years service, EY no such policy.

2. When upgarding at EY you start at basic captain salary as in a DEC just joining the company no matter how many years at the company. In EK you join the captain payscale based on years with the company, i.e.at a higher payscale.

3. Pay raises at EK are based on a percentage (2-3 % ?) while at EY they are fixed AED amounts ( AED500-700 something ? ). That means my salary raises will be geater at EK than at EY as my basic salary increases with years served at the company.

4. EK's retirement contribution is starting at 12 % of your salary increasing to 15 % after 7 years served. EY only applies basic UAE law of one monthly salary awarded per years served, e.g. 3 years of service would constitute 3 monthly salaries, no incentive/reward to stay longer at EY.

5. Profir sharing contractual at EK while at EY based on managements goodwill. EK has been averaging 2-6 weeks profit share/yearly while I understand EY only once in their 6 year history paid out a 2 week bonus.

6. Currency protection. With the AED tied to the falling U$ I am to a certain extent protected against this contractually at EK while at EY I am at the mercy of the world's market currency swings. Great to have if you have loans back home/ sending money to your home country.

Feel free to correct me f I am mistaken in any of the above ramblings. But sure seems like EK rewards longevity and loyalty towards the company in a much greater extent than EY so I will try to get on with EK.
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Old 5th Oct 2010, 16:18
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Good post newton. You've done you're homework well. EK has it's problems too , but still has the best contract in the ME. That is when they honour it!
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Old 9th Oct 2010, 03:31
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Hey SEC, try QATAR and tell me after. IT SUCKS.

TRY EK too. If u r not english,australian,south african,canadian or american, u are consider worst than shit.It's a mafia out there.And everybody knows. Training sucks.Every flight is a checkride during training and the upgrade process is worst than Qatar. CRazy place.

The only good thing in Qatar is they accept people from any country ,so they have a better mix.

Etihad is only a beginner so it has its problems.But for me the best pick so far.And sorry i earn more in EY,than EK or QR. And in EK and QR u fly ur ass off.

Ok they are good things in EK ( The driver ),the pension(Only good if u stay more than 7 yrs) , and as u said the sick leave pay.

Well for me the really best place in the region is OMAN ,but what to do?Salary still far from the other players in the gulf.

Don't choose EK because of the marketing.They are very good at this.
Go to Dubai and ask friends. and the other thing in EK.Even if u r type rated,u have the ******* bond of US35000 WTF ?
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Old 10th Oct 2010, 07:56
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a320 fo recruitment

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for the advise alredy posted.
it's ey hiring fo on the 320?
Do they need pilot?
i found my application was withdrawn, applyed again!

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Old 3rd Nov 2010, 06:53
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Etihad new interview process

Hi all,

I would kindly like to ask if anyone could be of any help and forward me any details in relation to the new recruitment process for EY, as I have an interview coming up in December for the A320.

I've read previous posts on this thread but not much to find on the new process involved for the Airbus interviews, apparently the tech quiz questions have changed, no longer from the Jepps...????

Thankyou in advance for all those whom have helped me out & your PM's..
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Old 8th Nov 2010, 06:34
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interview info

Hi guys,
Any updated info for the small bus interview?What kind of exams and questions?also u can pm me.Thx
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 11:23
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I'm just about to accept an offer from EY...but wanted to ask honest opinion re commands first.

For those of you in Etihad at the moment, what are the realistic timescales to expect gaining a command (providing you make the grade, that is)? It is obviously longer on 777 and A330 than the A320...I was told during selection to expect 5-6 years for command on 777 and 3-4 years for command on A320...would this be about right??

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Old 19th Nov 2010, 03:09
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Assessment A320

If anyone has recently completed interview assessment for A320 could you if possible please message me with some detail on the process and tech exam,Sim... Much appreciated.

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Old 20th Nov 2010, 10:37
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Being in the region and desperate for a job - I need to apply to EY. Firstly, how on earth do I apply? I've tried the website and the first question the application asks is "do you have a 777 type rating" and then the second question is "do you have 500hrs on type". The answer to both those questions are simply "NO". I'm a 737 driver in the region 4200 hours, 3000 Jet and typed on the 737. Would I stand a chance, and if so, how on earth can I get an application put in?

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Old 21st Nov 2010, 12:31
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And your point is ?
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Old 21st Nov 2010, 13:54
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WB... stop fishing. You don't even know the guy you are talking about !
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Old 22nd Nov 2010, 14:44
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Quick question to all those at Etihad

I am currently training towards my CPL/IR and was wondering if anyone knows or has heard anyone who has got into Etihad having just completed there training, ie 200hr pilot?

I know they do a cadet scheme but was wondering if they have taken anyone on as a SO without going through the scheme.

Also, does it help to know someone in the company?

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