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Wizzair Pilot Academy

Old 7th Apr 2021, 16:26
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What kind of test we can use to prepare for assessment actually?

SierraTangoBravo, last summer I participated in assessment but I didn’t pass. What you said about the level of maths/physics/ English is quite true and my question will be next one: did you what kind of test did they use for assessment ? If I’m remembering correctly it’s like TestAir 360 . I tried to find something on their official site that I could may be able to prepare a little for the next time but obviously they don’t provide access for the free students , they provide this just for schools and airlines. Actually I’m searching something really efficient thing that could help me to prepare and that test is exactly what we need. I even asked about this testair 360 at Wizz Air and they replied that it’s true that it doesn’t exist the free version for students and what I can do it’s just to prepare by others methods. But personally If we had access to this test, it would’be extremely useful as for us, as for them , because in the day of assessment we would came better prepared. If anyone know about this , I’ll be happy to hear about this.
Please note, that this test was started using in January 2020, so all candidates who passed after this time could feel it personally😂
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Old 23rd Apr 2021, 21:33
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Hei ,I face the same problem and I am a bit surprised ‘cuz in less then 3 minutes after I submitted my application I got this message “you have not been selected “ 🤷‍♀️,i actually tried to convince myself ‘cuz they are processing my application and soon I will get a reply ,but after I saw your comments over here I am really curious if something changed 😞
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Old 24th Apr 2021, 06:08
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It's sad but no. Im still not selected. I think i will reapply at some point.
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Old 7th May 2021, 11:51
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Igor Kovaltchouk

Hi Mate!! have you found a valid alternative to TestAir 360? Would you mind sharing your experience through the online assessment? I am wondering about how many tasks you had to do and a bit of a run down of the assessment.

Doing my JOC in 2 weeks and then I will apply. For what a see, I guess it will be a while until they contact me, I will make sure to share my experience whether successful or not.

Thanks! and good luck to y'all!!
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Old 8th May 2021, 08:15
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There are over 18,000 unemployed, qualified, experienced pilot in the EU today. Those signing up to this outfit need to ask themselves if they have a big enough supply of Vaseline to make the pineapple fit. There is zero need for any cadet pilots anywhere in the EU except as a revenue stream.

This all happens while union leaders argue among themselves over complete trivia. Get the message out there!
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