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Bruce Protocol

Hi Folks,

I'm just about to book in for my 3rd Annual Bruce Protocol test. I was wondering if anyone else participates in this fun activity and was willing to post their age and how long they managed to achieve.

Me first, age 50 completed the test
age 51 only just over 12 minutes!
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Surely it's not an endurance test? Isn't the time you spend on the machine the time necessary to achieve and attain certain measurements. Isn't it also true to say that the fitter you are, the longer you'll have to spend putting one leg in front of the other?
There are those here that know.
As for me, well, I'm older than 71 and my EASA/UK Class 1 has just lapsed. I usually begin to get a tiny bit laboured at 9 minutes. Oh yes, I do Pilates once a week, that's it on the exercise stakes and I've had four different kinds of cancer so I guess that means, as I wave goodbye, that I'm the biggest penis on the block?
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Thanks for the replies.
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You were wise to stop when you did.
Once you past 12 minutes, what was a brisk march up hill, turns into a jog/run.
Hardly wise unless you a member of an athletics club! You need to preserve your knees etc.

Look up the BRUCE protocol for speeds/slope.

I think a mimimum of nine minutes is required although I have heard that some conditions require 12 minutes.
Speak to your AME for the definitive answer.
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I have done four so far.
My first was 2 months after the event and I did 13 minutes and was told to stop.
I think the last couple were 9 minutes, I must say myself at age 56 was just getting into my stride at that point.
But the test I think is just a simple way of putting the heart under stress to check the waves and that the blood pressure responds normally.
I think even if you don't achieve 9 minutes, they can see what they want.
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