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Raven, its the 9 psych tests plus a personality test with questions like: have you ever had negative thoughts about immigrants? if you pass this part, you will have an interview with dlr psychologists and a captain or hr person from the company. here they will try to push a few buttons and see how you react, maybe they use your answers from the personality test, who knows. Be prepared for evereything from easy q`s about your life and training to accusing you of different things.
Final tip! Read up on, and get some knowledge about the history of the country you are going to work in!!!!!

Break a leg.

Debs, if the company plans on inviting you for interview and hopefully the following dlr test, they will give you access to the cbt well before the actual test, probably at least a month. Because the companies know of the high failure rate and doesnt want to pay for tickets and hotel for people who havent been training on the cbt. Have not tried the skytest thing so no comment.
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I took the DLR for Turkish on June 25th along with a group of mostly 'ab initio' applicants and a few ATPL holders. The only difference was that the ATPL guys had to take an additional 30 minute aviation related test. Turkish opts for the one day exam as opposed to Lufthansa who requires a multiple day exam or so we hear.

Our schedule was as such:

Spatial orientation

Running memory span
Character evaluation survey

Perceptual speed

Cube Rotation
Visual Memory


I bought SkyTest beforehand and also used the CBTs provided by the DLR center so any questions you might have I can answer for the next two days before I leave for bootcamp.
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LH italy DLR subjects???

The CBT contains the following:
KRN-Mental Arithmetic
MEK-Visual Memory
OWT-Perceptual Speed
RMS-Running Memory Span
ROT-Cube Rotation
VLR-Spatial Orientation

Is all of this being tested on the DLR TEST for LH italy???

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In case you did bother to read the posting above yours (I assume not), all subjects are being tested.
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Any UK citizens who got hired by LH italy?


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I've talked to a few of the guys who've done the Tests and it appears not to be as bad as I first thought...
I wouldn't pay to do mock tests with another company as you will get all the necessary sample tests to enable you to prepare once you get selected by an airline.
Why would you want to prepare for the tests unless required by a prospective employer?
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Thanks Tuborglite. Some very useful info. In for my 1st interview tomorrow so hopefully will be off to DLR at the end of September ...
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DLR LH Italia/new visual memory test

Hello everybody,

Can someone tell me if the real VMC test is made of the same shapes as the new test we had to download a couple of weeks ago?

If it's the same shapes it makes the test a bit easier. I get around 81-83% for the moment, but that score doesn't seem to go up much unfortunatly


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Dlr Sunexpress!!!!!!

Hi guys,

I got an invitation for the selection process in SUnExpress for will be 5 days of tests.. 2 days for company interview and sim and 3 for the DLR...
Any info about the SUNEXPRESS DLR??? I did it for LH italia and i didn t pass it..I m even surprised that they called me coz i know it is possible to do it just once....anyway...I dunno if to attend to it or not..I am working in a Company in europe with very nice people ...the salary is not like sun express but at least I am in europe...any suggestion??

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Hi blusky75,

concerning the SunExpress DLR I know that they originally only did the DLR GU (1 day), simulator screening and an interview with two DLR psychologists on another day.

Rumours amongst SunExpress pilots tell that they now switch to the full DLR process like LH Italia does it.
But that wouldn't mean 5 days of testing?

You can do the DLR process numerous times, but only once with one airline.

Hope that helps, Cheers!
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Hi Guys,
just to let you get some feedback..
I sat the DLR a week ago and failed as did a number of other testee's Not sure really where it went wrong to be honest as I thought I did a reasonably good test
The tests are pretty much the same as the samples given by DLR the only difference was that we got an aviation test instead of a physics one with a bank of ATPL question... departure and weather etc
Then there were 2 Profiling questionnaire's 1 for your personality and the second for CRM. the CRM was a bit crap really but there you go...the CRM one was split with the second part being about "what would you do when programming the FMC?, if the captain wants to deviate from established procedures?...does automation make your life easier?" etc etc
Math was tougher than the sample with an emphasis on factorising and other questions like calculating the area of a semicircle with 2 smaller semicircles cut out of it...etc
can't say much more than that....the English test was quite tough as well though I'm a native speaker and reckon I should have passed that ok...

The schedule was exactly the same as posted above by Efe Cem Elci
Hope you guys have better luck than I did...I'll let you know more when I receive feedback from DLR....
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Hi Raven1972,

Thank you for your feedback about DLR test. What was the company for which you applied? Turkish Airlines, LHI...
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Hey guys!

I also got an invitation for the DLR test for LH-Italia...
I know that the first test is the DLR that takes all the day.
Do we have the answer at the end or we have to wait some days?
And if we have the answer after the test and that it's OK, do we have to stay in Hamburg or we will be called by LHi some days after?

Thank's !

Hope to see all pilots there in a flightdeck!
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You will receive your results 7-10 days after you sit the DLR so you can go home afterwards and wait to receive your results.
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Hi Debs,

Skytest is the best investment you can make. Of course with dedication and lots of practise, no reason you should fail. For ab-initio guys, physics might be a bit of an issue because it's more about good understanding of the principles but you won't find it in skytest. You really need to revise your high school physic books if you are not already familiar with it.

Having said practise would do anything better, visual memory part is really something beyond skytest or anything else you find in the market. I cannot advise enough to do more work on this than any other part of the test. I haven't managed to find out what exactly improves visual memory myself but it was really hard to focus and try to memorize all the symbols in a short time and remember the first symbol you saw....

Best wishes,
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HI Guys,
Just to follow up on my recent posts...
I talked with the Psychologist in DLR and it seems that I passed all the tests except for the MIC (Monitoring and Instrument Coordination).
My conclusion to this is that you should buy the Skytest if it does indeed contain training software for the MIC. It seems strange to me that DLR provide samples for all other tests except the MIC given that their philosophy is to allow to to practice until you reach a plateau of your ability whereby your skills are then properly verified. Given that I never had a chance to fly the MIC before and given that if you fly it like an aircraft you will fail it doesn't seem to me to be a proper gauge of you abilities. Rather its like playing a video game for the first time and not succeeding (unsurprising).
It certainly may be good for someone without Aviation training. An 18 yr old straight out of school who hasn't been trained to specifically fly a certain way and not over-control......
So, I guess spend the money on the Skytest and don't HOPE that you will master the MIC first time round in a high pressure environment....
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It was with Luxair
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Hi Guys,

I have been invited for the DLR test at LH Italia (February 2011)... Did anyone already go to Hamburg for this selection? If so, any tips would be welcome.

I tried a DLR sample at a friend's house who got invited for LH main company, it looked like a crazy test!

Anyway, in the meantime, I'll practise on the DLR CBT LH Italia gave me access to!

Thanks for your help!
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Yeah, It seems crazy at first but persevere and you will find it gets much easier. You won't believe how good you will get after a week or two training on it..
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For anyone going, BUY SKYTEST and practise with it!

Estimated pass rates at LH Mainline are 7-10 (!!!) percent, probably even lower taking all factors into account.

Chances are you'll NOT be within these 7 if you have not seen and practised some of the tests before.
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