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PropDude 15th Feb 2015 20:20

J74 i will just say goodnight to you also, no need for anyone to become more upset. This is for people looking info in wizzair and not for pissing contests. thanks for being more superior again i will find some one else to talk to yes.

You just argued with everything i said (doing all the bad a$$ copy paste answer to my posts ) and didn't actually provide any answers or solutions to the questions i have asked about what a new pilot should do. Obviously ''packing and going to Africa for a free 737 and perfect salary'' is not an answer and i am not sure if everybody believe that you are actually in Africa at the moment. Anyway i really wish you are. Any other 3000 hours wisdom you wish to contribute?

"but you don't have anything and here doing mess, that's all!" I here not doing mess , just me ask questions for wizzair. You here doing jump me (Yes i am making a lil fun of your English my western friend , knowing of course mine is worst and i have a ''low style" as you say)

Nope actually i have nothing better to do, tried to sleep but i think i will play some pro first :cool Bbye

J74 15th Feb 2015 20:41

Working in Africa doesn't mean am an African, and that was a reply to the other guy who start a East-West European match.
Obscene place?..mmm well depends where you live, cause where I work isn't so much Obscene like you think.
Or maybe you are another Eastern guy with a Comunist mentality?
I never saw so many young high profile in the West European countries like I saw in the East!..Good for them!
And for now believe or not, I'm happy with this and once again I'm working as a Pilot..not an east slave for Wizz T&C:p
Are you happy with them...Good for you but if you want another job like you asked, please go to IKEA web site..you'll be very close to home, probably, and maybe you get more in your bank account. Never loose hope.
But if you want to continue this career as Pilot, please go study don't waste your time here on Pprune that amaze you so much...maybe you'll do a better HR group exercise!

but some people prefer to be home or at least close to home and accept a bit lower salary for this privilege. And no, being a pilot does not mean you must live out of your suitcase - as much as some management guys want us to believe.
Agree... if You have to accept a BIT LOWER SALARY, as you said it's ok, but again not so low as it is! Then You have to see the rest of the T&C.

kishupes 15th Feb 2015 20:51

I guess you should just leave the forum :) there is no place for such an angry person pretending to be ''happy'' your experience not helpful to anyone and stop disrespect people

J74 16th Feb 2015 15:29


I guess you should just leave the forum
You guess wrong...we live in democracy here..you are not able to set your rules...you know

angry person pretending to be ''happy
What's that?..your consideration or you are a magician?
If you want I can show you my PFO email to WIZZ(to V.K. and LTC J.C., with some of your immagination, I'm sure you know who they are) after passed the assessment with them and after I realized black on white what was the Wizz Offer...

And yes, maybe you're correct now, As they changed and add stuff to the assessment recently, mine are old now...
But still if someone want the Brief Package Pack, I can send to him.

kzm 20th Feb 2015 18:58

Bond is 30k per 3 years. 15 paid by the company and 15 by you during the 36 months. After 3 years they pay you back 7.5.
Expect about 2.500 per month as fo during the bond. Sfo some 3.500 per month due to sector pay and basic salary increase.
Living costs in Eastern Europe about 1.000 - 1.500 per month. Commuting is free on Wizz network.
Roster 6-4 or 6-1-6-7 ( unfortunately lots of morning flights) but you can expect even more off days in a row
Hope it helps :)

PropDude 20th Feb 2015 19:16

2500 ??? with the bond? is this net?

What if you pay the 11.900 yourself?

kzm 20th Feb 2015 19:24

It includes the sectors. Bond is 15.000 per 36 months. So add 15.000/36 to that.
Keep in mind that for some bases you get a service provider contract with an agency, so no social contribution from there. So gross is the same with net ( no Swiss tax for less than 3.000 from what I know).

PropDude 20th Feb 2015 19:25

thanks for the info bro:ok:

What about if you pay your T/R with the 11.900 option. the salary is the same right?

kzm 20th Feb 2015 19:29

This is what I said to add the 15000/36 to that. Salary is the same but you don't pay the bond. But you pay the tr and get nothing back in the end. And it's 11900 plus tax, so almost the same as 15000

PropDude 20th Feb 2015 19:30

Thanks again for taking the time to provide the info,Cheers.

PropDude 21st Feb 2015 06:27

So syntax if i understood correctly , more or less, you agree with the 2000+ salary number?

That thing with the ARR/SID charts is surely very strange...are you sure they fly like this? Its impossible to memorise all the details of a chart-or an emergency escape route. :ugh:

kzm 21st Feb 2015 07:03

Increase sector pay is only for sfo and cpt. However, there are not so many standard sectors to fly. Most of them are medium or long, so an average 35 euros per sector I would say. Winter season about 30-34 sectors, summer some 40 or even more.

Early start and late finish is not a rule. As I said it's not unusual to have only morning flights. But they usually try to mix them up.

No paper charts available, true. But you cross check with fmgs and you can keep the tpc on the side console. I don't see a problem here. And all procedures are in the database from the fmgs ( except only a circling approach in Italy ).

True about no hot meals.

But, guys, I don't think that you will have to sign a contract with a gun held to your head. If you want to fly the Airbus 900 hours a year for some decent money and with not the best contract in the world is your choice. From the inside I can tell you that training is very good, safety comes first and people are really nice. I think this is what matters, as you don't fly with the management all day long.

PropDude 21st Feb 2015 07:12

I bring my own protein bars so i don't care about hot meals :E

kzm 21st Feb 2015 08:37

Ok, true about tpc. But only below 1000 ft... There is no tax for less than 3000, this I tell you for sure. True also about the unpaid leave, but it's not the case with current ops. I don't know about the 2800 hrs...just 1500 for sfo ( maybe it applies for "direct entry" sfo)
I would say again 2500 for fo and 3200 for sfo with the bond ( plus 400 after that)

kzm 21st Feb 2015 09:37

Maybe the tax is for fo without the bond. I got max 2900 with no tax at source. Depending on the financial laws in your own country you might or might not pay the difference of income tax. For one year already I did not pay any income taxes.
Regarding all other ideas, as I said earlier, it's not the best contract in the world. But you get to fly a nice aircraft for 900 hours a year and get some decent money for these days...

For NPA you only need the alt/dme which you can write down on a piece of paper. For MAP, sorry, but I used to know it by heart also when I flew other aircrafts and I had to the paper procedures. And you also have them in the fmgs which you cross check before approach...

B767PL 21st Feb 2015 11:32

So let's say you join Wizz with 2300 factorized Wizz hours, you are employed as FO, on FO pay until you fly the remaining 500 hours, then transfer to the SFO pay rate?

teobull 24th Feb 2015 06:21

Swiss taxation
can anyone better explain how Swiss taxation works. How can you work as a contractor for an agency based in country "A", be based in country "B" commute to/from your home country "C" and pay taxes in Switzerland? :confused:

Reveal1 9th Mar 2015 23:23

Any news from Wizzair Cadet (west Europena people :p)recruitment rumours?

I know they still looking for FO rated/not and some cadet but eastern europe ppl....
and I know a lot of ex pay2fly guys not A320 rated with low hours joined the ship.

Tango Romeo A320 10th Mar 2015 23:33

Need to be an experienced pilot to be lucky! A rating is not enough...
Even being a national from CEE won'T help unless you got the 500hrs on the bus... Wizz was looking for pilots with experience in order to take the LHS within 2 years!

luftikuss789 12th Mar 2015 15:22

WizzAir for all of you who need an idea of the screening
Hey Job seeker and lost souls,
I thought you paid a lot to all that :mad: companies who promise you everything to get your best ... Your money ! I am so sick of it, here you get my experience for free I did the test 1 month ago and it shouldn't be changed until now.
For all of you who need a job I wish you max. success and don't forget you were happy to find this explanation so think about how happy other will be about yours and not only for WizzAir !!! We all need a bit of help and support !

I need detailed information about assessments in the middle east East, Easy and asia thanks in advance :zzz:

Good luck to everyone!

- 90 questions incl.

What do you know about WizzAir. How many bases in Poland, Romania, the
farthest destination in the south, north, west or eastern direction

Math proportional-antiproportional exercises
percentage calculation 25% are 130 what was the orginal price?
variables a(b-2)=c
add up all prime figures between 2 and 11 together
scale calculation 1:100000- 6cm=?
ISA figures 12,25 kg/dm3 = ? 1,225 kg/m3 or like that

Eng. synonyms 5 or 6 like: enhanced , mandatory, suspend...
English for pilots ;)

ATPL stuff most of aerodynamic cg act on... How, you do a right turn the ball is in the left corner of the turn coordi. what do you have to do?, anhedral/dihedral, duck under, dutch role, piston how does it work? injection, compression combustion exhaust, What is an EPR? and some jet engine related questions most effective high/low/ rotion high or low?
ACE Pilot interview.

Airbus Questions: Limitations and some System related questions
electric (dc essential supplied by ... in normal and abnormal cond., hydraulic, aircondition, bleed (precooled air for anti ice),
Oxygen for the Pax 10-11-13-16 min (I know thats 15min. for sure but no right answer)
complete sentences with technical information like the green and the yellow hydraulic system are connected with each other via... the PTU

Groupe Exercise:
5 Aircrafts with 5 different destinations and with 5 different colors with different positions on parking stands and different Cargo on board.

They ask you about Aircraft, Destination, or cargo where you have no information about it.

1. Use the Flipboard
2. invent a table Aircrafts horizontal and all other items vertical
3. try to find out which Aircraft is is at which position to the others
(Only few positions will be known) like the black tail AC is right of the green
tailed AC and another information is the yellow one is on the first position
and so on...)
4. then sort out the cargo time and anything else
5. at the end all of you have to think logical! You have 20min easy or isn't ? ;P

and in addition 10 more questions
About your motivation, which base, discribe your self with 4 words, what is the biggest challenge if you get a job at Wizzair.

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