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To Start or Not to Start?

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To Start or Not to Start?

Old 21st Jul 2011, 15:36
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To Start or Not to Start?

Hi, I have read through a lot of threads here with a huge interest in everyone's opinions/knowledge/experience, especially what was posted in the sticky.

Here is a brief background of me atm:
I am now 26.
I have a girlfriend who is willing to support me all she can.
I have no mortgage/home to mortgage.
Was in the ATC 4 years in my teens.
Have 0hrs flying experience except in a glider and a bulldog as passenger.

My current job situation is crap. I am a self employed plasterer and work is drying right up. I only have been doing this for the past 3 and half years due to redundancy from a Printing operator job previously for 5 years, having got an NVQlvl3 in it as well, but those jobs are rarer than rocking horse .
I have had the pilot dream since i was really young (thanks gramps).
No A levels, or degree to fall upon, just 3Bs, and 6Cs for GCSE.
Currently, literally every job i apply for, ends up requiring some sort of experience. I cant get a job to get the experience, because I dont have the experience.. viscious circle.

Here is the part which I feel some people feel touchy about. (and rightfully too, if I was in your shoes)
I went to 'The Pilot Training College' for their CPL assessment and aptitude test, and seemed to pass it really well, and enough to also qualify to be held in the 'pool' for the 15,000 ACO sponsored cadetship. This basically means, i pay my (fully refundable deposit minus any costs incurred to them for bookings/fees etc) deposit of 3k to show my serious interest, then get an interview with the ACO panel of interviewers who will see if they feel I have what they are looking for, PR wise I'd assume. Regardless....

I have read a LOT about how there are a lot of current qualified fATPL people who have no pilot job, in huuuuge debt, lost family/time/money etc.
I understand people scorn at the whole P2F thing (if I'm understanding this abbrev. correctly to mean pay to fly;get full CPL).

From what I understand, even after this course, I would then need to fork out another 30k for a type rating?
Is it worth it to go this route (self funding for the integrated course), or just stop now and accept some dreams are better off left as dreams?

Many thanks in advance,

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Old 21st Jul 2011, 18:46
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My advice FWIW is get your PPL. Then reasses whether you really do enjoy flying and have the aptitude for a CPL/IR and also where the market is.
There are any number of threads on Integrated v Modular so I won't go there.
To give you my experience, I've had a PPL for 9 years and have just completed my ATPL theory which I did whilst staying in my current career over 16 months.
I can now consider if/when/where I may do my CPL/IR at a cost of around 25K.
I have no debts from any training to date and I don't intend to get in to any. If ultimately I carry on my flying as a hobby and do so as a CPL/IR holder then I'm happy with that, life goal met and I'd probably do an Instructor course in time with a view to semi-retirement.
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Old 21st Jul 2011, 19:02
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i have to say, reading through this forum has totally opened my eyes. and thank goodness for all you guys! (and ty for your input xplod <3 the search function, I have decided that yes, I will go do my PPL first, and reassess my situation there.

I read that someone was working 90 hrs p/wk. Well, he clearly worked his arse off coz he wanted it that much. If I want it that much, I shall be doing the same regardless of whatever the job is. And only then, will I look to doing my CPL. Heck, I might just be satisfied becoming a FI, for the sake of my health and happiness, after having read some of other peoples stories on here. All I can say, is thank you guys for this forum, everything in it has helped me, probably saved me rather, and allowing me to realise there are different routes/paths to take to reach the same goal
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Old 21st Jul 2011, 19:49
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Your situation is very similar to mine, except im stuck in a full time job I would totally agree with the post above and thats what i am doing at the moment.

I spent weeks on here deciding which route best suits my lifestyle, and i decided to go with the modular route, not only is it cheaper than integrated, it is ideal for people who are working as you do it all at a pace that suits you!

Im currently 10 hours into my PPL and plan to do distance learning ATPL and some hour building when i complete my PPL, after this i will save as much as i can for 6-8 months and get a loan to pay the differance needed for remaining hour building and CPL/IR. This also allows me to time the completion of my training to coincide with an upturn in the pilot market......hopefully!!

It may not be an option for you (like it wasnt for me) but if i could, i would definately carry out the PPL and hour building in America as you probably know it is a lot cheaper over there! And a lot of the FTOs there are JAA approved!

Best of luck whatever way you do it!
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Old 21st Jul 2011, 21:17
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you have 2 choices if you enter in this wonderful aviation industry:

1- you spend all you money, lose your GF, and finish under a bridge with a mountain of debt and no job.no green card in USA, no job in Europe,and the rest of the world don't want you!

2- shot yourself a bullet, save 3 seconds of airlines HR'time to not toss your worthless piece of crap of JAA CV.

have fun in your boring job! we are all in the same sinking boat!whatever you do, the water will sink your boat, can be in 1 year or 10 years, you will FAIL! because the system is failing and want us to fail! I fail after 25 years, becausee no f...g job around anymore and license expired and nobody want you when over 50...!

My advce:don't pay one euro, let them to pay for you!suck them before they suck you! The airline industry will chop you in 1000 pieces. they are devil!
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Old 22nd Jul 2011, 00:14
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: England
Age: 35
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I've been reading even more into peoples experiences of a Pilots life which a huge majority have clearly stated its not what its usually perceived as etc, I have taken on board all the bad stuff, read peoples good opinions on it...

I still would love to do this (but not the route now, that I had originally intended, will start with PPL first) is it worth every opportunity that becomes available, to try get into one of for example, Ryanair/Flybe's sponsored courses that offer the job before you start the training for them, (where you fund the first 3 phases, and they bond you to them with the 4th phase) like the one that CitiJet have just closed applications for? (am kinda bawling my guts at having missed applications for that by not even a month :< )

Surely if you can get onto one of them with the guaranteed job, it would make the cost to go on their training program worth it and (if i can go as far to say perhaps risk free of becoming just another casualty of overspun sales hype, once you become qualified and start working for them?
Is this the golden ticket to getting that big kick-start?
(in the mean time I am looking for jobs in the aviation industry doing anything)

Its definitely in my blood but I am not in the position to make such a decision light heartedly with blind hope and afford to be debt-ridden for the next 4 (or however many it might be) years after course ending due to lack of a Pilots job offer...
many thanks
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Old 23rd Jul 2011, 09:19
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Surely if you can get onto one of them with the guaranteed job
nobody will guaranty you anything! unless you go in a big airline like BA and they take care of everything.
Most guys I believe finish with no job(only a dream), and simply disapear from the aviation market.

I know many guys who now do something else, only 2 or 3 are still flying, and they are not happy with their job!

in fact I don't know any pilot who are truly happy. even guys flying the big planes, are tired, exhausted,...

do something else, have a life and stay happy even if your office job is not the best, at least you make money and have your free time for yourself!

aviation is a man's dream. Better to buy yourself a nice house in malibu!
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Old 23rd Jul 2011, 22:41
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fully agree with XXPLOD. Its the best way, I have done PPL when I was 30 and with 32, having about 60 h SEP time, I decided to start JAA ATPL training @Bristol. With 34 started by airline on 737, so just go for it
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Old 24th Jul 2011, 07:43
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I rest my case on this one.....
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