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BA Cadet Programme

Old 21st Oct 2017, 08:58
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Bit of a different point to whatís been mentioned so far.
How comes the prices differ between this and the EZY courses?
EZY MPL = 109k EZY ATPL = 123k
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Old 21st Oct 2017, 13:58
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I've not noticed much publicity of this scheme by BA yet. None of their well-known (I think even company endorsed) pilots on Twitter have commented either. Does this perhaps point to internal discussions that are still ongoing? Or maybe it's just they know they can't defend the indefensible...

I notice L3 seemingly refuse point blank to justify or even reply to comments related to finance on their Facebook aswell....
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Old 21st Oct 2017, 14:28
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There has been some comment from a couple of the publicly endorsed pilots, who by the way I have great respect for and should be encouraged. But on their posts the mood was clear to see though from their followers replies, and one of the pilots even deleted their quite upbeat post about the programme, highlighting the embarrassment that this programme is and the need to read it up before commenting about it, it's not even being talked about internally inside the airline outside flight ops, while in the past FPP was shouted from the rooftops!

This is not like the programmes of the old days as a few long serving pilots have suggested elsewhere, this is not even FPP (hence the subtle programme name change to distance it). This is the true reality of our flag carrier today being shown for all, redundancies across the airline, degrading hard product, this style of scheme was only to be expected sadly and deserves all the criticism it is getting, not that it'll make much difference.
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Old 21st Oct 2017, 15:55
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Anybody know when this application closes? Can't do anything until wednesday!
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Old 21st Oct 2017, 16:32
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Originally Posted by A320ECAM View Post
BA, once a great airline, has tumbled down due to recent IT failures, scrapping their cadet program and having a Spanish CEO who wears a hi-vis jacket in an office environment!

Why anybody would want to pay this absurd amount when you can easily pay £40,000 for a full fATPL is outstanding!
Are you referring to the generic modular route? or a specific integrated route?

Is anyone aware of the closing date?

Many thanks.

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Old 21st Oct 2017, 23:13
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Originally Posted by WingsofRoffa View Post
Anybody know when this application closes? Can't do anything until wednesday!
It's an ongoing recruitment program so there is no deadline, the program will be pulled when the Airline deems fit, similar to Easyjet's program.
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Old 22nd Oct 2017, 12:12
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I have no idea why prices for CTC are increasing at a rate which is significantly above the rate of inflation. In the past few years it has risen from just north of 80k to 115k, an increase in 35k over a period of about 3 years. This represents very roughly a 40% increase in costs which is just criminal.

I'm still unsure what underwriting loans actually cost BA. AFAIK no one has ever defaulted or needed BA to cough up. Happily corrected if I'm wrong here.

Another nail in the coffin - no wonder people are embarrassed who work there.
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Old 22nd Oct 2017, 15:30
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Most of it will simply be profit and from what I can tell all of the "Big Three" have done the same. To the sort of people who are prepared to remortgage their home it probably won't make a huge difference. In 2006 when prices were about £60k, someone who left school, got a decent job and saved up could probably manage it to afford it by their late twenties.

Like most things, I think it will ultimately change, I think a big question is the timeframe within which that will be the case.
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Old 22nd Oct 2017, 18:59
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Originally Posted by Monkeyboy748 View Post
Are you referring to the generic modular route? or a specific integrated route?

Is anyone aware of the closing date?

Many thanks.
One of my local flying schools is offering a fast track fATPL for £47k and quoting the same timescales as L3/CTC.
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Old 23rd Oct 2017, 01:53
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I was talking with a BA crew just the other day about their Future Pilot Programme. The skipper was a product of it in the 90s, and he commented how it allowed anybody, from any background to have the same opportunity. The standard of applicant was sky-high, and only the absolute cream got through. Itís sad to see this end, and money be the deciding factor.

I remember my old instructor saying that he used to train the old fully-sponsored courses twenty years ago (BA, BMI, etc...), and that if the big schools had a selection as tough as they did back then, only one in ten applicants would get through. Absolutely top notch candidates from all backgrounds. Nowadays thereís the added prerequisite of £115K. Thatís a good 50% of applicants out, if not more.

I have no doubt that the selection will be extremely competitive, even with the £115K price tag, so inevitably the most qualified, motivated and best-suited will still get through. Itís a cracking opportunity if you can afford it, so if you can, go for it 110%.

I canít help but think that from a business perspective, itís a win-win situation for BA and L3. Itís just the same as the Generation EasyJet scheme. L3 earns a fortune through ďassessment feesĒ from the hordes of applicants there will undoubtedly be, and the fees from the handful of cadets that get selected, as well as the kudos of training BAís pilots (another logo they can add to their website and brochures to entice more through the doors). BA get a flood of motivated young pilots without spending a penny on training. 19-year-old Little Johnny from Surrey getís his RHS of an A320 and some ammo for his Instagram account. Everyoneís a winner! Not...
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Old 23rd Oct 2017, 13:33
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Originally posted by planesandthings
this is not even FPP (hence the subtle programme name change to distance it).
No, this is not and I understand there is more to it than that. FPP and it's earlier fully sponsored predecessor required at least two non-related ATO's to provide training for quality purposes. CAE no longer train BA trainees and are apparently not part of this 'new' tagged scheme. Read into that what you will.
The bottom line is, BA is a business, accountable to shareholders with a requirement for a technical workforce which L3 - also a business accountable to shareholders, makes a considerable profit from selecting and training, as it does for the other clients it serves. BA have learnt from and copied the Loco's business model in areas of it's own operation (e.g. short-haul). This is just another example in my view.
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Old 23rd Oct 2017, 19:38
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I agree with all of this but I don't think that BA can any longer go around shouting about their diversity and equality credentials. If you want to talk the talk you have to walk the walk.
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Old 24th Oct 2017, 10:28
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Based on the premise that you pay more the closer to the front of the aircraft you sit, BA and L£ have simply turned the flightdeck into an enhanced premium product - on one side of the cockpit door loyalty is rewarded by Avios and Executive Club seniority and on the other a secure job, salary and benefits etc. Seriously though, I often see reference made to the old Sponsored Pilot Training Scheme and more recent FPP; both remnants of a once nationalised flag carrier and the latter created by those in the airline who were by and large products of selected and sponsored training in a market where that was acceptable and/or expected. They recognised the quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and loyalty borne out of those schemes over many years. Is this the world we live in today? I ask because if you look at how training is conducted for other EU and Western operators, it is almost without exception purely retail.

Personally I think it's a pity but sadly, airline CEO's tend to consider their pilot workforce as nothing more than a resource and as long as ATO's are able to 'sell' them a solution to maintain this resource, a solution that profits all parties (and it will as believe me, there will be no shortage of young entitled and wealthy (or with access to finance) applicants for this enterprise who will feel they have achieved 'instastatus' in a BA uniform sitting in the right hand seat of an A320), there will be no return to costly financial assistance or incentivisation in favour of the most suitable candidates.
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Old 24th Oct 2017, 18:53
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Anyone do the online assessments? How many did you do and what did you think?
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 09:20
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When does this close for applications? I got an email saying final reminder to complete application, but it didn't have deadline?
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 13:28
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Originally Posted by WestonFlyer View Post
Salary - Enough to cover 115K bank loan
haha yha that's true! Thanks for your reply
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Originally Posted by thisishomebrand View Post
Notice period - do you have a current job that requires you work a number of weeks or months after you resign? If so put that.

Salary - put something reasonable, if it doesnít specify monthly or annual then I would put annual.

Speaking of salary, does anyone know what pay would be for BA and EasyJet? Just gotta consider it all as part of the mighty debt repayments that I may be fortunate to take on!
Thank you very much for your reply! I applied anyway and I was invited to do an online test to complete within 7 days!

Anyone else in the my same situation?
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Old 25th Oct 2017, 18:14
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Is it an automatic that you get the tests? I.e. did you submit and then get the links straight away?

Just trying to think when it would be best to submit so I can make sure I have time for the tests
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 13:46
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For anyone wondering, once your application is handed to L3 and you're asked to go to their website, you will have to agree to put any other application with L3 on hold in order to proceed.

Yes, it is automatic.
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Old 26th Oct 2017, 17:09
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Lmao already got a rejection email hahah.... How many people apply to this?
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