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I agree with INNflight, that training is the key.
So I did: I got Skytest and did it again, again and again with that software and the official DLR-CBTs. I repeated all the tests until I got sick of it - several weeks in a row.
90%, it's just getting used to it by repetition again, AGAIN AND AGAIN.
The pass rate for ready entries is, however, higher (something around 50% for the first step, the GU) than mentioned by INNflight.
I seriously advise you: Don't underestimate the test, it's nasty stuff, do that stuff until you're completely sick of it! You WILL be fine. Neglect it, you'll fail.
Training is the key, I can't say it often enough... you definitely don't need to be superhuman, but you need to be well trained...
Good luck!
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Hi guys,

Thank you for these very appreciated feedbacks and tips! ;-)
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Hi guys.I have a question about DLR test for SunExpress Airlines.Does anyone know what is the passing criteas for SunExpress on percentage for DLR on each test?I m equiped with CBTs but I dont know which of them are for SunExpress? I looked somewhere but I couldnt get sufficient information.I will be very glad if someone help me.
Best regards...
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Hi Wingsfly,
unfortunately I don't have a clue, which tests will be conducted during the SunExpress application process. However, I suppose, it should be very similar to Lufthansa. I think someone has already posted before, which tests have been conducted, when he/she was there.
About the pass marks:
They're kept secret, no one knows them.
But one thing is definitely sure: you just have to be avarage or slightly above avarage. But you can't afford more than one test being less than avarage - maybe even not one below avarage.
So, if you're well trained, if you simply can't achieve better results by even more training and you're still experiencing difficulties in a test, most probably everyone else does. And if everyone else is in troubles with a certain test, the avarage to be achieved will be fairly low.
See: I know guys and gals who entered in the mental arithmetics just one or two results at all; even without knowing if these results were correct: And guess what?! They passed.
The same seems to be true for that brutal VMC-Test (1-back, 2-back, 3-back, etc.): Everbody says that this test is simply impossible. And people pass nevertheless!
You never know, what those guys at the DLR want to see.
One speculation about mental arithmetics e.g. is:
They just want to put you under heavy stress and see how will cope with the NEXT test. The mental arithmetics itself are not important. It's just perfect to put people under heavy and nasty pressure, because there are very few people out there who are INDEED well in mental arithmetics.
This is just a speculation, but it seems reasonable.
Once more: you never know, what they really want to see, so be very well prepared, stay calm under all circumstances, even if things are going bad in your opinion.
Keep in mind: all others will struggle with that nasty stuff, too!
If you're well prepared, it's unrealistic to believe others do sooooooo much better than you.
That's it!
Kind regards to Turkey and good luck,
P.S.: Maybe you wanna check :: DLR-Test, Lufthansa, AUA, ... :: Infos, Ausbildung, Erfahrungsberichte :: Index with a translation machine or ask there in English if somebody can help you with your questions about SunExpress.
Ahhhh, look here: :: DLR-Test, Lufthansa, AUA, ... :: Infos, Ausbildung, Erfahrungsberichte :: Thema anzeigen - Sunexpress selection :: DLR-Test, Lufthansa, AUA, ... :: Infos, Ausbildung, Erfahrungsberichte :: Thema anzeigen - SunExpress

Ah, well, mental arithmetics:
Definitely LEARN BY HEART the square numbers and their roots up to 30 and additionally the cubes (is that what it is called in English?) and their third roots up to 10 (2^3=8, 3^3=27, etc.).
You will be surprised, how easy mental arithmetics will go then as many calculation tasks are derived from those numbers, e.g. "How much is 17% out of 289?"...
17^2=289, so it's simply 17! Simply by knowing these numbers, you will solve some 6, 7 or 8 questions out of 20, which is already very good as it seems!

For easy learning of the squares:
Write them down and you will see, that the last two digits of the square numbers between 20 and 30 are symmetrical to 25.
Just write it down and you'll see what I mean...

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First of all I m sorry because of delay for replying and thank you very much for all informations.They are indeed very beneficial.I will follow your adviceses but as you known DLR is queit difficult so it is hard to manage how to study but I will try Thank you very much again.Kind regards to Germany!
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wingsfly, just make sure that you don't waste any money on preparation software. the CBTs provided by the DLR are sufficient. they don't come with the mic-test, but since you already have an IR it should be a piece of cake anyways.
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Reply to sirdeluxe

Hi sirdeluxe, Having an IR is NOT sufficient for passing the MIC. As I stated before on this thread. I have an IR and still failed the MIC. You MUST NOT fly the MIC like an aeroplane if you do you WILL fail.
Having talked with DLR and others who sat the test it seems to be a regular occurrence for people to pass all other subjects and fail the MIC.
So, as I said earlier. Buy the Skytest and use it for the MIC and use the DLR sample tests to practice for everything else. It seems impossible at first but if you work hard enough at it you will pass.
Pilots taking the German test (ie Lufthansa) are benchmarked against the profile of an average German Pilot. All other European pilots are benchmarked against "The average European Pilot"
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Hi SirDeluxe,
im my very honest opinion:
In 1996, a preparation-software for the DLR cost some €400-500 (GPB 340-425 / USD 550-680). I'm not joking.
THAT was expensive - and compared to Skytest it wasn't even worth €5,-!
Today, Skytest is a rather good product for a reasonable price while the competitor with those unbelievable prices disappeared a long time ago; I think, the Skytest-Software is some €50-60,-. And: Nearly *everybody* uses it for training, so simply not having it *might* be an disadvantage.
I have trained mainly with Skytest, I did only the RMS-Test with the official DLR-CBTs some years ago, since with the RMS-Test even the voice and speed in the CBT is identical to the test at the DLR. I was told in the final interview for LH, that all results at the first stage of the application process (GU) were "very good", while the MIC-Test as only "good". No, I'm not showing off, but simply reporting if my preparation was useful or not.
I think, the investment in the software was reasonable.
I definitely agree with Raven1972, that without training the MIC is very difficult. Your IR-rating will *not* help you...
The MIC is *not* an aviation simulator (MIC="Monitoring and Instrument Coordination"), it's a test which just looks like a simulator but behaves rather different and checks abstract abilities which are only in a very limited way comparable to instrument flying. Yes, if you fly it like an aeroplane, you'll probably fail.
In contrast to Raven1972, I recommend training predominantly with Skytest; it's worth that little money (hey, your flight training wasn't free either, was it?!) and while all the DLR-CBTs are only *prerecorded*, Skytest will generate all the time new exercises randomly. Addtionally, Skytest presents all the tests pretty close to the real thing, while the DLR-CBTs DO NOT show important details! Partly, the DLR-CBTs are even misleading! The real thing is definitely pretty different to the CBTs - that might give you a very unpleasant surprise while you sit the DLR and realize that you don't know many of the details and you're not prepared for them.
That detail is the only thing, I really dislike about the DLR: Their information policy should be a bit more honest; but it isn't.
Just my opinion,
good luck to you all,

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raven, mc fly, i agree with both of you that the MIC is not a simulator, a real airplane won't do those funny things. well, maybe a C152 does if you are stupid enough to fly it straight into a CB, who knows? but, as mc fly mentions, it stands for "Monitoring and Instrument Coordination", and in my opinion this is exactly what constitutes ifr flying, as well as performing other tasks simultaneously.

i have to say that i also used skytest. i did the MIC twice, first attempt with 78 %, second with 90 %. i don't want to show off here, i'm just trying to explain that it worked for me that way. i also trained mental arithmetic with skytest, for everything else i used the DLR software. maybe i chose the wrong words in my earlier posting. i still think that buying skytest was a waste of money, for me. there are other ways to practise your scanning technique. it may be a wise investment for someone else. assess your strong points and your weaknesses and decide. and yes, i think the price is reasonable.
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Is there anyway to obtain my dlr results or a certificate? I recently passed the dlr assessment for royal jordanian airlines, unfortunately i am unable to fly in jordan due to legal governmental issues. Is it possible to use my recommendation for another airline ??? thx
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DLR test

So, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I thought that the whole point of a JAR licence was to allow any holder to fly any JAR registered aircraft? Is this the Germans putting up additional barriers to non-Germans? In which case what is the bloody point of a JAR licence?
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An fATPL MECPLIR with a typerating does not automatically make you into a suitable F/O-candidate even if the rules say that you are allowed to be one.

With that said, I do not mean that anyone who does not pass the DLR isn't. I recently failed it myself but I can for sure see the need of a psychological screening even if they seem a little bit nitpicky about things.
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Hi za3za3ee,
the DLR will give you the exact results only on a visit in Hamburg.
However, you should have got a certificate of passing the DLR from your company (Royal Jordanian).
In case you did not get a certificate from Royal Jordanian, try contacting the DLR itself and ask them for a certificate.
Please check here:

DLR - Institute of Aerospace Medicine - Contact

I don't know, if they're answering the phone or emails... Maybe you need to send a letter to:

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Sportallee 54
22335 Hamburg

They're extremely picky about data privacy protection, so maybe it's a good idea to mention exactly when you haven been there and additionally sending a copy of your passport for proof of identity.
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Thank you very for your response captain mcfly, i recently tried using this link however i havent recieved any sort of feedback yet. I will mail them my request and attach my passport copy as you have adviced. I would also like to ask you several questions and would greatly appreciate it if you could pssibly assist me:-

- Is my DLR recommendation of any use other than than the airline i applied through (Royal Jordanian), and if so how may i use it?

-Does my DLR recommendation apply for the other DLR incooperated airlines i.e Turkish, Lufthansa etc. and does this give me an advantage in applying for a position?

-Is is possible for the airline ie.(RJ) to intervene an determine whether you passed or failed the DLR assessment despite your actual results? (A highly controversial topic)

This is exteremly frustrating since after 6 months of countless assessments with RJ and finally achieving to pass the DLR test that seemed to be the golden gateway to an airline career, i am still jobless without even a piece of paper that proves i even attended such a test, and what seemed as a highly reputed achievement is absolutly useless so far!
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SkyTest® Preparation Software for DLR 1 Screening (BU/GU)

Hello Gentlemen!

In the Skytest webpages is text "Input as a rule is via keyboard and mouse, some tests can also be carried out with the joystick." If you use Skytest for preparing to DLR it better to use keyboard+mouse or joystick? How many of the actual DLR tests are done with joystick and how many with keyboard+mouse? Can somebody tell, which skytest exercises are worthwhile to practice with joystick and which with keyboard+mouse?
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The MIC is with a joystick, the rest is touchscreen.
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has anybody taken the DLR test recently? if yes are the ATPL questions still similar to what posted in the italian tread (I copy an example below)??

1- what's the function of the eustachian tube?to equalize the pressure in the ear
2-what part of the ear is responsive for equilibrium?the otholit
3- function of hemoglobin?oxygen to the body
4-environmental capture?something to do with skill rule
5-main factor in global weather changes?heating of the earth
6-causes of windshear?strong temperate inversion
7-if you cool an air mass to its dewpoint?umidity 100%
8-if maintaining constant angle of attack the airspeed is 3 times faster what happens to lift?9 times bigger
9-some question regarding airspeed: answer is crate mach
10- question about traveling along parallel 60N: answer 1800nm (cosine of 60=0.5)
11-what is a rate 1 turn? 3°/second
12- the sun is 40°W, when will it be at 85°W?After 3 hours (15° per hour)
13-something about turn indicators: rate gyro
14-real wander in gyroscope: due internal friction
15-how is a gyro erected in an ADI?leveling switches and torque motors
16-some question about gyros: answer gimbal
17-instrument that indicates low pressure stage in an engine? N1
18- if after 50nm climb you have reached 20.000ft what is the rate?2000ft/min
19-red light from tower?don't land
20- acceleration error of attitude indicator during take off?pitch up
21- same as above for the human body?pitch up feeling

Thank you for your time!
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Hello to all.

First i really wish COVID-19 comes to an end soon. For the the health of our families and friends and so for us to come back to the sky.

I have a DLR test for a company in the middle east "though it's not 100% confirmed due to the current situation" yet i"m wondering who have done it recently?
I'm preparing myself and it seems going well ( I hope!! ) but i really want to know how it actually starts and ends there in Hamburg. How many CBT's they are? I know i'll have (RMS-MEK-OWT-PPT-ROT- Math- Physics- MIC-mental arithmetic- Concentration & english.Is ther anything else? and any idea about the passing marks?

Thanks in advanced.
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