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Does anyone (Pilot especailly) have any experience of surgery to remove gallbladder due to a gallstone? (1 large stone not multiple small stones)
Are there any medical side effects which I can look forward too?
My AME says I can lead a normal life with no medication afterwards but to watch out for too much fatty food and possibly bloating after eating protein.
I'm just considering whether surgery is a necessity or to just continue normally flying with a medical restriction?

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Old 16th Jul 2019, 18:28
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If you are having symptoms, get it out. If not, wait until you are. Should have no long term effects.
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Old 16th Jul 2019, 18:49
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Had mine out in mid-April. Keyhole surgery. Handful of jagged stones, largest 3 cm.

Three months down the road and everything generally fine so far.
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Old 16th Jul 2019, 19:48
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Had my gall bladder removed about 4 years ago. No noticeable consequences.
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G’day Fuel,

I had mine mine out over twenty years ago and done by keyhole surgery. In and out of hospital overnight with no significant after effects. Eating oily or fatty food can cause mild cramping and irregular bowel movements temporarily but that sort of goes with the weird lifestyle we lead as pilots.

The aviation medical mob here in Australia gave me no choice, once I was diagnosed with a gallstone they said it had to come out and I was not to fly until it was. I was back at work within a week.

Gallstones sometimes can cause what is known as biliary colic which can lay you out quite quickly so better to have the surgery than to be incapacitated airborne.

I asked my medico why not just remove the stone instead of the whole gall bladder and he said if I was prone to growing gallstones then I would just grow more so out came the bladder.

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Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have no major symptoms at the moment, except slightly raised readings on liver function test which I believe can be caused by the stone irritating the bile duct from the liver.
I certainly would not want to be incapacitated on a flight, my AME said he would be more concerned with that if I had small stones, however with just one, at the size I have, it is too big to move down any ducts to cause incapacitation.

Cheers all.
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The pain in my side I had put down to other things, and even when it became unbearable I still thought it was discomfort from wind, bloated gut, etc. The immediate problem for surgery was that it had become gangrenous, so it presented a problem when being separated from the liver wall. You do not want to leave it so late. (I’d post pictures of the stones but it might crack the screen.)
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Thanks for all the information!
I can talk from my experience, if you have a colic you’re not able to do anything anymore so I got the gall bladder removed a few weeks ago!
Its not a big operation and it was a big relief so rather just do it
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