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Ah so in a free market rules do not apply?
Where exactly Was norwegian a big competitor of wizz so far? Now that wizz jumps into Oslo, offering dumping prices which they are able to do because they pay and treat their staff shit. So in fact we should talk exactly about this. And spare me the sad Part. Clearly you are a Fan of the likes of Wizzair.
And now to finish this, let me know some day what you think a fair Ticket price is.
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Maybe because we call them an Estonian operator due to AOC and fatherland of their core staff, whereas the money is Nordic? No knowledge about your particular example yet the story was observed elsewhere.

To kill the dragon, better not get confused by its shadows a torch will cast deep inside the lair. Follow the money is a proven principle. Weed, chaff and all.
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Originally Posted by Luke258 View Post
fair Ticket price is.
Practical experience with Ryanair, EasyJet and Lufthansa group suggests 100 US for 1,5 hrs block is the par. Give or take 20 minutes, when booking 5 weeks in advance. Carry on luggage only, with B737/A320 equipment if the route supports it. Smaller planes usually have higher rates on thinner ones.

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Not sure about the other half, but I believe in the case you mention, half the money is Polish and it's a CRJ operator, no?
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That ACMI provider actually works with unions in the Scandinavian countries for their bases there though... And doesn't lay off hundreds just to open recruiting on worse terms right after.
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Old 17th Nov 2020, 11:09
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anyone know the likely Wizz t's and c's in Norway?, and the multiplier?
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Old 17th Nov 2020, 11:23
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Hi. They are managing it with so called out of base flying with crews based elsewhere as far as i know. Mostly Polish crews, so in that case Polish t&c-s apply with per diems added for being abroad. Cheers
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In other words, social dumping in a nutshell. Let’s hope Norway rids itself of this plague sooner than later
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Old 20th Nov 2020, 18:24
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What about the Primera case in Denmark, that would imply Wizzair based crew in Norway need to be on collective Norwegian deal instead of working on some Lithuanian, Swiss or other contractual engineering dogleg...
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And why is that? They are not based there, they just do maybe layovers or W rotations, like many other airlines.
Just because on the press they said they opened a base it does not mean they have crews permanently based there.
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Ok so it's the planes only that are based there and crew flown in for a few days work and then go to their home base where perhaps the labor deals than the local ones are cheaper...
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By your logic you should force every Alitalia, Air France or Lufthansa crew, who every day are making layovers all over europe, to have a local contract in every station where they park the planes for the night.

Besides, I donít even know if they will layover or not, or just go for W patterns
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Alitalia, Air France or Lufthansa don't do domestic flights outside their respective countries, like Wizz will do in Norway.

From what I heard, the crews will be based there a few months at a time, on Polish contracts.
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Wizz flies domestically in Norway in this case but the example w Lufthansa AF Ali they don't. So it’s different. It’s 9th freedom flight in Wizz case… domestic flights by an airline from another country. (yes. i had to look it up)... but of course many others do the same but i think they usually have local contracts in place easy or ryan italy etc and not like here...
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Hey guys, Has anyone heard anything from Pilot Recruitment or any info on the current hiring situation? Thanks
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20% of the pilots fired in April. The start of Wizz Abu Dhabi (which some people considered to be their savior in the ME) is pushed again and again (now to the middle of January and with only two aircraft). Per Eurocontrol data the company is flying 5% of the capacity operated last November (despite another 20 aircraft were delivered since). As of this moment 10 aircraft are flying out of 135. The biggest base (Budapest) is cut to four flights a week. Not four destinations but four flights. The majority of the remaining crew are on non-paid "holiday" during the winter season. Company communication is about improving demand from next month (since like May), not happenning. Go figure how much pilots they need. Unless they do another round of fire & re-hire (or replace with rookies) drive.
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All predictions of recruitment in early 2021 were based on the assumption that there would not be a resurgence of the pandemic, a second round of lockdowns and travel restrictions and abysmally low demand for flying throughout the winter (because, honestly, why would you go somewhere where everything is closed and a curfew is in place). Many countries on the route network remain off limits to foreigners indefinitely. Even if vaccines are successfully deployed in early 2021 and the acute stage of the public health crisis abates by the summer, never to come back, a return to more than 70-80% of 2019 flight numbers by the end of 2021 is unlikely. And, for now, Wizz air have enough pilots to cover 80% of their 2019 schedule, possibly up to 90% if some of the redundant pilots will be called back. So, late 2021 or early 2022 seems to be the optimistic time line for recruitment now.
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Does anybody know if the holding pool has some kind of expiry date? Iíve heard some airlines do 1 year.

I never got any information since I was put in the holding pool back in April.
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