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BBPilot2009 10th Oct 2009 09:34

Ryanair TR Funding
Do ryanair have a deal or partnership with any banks or loan providers?

The way Oxford do/did with the HSBC.... You basically take your letter of acceptance from Oxford to the bank, and they pretty much give you 65,000 no questions asked (well minimum)

Do ryanair do anything like that.... or do you really need to find the 30,000 alone!

I would imagine the majority of people applying for ryanair are unemployed pilots, already in debt, and little chance of a bank actually saying "yes" to a 30,000 loan

EK4457 10th Oct 2009 09:49

I believe you can get a statement of 'expected' earnings and a copy of your contract from Brookfield.

Not much use as it basically confirms that you are self employed and not guaranteed a penny during your employment. I'm not sure what the banks think of this, particularly as you say, most will already have their fair share of debt already.

Other than that, you are on your own to sort yourself out. But get used to it as thats how life with FR is.


TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 10:28

They use mummy and daddys house value or they use their own that their spouse has contributed towards. What's the word? Parasite.

Torque Tonight 10th Oct 2009 12:36

Beak, who the :mad: do you think you are? You know nothing about my, or my colleagues', personal financial circumstances yet you never miss an opportunity to have a swipe based on your own speculation. It is a real nuisance that no-one can have a sensible conversation about Ryanair because almost single-handedly you always divert the thread into a dick-fight based on your own personal vendetta. Let it go man.

I don't have to justify myself to a bitter, unemployed and unemployable cretin like yourself but suffice to say that I have no debt for my licences and my TR was funded by previous overpayments into the mortgage which is in my sole name. Some of us have worked damn hard over many years to get where we are. Your post is inaccurate and offensive. Give it up for God's sake.

TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 12:45

Torque tonight, you're a parasite. I'll give my opinion/view and that is that. It shows a real lacking in your intelligence (that is you ability to understanding) and your weighting that you feel the need to resort to vulgarity on so many occasions. You may have 'worked' for your mortgage, I don't care, but many, many, many of your colleagues have not.

End of.

You claim to have been an RAF pilot before - probably more like RAF regiment.

Torque Tonight 10th Oct 2009 13:08

Do please explain how I am a parasite. No other person is carrying any debt on my behalf, and my entire training has been paid for with money that I have saved in advance. I try to restrain myself from vulgarity and think I have given you quite an easy ride given your posting history.

You may have 'worked' for your mortgage, I don't care, but many, many, many of your colleagues have not.
Right, you don't care about the facts. You're just going to throw around accusations based on assumptions anyway. You don't actually know anything about my colleagues either. Unless you've read their bank statements I suggest you stop pontificating about their finances.

You claim to have been an RAF pilot before - probably more like RAF regiment.
You can convince yourself that I was an RAF potato peeler if you like. Never let the facts get in the way of a good outburst.

ryanairpilot42 10th Oct 2009 14:07

I still cant belive how much of a tit TheBeak is on here!

he really is in every post about info on Ryanair, why dont you do us a favor and start a thread called I hate Ryanair and talk to people in it who give a rats ass about what you want to say and leave alone the genuine posts from people who are after genuine advice and not just your own twisted pretty false and uneducated advice.

in other words sod off been a bitter :mad: all your life

TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 17:23

Thanks for giving me an easy ride Torque Tongiht - I wish Ryanairpilot42 had (Who I'd question whether he/she actually is a 'Ryanair pilot' - a name like that makes me think of the Shakespeare line 'Methinks the lady doth protest too much') - if you have to say it, it probably isn't terribly obvious and thus not quite true.

I don't need to know many of your colleagues to know their financial circumstances - I went to an integrated FTO, I know how most paid for their training and know how most of the Ryanair '3rd series brigade' paid for their TRs.

BBpilot2009 asked a question and I answered the most common method people use. People who use others wealth and allow others to take the risks and make the effort on their behalf are in my book a parasite, a scab and like a pair of pants, always on the bum.

in other words sod off been a bitter t**t all your life

You probably should have stuck to the previous words because these ones show you to be an iliiterate yob who clearly doesn't understand basic words in the English language, the ICAO professional language for flying. Sod off been (is that possibly being? or if you are from a rough part of the country bein'?a bitter t**t all of your life.

No doubt there'll be claims I am being petty and rising to the bait. I am not. I am just proving the intellect and thus credibility of a few numptys whos views should be taken with a pinch of salt. The views are desperately slewed and devoid of any justification. They sell the idea that Ryanair is the only way, that short termism is the way forward and that the self worth is for those who get left behind. Remember the tortoise and the hare? There will be consequences to your actions of joining Ryanair, ones that extend far beyond the mythical 60K a year starting salary. As they say, every dog has its day.

BigNumber 10th Oct 2009 17:59

I suspect 'Beak' is probably quite correct in his assertion that the Bank of Mum and Dad is often the preferred RYR loan provider.

Unlike most 'contracting' arrangements, the absence of a guaranteed minimum days of work has the banks searching for a 'second exit'. After all, MOL might decide to 'slice the hours cake more thinly' in the future as more eager BRK cadets arrive?

On a personal note; I would like to take the opportunity to thank the BRK Cadets for their continued RYR patronage. Not only do they subsidize my cheap flights to the sun but, most importantly, their RYR fixation means they don't mess up my T's and C's.

Frankly, on a personal level, I fail to see any down side to the BRK / RYR opportunity. I hope every new pilot entering the employment market joins RYR. They get 'hours' and 'Gold Bars'; we get cheap flights and no competition for our jobs!

Torque Tonight 10th Oct 2009 19:12

Yes, no doubt many, especially the younger guys, are financially backed up by their families. I am not going to venture any opinion on that here. However, Beak's sweeping generalisations are just that (as are many of the 'facts' he asserts concerning Ryanair). To call such people parasites is not reasonable discussion in my opinion and a decent person would probably offer a retraction or an apology. Doubt we'll see that then.

Beak is entitled to his opinion (although flawed) on Ryanair, and makes that opinion well know at every opportunity by sabotaging and hijacking what would otherwise be constructive and rational discussion. His steadfast self-belief in the face of opposition is in a way admirable, and I hope that he is content in holding the moral high ground of not joining Ryanair as he stands in the dole queue.

For many, with expensive qualifications sitting idle, ratings expiring, skills deteriorating as time goes by and training becoming a distant memory, joining Ryanair is a very sound career move, at a time when the business is in tatters. Beak may genuinely believe that his unemployment at the moment is a wise career strategy but we will have to agree to disagree. If Beak can find anyone who regrets joining Ryanair, his broken record argument may carry more weight.

Now back on topic, no, Ryanair do not have finance arrangements. It is up to the individual to sort out. If you can't give a straight answer like that, Beak, without throwing abuse around, then do us all a favour and button it.

TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 19:28

I am not offering a retraction or an apology because I haven't personally offended anyone. The views, opinions and words that I speak are, to my mind, matter of fact. I do however apologise if I have raised your blood pressure at all TT.

Me calling such people parasites is no more a misnomer than you saying I am sabotaging and hijacking these threads.

I am not unemployed however I am not an employed pilot at the moment. I am in some pilot holdpools and I am waiting longingly to be picked up. I do believe that not taking the easy, expensive and short term option is the correct option for me and anyone else. If I wasn't in the holdpools I would feel the same.

The fact of the matter is most, and not all, Ryanair TR trainees have paid for the training on the back of their parents homes. I would put the level of debt, including the term, for the average uni graduate Ryanair pilot at about 175000. That is insane. It shouldn't be an option.

If you're an ex RAF guy or girl that has served their full commission, time may not be so on your side, training debts will be far less and I can see some logic to a Ryanair TR for someone like yourself......for what it is worth.

Torque Tonight 10th Oct 2009 19:32

I'll take that as a partial apology. Well done and good luck.

BigNumber 10th Oct 2009 19:39

I would understand that RYR are particularly attracted to the younger pilot demographic. This being the case I fail to understand how the 'Dowry' can be paid by anything but 'old money'?

To this end, I must agree that 'Beak' is quite accurate, albeit parasite is an unfortunate choice of word.

TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 19:55

TT, please do and it was.:)

Big Number, it's nice that you are often able to offer some support to certain things I say, cheers. I know it is not necessarily for my benefit but it is good that you can be bothered to comment when you do agree rather than be a bystander and allow me to take it from every angle!

Parasite may be a better choice of word than you think:

parasite (plural parasites)
  1. (biology) A (generally undesirable) living organism that exists by stealing the resources produced/collected by another living organism. Lice, fleas, ticks and mites are widely spread parasites.
  2. (pejorative) A person who relies on other people's efforts and gives little back (originally a sycophant).
parasite - Wiktionary

Both meanings I feel are apposite.

McNulty 10th Oct 2009 19:55

Can someone please explain how calling people parasites is not a bannable offence?

TheBeak 10th Oct 2009 19:57

Now you really are getting off topic McNulty, maybe start a thread asking.

Perhaps it is not bannable because it isn't a swear word and it is a word that is being used, by me, to concisely describe the way I feel about people who pay for a TR.

Perhaps I will be banned for it. Who knows? Who cares? Not me buddy. Don't lose sleep over it.

I hope that helps.:}

BigNumber 10th Oct 2009 20:29

stealing the resources produced/collected

I am only acquainted with 2 RYR Pilots; both young, and both funded 100% by parents.

These parents very willingly supported the TR Training hence my inability to use the term 'parasite'. These aviation savvy fathers viewed RYR as the only way to progress their childs career within the 'shelf life' of a frozen ATPL.

Nothing was stolen. It was a calculated act of support. To wit; a knowledge based decision.

But; the ubiquitous factor is the 'Old Money' / Bank of Mum and Dad that funds this fast track career move. The concept of 'Speedy Boarding' being applied to wannabe pilots.

However mercinary, I am really glad that the RYR fixation continues and the wannabe army has been unable to move laterally into other area's of aviation.

blackred1443 10th Oct 2009 21:45

do banks really offer loans based on the expected earnings on a crookfield contract in todays climate.incredible

while saying everyone one who does the ryr tr is a parasite is probably a bit rough im sure there are many that do it off their own backs and in a way that is quite admirable in my opinion

i think alot of the pilots ryr seem to hire are quite young.alot i guess must be therefore be doing it via the bank of mummy and daddy.while there is nothing wrong with this either it is a little frustrating to those that dont have that options because its then no longer a battle of just who is the most suitable candidate for the job but rather whose daddy has the deepest pockets. but lets face it, its not just the occasional young pilot who needs daddy and mummy to help them.so many of these pathetic z list celebrities live off daddys reputation too.its unfortunately becoming a regular thing. i do wonder though at what point in their lives to these people learn to stand on their own 2 feet.does daddy give them a deposit for a house,buy little johnny a car maybe.not sure i'd be comfortable with that

hang on in here the beak and others like you.i didnt have daddys money to fall back on for a tr and i got there in the end in a crap jobs market.it just means you have to show alot of initiative when it comes to finding a job, rather than asking poppy to write a cheque for 35k and then feed you while you do the rating.makes it that bit sweeter when you do get there as you know it was all your doing:ok:

apologise for my appauling spelling must ask daddy to buy me some specs!

TheBeak 11th Oct 2009 07:11

Blackred1443, a fair post and the spelling was pretty good. I completely agree with you - I am a million miles from a socialist, make that a million light years but I do think people should work for what they have. I appreciate though that mum and dad will always do their best to help - mine would happily have done too, they offered several times but I honestly would never have trained to be a pilot on the collateral in their house. I can safely say, right now, I am incredibly relieved, happy and relaxed that I didn't take up their kind offer.

The Glide, I have genuinely paid for all of my training myself with the help of an unsecured loan - mine isn't crippling me though. Bar a couple of trial lessons at the very beginning I have paid for every flying hour I have had myself. As for my rating, the airline paid for it, in full.

I will be watching it, nodding my head in approval.:E

Wee Weasley Welshman 11th Oct 2009 07:17

The money will run out in 18 months to two years, and the government will have to accept that Aer Lingus needs a strong parent company, and that parent is Ryanair

MOL. Hmmm, contract long haul pilots on minimum wage with a Shannon pre-clearance of US immigration. I can actually see Ryanair Longhaul working.


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