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beamer 29th Apr 2010 16:48

Never mind - Daddy will pay...................

767200ER 29th Apr 2010 17:14

and so the armchair thread hijackers come to life... somebody PLEASE change the record!

CABUS 29th Apr 2010 17:43

Yeah it's going ahead,TCX will be looking for eight cadets who will complete the initial course with Jerez, move to BE then if they are good enough continue to TCX. I believe it's a modern twist to the old JMC/Cali sponsorship.

Best of luck chaps

kingofkabul 29th Apr 2010 19:23

Another advantage for TCX for this scheme is that they will have full access to all the cadets' sim check reports and any other information about their performance held on file. That way they could see it as mitigating the risk of taking on an unknown quantity, and can reject pilots if performance is not up to their standards.

I must admit I find it strange that TCX would pay for an employee to work for another airline!

An advantage for Flybe, other than the fact it is free labour, is that they can place the pilots at the less favourable bases and will not have to care as much about looking after the employees as staff retention will not be an issue.

It will be interesting to see if they come up with a similar funding arrangement as is used by CTC and that I believe TCX have used in the past (whereby repayments for training loans come out of salary before tax).

Adios 1st May 2010 21:07


They'd be daft not use use the pretax salary deductions. The tax break the cadets get from this means the pay doesn't need to be high enough to fund the taxes and both the company and the cadet get to save 11% for National Insurance contributions on that segment of salary. The company also gets to reclaim the VAT, so the training bill is significantly lower than it otherwise could be, though the VAT reclamation is not dependent on using a pre-tax salary deduction for cadet repayments.

What is strange about this is that Flybe use post tax salary deductions on their own schemes, but if TC owns these cadets, they can do it their way.

oxotower 2nd May 2010 09:12

Sounds like a really great scheme.

Busbar 2nd May 2010 12:29

I think you will find that this scheme is nothing new. Before TCX and My Travel merged, they both had similar schemes years ago. When My Travel was called Airtours International, they had this scheme running with British Regional/Manx Airlines. Cadets would complete their ATPL training and then join BRAL on the ATP for two years before going on to Airtours on the A320. I had several friends that did this. It worked very well.

Any form of sponsorship scheme on offer to wannabe Pilots is a rare thing these days. I see it as a positive move for the young guys and girls looking to get into aviation. Good luck to all those that apply :ok:

oxotower 2nd May 2010 12:34


flyhiigh 4th May 2010 13:41

When does it start?
When will it be able to apply and how? Does anyone know? And does anyone know about the requirements?

Good day everyone!

Kiltie 4th May 2010 13:50


This scheme is for new starts in aviation. You've had your day, leave them to theirs.

bucket_and_spade 4th May 2010 20:38


Be patient - the scheme and it's details haven't been made public yet! Rest assured this thread will explode once they have :)


Finals19 4th May 2010 21:55

Oh dear...

This is unfortunate if true - there are still guys sitting in the original Flybe hold pool (before the FTE / Sponsored cadet seperate pool was established) that haven't moved for a couple of years. These were the original guys who were modular and picked from a select few schools around the UK.

Do I sense another EZY hold pool scenario where these chaps get left behind? Seems a possibility :sad:

unductedfan 5th May 2010 00:05


Does anyone know if, or indeed when, flybe will begin recruiting low hour first officers again? Be it from their hold pools or at best the general populous?


Stu_88 5th May 2010 17:14

Actually, our 757's at TCX are hardcore, solid aircraft. Airbus's are what you wanna watch out for . . . .

Sorry if you think this is a bit out of the blue, just replying to a comment made earlier on the forum but can't seem to work out how to "quote" someone

manxcat 6th May 2010 12:16

When My Travel was called Airtours International, they had this scheme running with British Regional/Manx Airlines. Cadets would complete their ATPL training and then join BRAL on the ATP for two years before going on to Airtours on the A320.
My only regret back in 95 was that I didn't have a PPL so couldn't apply for the scheme. I seem to remember it worked well but only if the cadet had the right attitude towards learning the trade during their 'apprenticeship' on the ATP.

Also I've got to agree with Stu 88. The 757 was a solid machine - sturdy, modern enough but it still felt like a real aeroplane. Ahhh...I'd still give my right arm to fly one (although it'd probably result in my losing my Class 1).

If and when the scheme comes to life people could do a lot worse. Two good airlines with great aircraft with an opportunity to learn the craft of airmanship and some commercial savvy before being let loose on heavier metal. In the current economic climate it's a no brainer.

Let's hope it's the start of things to come.

antes56 6th May 2010 13:28

Are there any news about the starting of taking application for this cadet??


cyn nickel 6th May 2010 14:06

It's fascinating that we are still considering the re-mortgaging of parent's homes as "sponsorship" by the wonderfully magnanimous and fiscally cunning airlines. REAL sponsorship entails a wee bit of risk and investment by the airline, and a then virtually guaranteed loyalty and commitment by the recipients. Back in the "when we "days of real airlines with Flight Ops and Flight Taining Departments led by REAL pilots and not KPI MBAs, selection was the key....the right cadet! A good Cadet made a good Second Officer made a good First Officer made a good Commander made a good etc....! From Cadet to Chief Pilot. Quality, not the ability to pay was the key. Selection based on suitability and merit, not bank balance.

(reaches for umbrella!)

Stu_88 6th May 2010 21:00

^ I agree with cyn nickel

Might as well go through your own self funded course. However, the airlines do tend t guarentee you a job, and as we all know job security is paramount in this day and age

Thomas Cook aren't a bad company to work for either . . . .

Put1992 6th May 2010 21:40

Selection based on suitability and merit, not bank balance.
So you're telling me they will be selecting on candidates willingness to pay as much money as possible?

I appreciate your points, but at the end of the day, there are hundreds out there taking loans out on self sponsored courses with no definate sniff of a job at the end. If you're going to do it, whats the problem with doing it on a course mentored by an airline, with an actual chance of a job at the end? Candidates are selected by aptitude and potential, the airlines doing these schemes have it in their best interests, and the empowerment to do so.


aviator001 8th May 2010 20:50

hi guys..
when is the competition opening for the scheme in 2010? has anyine got a link to the page, tks.

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