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bucket_and_spade 9th May 2010 11:38


Read the thread - the scheme hasn't been made public yet.


barker987 10th May 2010 15:47

how do you reckon, payment will work, like will you pay them 80,000 and get a salary straight after training or will you have to work for them for free for so many months?

CraigyD 10th May 2010 15:49

Quality, not the ability to pay was the key. Selection based on suitability and merit, not bank balance.
I think if this 'sponsorship' does require the cadet to take out a loan of +80k like other such schemes, it is not going to be available to everyone. People like myself for example, who:

a) My mum rents our house, so loan can't be secured.

b) My dad lives with a new partner in her house, don't need to explain why I can't secure a loan here.

c) I don't own any property to secure a loan against.


d) I don't want to put other peoples livelyhoods at risk. I live with my brothers and sisters, my grandparents are living retirment to full travelling the world etc etc. Why should I risk making them homeless or stamp on their dreams and aspirations because I want to fly a shiny jet! (Point D is of course a personal opinion :}!)

In short, I can't get a loan. No loan means no 'sponsorship'.


G-HALE 10th May 2010 16:06

If this cadet programme is a sponsorsorship then it will be paid for and you will not need to borrow money.

If is a mentored scheme then you may have to get a loan.

Its illegal to offer something as a sponsorship and then charge people for it for what ever the sponsorship is for. There have been many law suits in America on this and I know a person that has sued a UK airline & the FTO in question and the Judge granted the case in favour of the Trainie Pilot and rightly so. There are to many companys misleading people into these so called cadet schemes and then on the entry requirements you have to pay for the course. Thats bollix, Just call it self funded co-pilot course or whatever and stop getting peoples hopes up for marketing reasons!!!!

Stu_88 10th May 2010 18:46

Agreed. It iscrazy to think that to become a commercial pilot you would need 60k-80k and go through one of the training centres, then you aren't necessarily guarenteed a job unless through a sponsorship scheme, which for the record "they" (the airline) can get away with sponsoring you a small amount of the total, however you then have to look at the job guarentee front. Its very much catch 22.

clanger32 11th May 2010 10:29

Not being funny, gentlemen, but let's get very specific here. You say

"you have to be filthy rich or your parents have to be have very deep pockets to get into any of these so called "sponsorship" schemes. It gives the normal person no chance of taking any of these opportunities!"
But what you actually mean is "you have to be filthy rich or your parents have to have very deep pockets to get onto one of these schemes without actually having to work for it yourself first".

There is absolutely nothing stopping you working for x many years to save the money to be able to pay for it yourself. Indeed one of the last batch of TC cadets to be accepted (And now flying the 757 for them) did exactly this. The ONLY thing stopping this approach, is you yourself. Have some pride and go and EARN the right to train, rather than spending someone elses money to do it.

To moan that you can't get the loan for this and that ends any hope you have of applying for it says very little of your commitment to it.

In response to the original point, no, it's not fair. Welcome to life.

Slow Progress 11th May 2010 13:33

Rather than getting in to a slanging match about the morals of paying to train and fly, why don't we all wait for the scheme to be announced and then you can all debate then.

Based on what I have heard so far, this sounds like a very positive scheme and Thomas Cook should be commended for encouraging new people into the airline industry.

Let's just see what happens.

hollingworthp 11th May 2010 13:33

But what you actually mean is "you have to be filthy rich or your parents have to have very deep pockets to get onto one of these schemes without actually having to work for it yourself first".
awwww - but I want it NOW!!!!

Much like self-certifying Greece ;-)

Slow Progress 12th May 2010 14:21

Okay, Okay.

I am getting impatient now. Anyone know when the announcement is likely to be made?

Mimiben 13th May 2010 01:09

at some point in June ... :rolleyes:

aviator001 13th May 2010 07:59

so june, with a view to starting training by??!!

CABUS 13th May 2010 16:05

I believe its starting in October 10 to complete by spring 12 then two years with Flybe then on to Thomas Cook. Obviously this is all dependant on a high level achieved throughout training and line flying with BE.

aviator001 13th May 2010 16:12

completion by spring 2011 you mean right?! sounds good. i love a good rumour...

PGSingularity 13th May 2010 22:41

I had an interesting conversation with a friend who flies with another major british airline today.. he said that there had been talks of Flybe "getting into bed" with his airline a few years back and it came to nothing in the end.

So maybe don't be surprised if this does not materialise.

As a wannabe, I hope it does, but as said initially, it was an interesting insight to hear.

bucket_and_spade 14th May 2010 09:23

It's happening guys. The details were passed on to the TCX trainers at a training conference a few months ago. It's already the morning after the night before and the getting in to bed bit has been and gone!

Stu_88 14th May 2010 21:46

Final prep's are being made now, patience is a virtue lads......(and ladies)

Kestrel_Stu 14th May 2010 22:42

Indeed Flybe gave their final approval for the scheme to commence some weeks ago, this is well beyond "talks" - it is going ahead.

Keep your eyes peeled in Flight magazine and good luck. :ok:

assymetricdrift 17th May 2010 09:08

A general straw poll suggests that there is nothing to benefit the current dash jocks in this at all having asked quite a few of them.

Quite a lot of people are actually really quite unhappy about it on line...

BugSpeed 19th May 2010 20:46

I can categorically say that there is no plan to have a TCX / Flybe training contract.

The main reason is there is no mutual benefit for Flybe crew.


CABUS 20th May 2010 02:33

I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on that one BS. however, I also don't see how it would benifit BE.All I keep hearing from tri/e and senior skippers is that it's all going ahead. We will see,

rgds cabus

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