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Banana Joe 15th Aug 2021 08:35

Wizzair-2 cadets
How is the recruitment carrying on for type rated candidates? Are they still sending out invitations?

Giuff 15th Aug 2021 08:36

Yes. 2 or 3 events per week. High fail rate.

Banana Joe 15th Aug 2021 08:39

Can you translate high fail rate in how many people are invited and how many pass?
Do they have plans for non type rated candidates?

And what about those that were in the training process before Covid arrived? I have a close friend that received a contract but never started his course.

PilotLZ 15th Aug 2021 09:34

Everyone I know who's been to an assessment say that it places a very heavy emphasis on non-technical skills, personality and attitude. They don't ask for any alien level of technical knowledge (which some other companies do), but the HR part of things (individual and group) can make the deal for an averagely knowledgeable and experienced candidate or break it for a highly experienced one who knows the FCOM by heart. I know pilots with over 10,000 hours who failed and pilots with 300 hours who passed.

DS1 15th Aug 2021 11:06

Not sure that’s right. Heavy on technical, not interested in personality.

Solo521 15th Aug 2021 12:02


Congratulations for being successful!
I will be attending the assessment in the next days and I don't really know what to expect in the simulator being rated with no hours, Do they put more emphasis on the procedures or the manual flying? (I am expecting something similar to a shortened LPC).
Regarding the theoretical knowledge test, any advice on which subjects appear the most?

Thanks in advance!

gpsprimary01 15th Aug 2021 12:12

We were 35 and 10 only passed the final stage which is psychometrics and psychologic (It last +/- 3H).
According to lot of pilots it was their hardest assessment. For us it was mainly technical questions and operational questions.

You can expect anything, they don't ask the same questions to the candidate.

Does anyone knows in which base the new joiners from EU countries may expect ?
They asked to several people if they are interested on Abu Dhabi base.

For the one who has the assessment the following weeks, study your thechnical and procedures, also ATPL like weather (they asked what is warm and cold front) Also RWY characteristics and lot of questions about clearway ASDA TODA etc.....

Good luck to all.

gpsprimary01 15th Aug 2021 12:17


I'm just gonna tell you what I felt and what I saw when I attend. In our session, they only kept pilots with lot of experiences and coming from legacy airlines such Emirates, etihad, Qatar and cathay. All the pilots with less experience didn't pass ( I repeat, in our session). It doesn't mean it's a general trend.
I wish you good luck.

Solo521 15th Aug 2021 12:23


Thanks for your thoughts, I will do my best!

PilotLZ 15th Aug 2021 16:30

Those who get grilled on the technical interview are usually the ones who get a FO as their assessor (and that's not uncommon in any LoCo). Young guys tend to know their ATPL subjects far better than many of the experienced lot, most of whom don't really do much reading beyond their Company OMs. They also tend to be far stricter in the sim, requiring exact adherence to procedures, callouts etc and expect a black-and-white answer to everything.

Giuff 15th Aug 2021 17:13


If you are low hours expect raw data flying for the whole assessment.

Alrosa 15th Aug 2021 17:37

Assuming successful non-TR candidates (if there are any) decide to join, what are the arrangements for paying for the TR? Payment in cash or bond ? Iím not expressing an opinion on the rights/wrongs of paying for Type Ratings, but I am curious.

Giuff 15th Aug 2021 17:39

I doubt they will take any NTR for the time being, other than cadets. Lots of rated pilots around.

dirk85 15th Aug 2021 17:41

10 out of 35 is not such a high fail rate.
My experience from 6 years ago was that out of 25 people 3 passed, similar as all the other people in my occ.
Out of those 10 a good percentage will never get any contract, either because they will have found better in the meantime or because they will be offered less than ideal bases by the company

dirk85 15th Aug 2021 19:59

All I am saying is that given the amount of applications they must have right now, 28% pass rate is actually not so bad.
Also true that the quality of the applicants has gone up, given the mass redundancies going on around the world in well established airlines.

MCT SET 15th Aug 2021 20:26

Is that their policy right now no NTR only cadets?

CCFAIRPORT 16th Aug 2021 07:57

W6 will close 2 bases : Dortmund and riga

Hawker400 16th Aug 2021 08:33

They haven’t called any non-type rated cadets but all my rated colleagues with no experience who applied have gotten invited. Unfortunately the slots get taken in 15 minutes. I don’t think there will be NTR cadets for a long time seeing as how they haven’t made a lucrative business to train cadets like FR

gpsprimary01 16th Aug 2021 12:04

Hi All,

does any knows, guess or any rumors about the bases for the new joiners?

In which bases do they have shortage?


Sick 16th Aug 2021 18:11

No disrespect to co-pilots, but in the two airlines I worked where they handed over pilot selection to co-pilots (albeit in tandem with an HR person), there was a steady stream of awkward odd balls coming through. If a company really wants pilots selecting pilots, it really needs pilots who have been working with other pilots for many many years to have an instinct for telling apart the good from the bad. I've always been of the opinion that engineers or handling staff would choose a better class of pilot. Recruiters tend to hire in an image of themselves - so give it to pilots, and you end up with yet another egotistical young aerosexual!

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