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Flying and bloating/gases

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Flying and bloating/gases

Old 15th Aug 2016, 12:39
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Flying and bloating/gases


Just wondering if it is only me, or a common issue, but when flying and spending a few hours in the cruise, I usually feel bloated, and usually feel like I have trapped gas, a bit of cramping, etc...and need to go to toilets just to pass gas, basically.... Sometimes, it does help and then I feel a bit better, sometimes I am not feeling good the whole flight.

Everything is back to normal pretty much once we land.

I have read about "jet belly", it seems to be a known phenomenon.
However, amongst crews, it is not really a topic we are discussing... I guess everybody kind of keep it quiet, might find it embarrassing...

I tried to eat different things before flying, with mixed success, tried charcoal, not really working for me either, although it is still WIP...

Is it only me, or is everybody suffering from this? If you have some sort of coping strategies or would like to share your point of view, please do not hesitate.

Fly safe.
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Old 16th Aug 2016, 09:03
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I guess everybody kind of keep it quiet
Yeah, slow release is the way to go.

Have you tried a Gluten-free diet for a week? No wheat/barley etc so avoid bread and cereals. Worth a try. Made a huge difference to me.
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Old 16th Aug 2016, 11:17
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Originally Posted by blue up View Post
Yeah, slow release is the way to go.
I disagree. Let her go and yell "sniff up mate there're vitamins in the air".
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Old 16th Aug 2016, 21:19
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Tried the following?
Low residue diet (ie low on fibre)
No chewing gum/fizzy drinks
Absolutely no sugar-free sweets (really does cause bloating and gases +++)
Dimeticon (available OTC w/o prescription)

I guess unless there are any other untoward symptoms, it may just be a case of grinning and bearing...
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Old 21st Aug 2016, 21:29
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You don't mention your age or sex.

If you are a lady over the age of 45, or have a family history of ovarian cancer, then you may wish to speak to your gp to rule out any nasties. With the history you give, this is a very unlikely scenario.

Watch what happens to a sealed bread roll, or a plastic bottle of water when the aircraft ascends. That'll probably give you a better explanation as to what's going on inside, than any technical discussion of Boyle's law.

Talk to you pharmacist, colpermin, mebeverine, peppermint may help. Talk to your AME blah blah.
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Old 22nd Aug 2016, 14:06
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Some good technical advice.
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Old 22nd Aug 2016, 23:03
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Might I suggest a trocar.

Available here.

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Old 10th Sep 2016, 05:34
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Originally Posted by Chesty Morgan View Post
I disagree. Let her go and yell "sniff up mate there're vitamins in the air".
Release it! No point being uncomfortable. If it's noticed by anyone other than your first officer, a gentle slap on the back of your Co pilots head while everyone watches will hopefully help point the blame elsewhere 😷
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Old 22nd Sep 2016, 19:33
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Let yer wind gang free, where'er ye may be.

q. Rabbie Burns.

Seriously, farting is a natural consequence of flight at altitude. If farting is your only worry, you're doing most things properly!
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Old 25th Sep 2016, 12:28
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A few years ago when I was still flying I started adding Linseeds to appropriate meals as a supplement (Omega 3's and all that). I noticed on subsequent flights I was developing more "trapped gas" and sometimes not so trapped... I cut out the seeds and the problem reduced enormously. Also fizzy drinks are a cause too and try not to gulp your food down because you'll end up swallowing a lot of air with it, chew thoroughly before swallowing.
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