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Ryanair threads (merged)

Old 23rd Nov 2009, 11:32
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Well, not quite correct.
8 weeks is the usual time for the TR. On completion, I waited about 2 weeks to do my base training (which was much appreciated) and then another couple of weeks to start the supernumerary flights and line training. This would have been much quicker, but I had an admin problem with my IAA licence. A couple of weeks is about right for safety pilot release. I wouldn't say the pay was especially bad during line training. It is the usual FO rate of 55.5 Euro per hour minus 15 Euro per hour until the end of line training (and bizarrely until the end of the calendar month that you complete your line check).
Don't forget when estimating the costs of the TR - you should be able to reclaim the VAT when you establish yourself as a limited company. I did. Also the net costs are tax deductable. Just be sensible, budget for your expenses and stick to it.
Once you're on the line, it all makes sense and you'll make the costs back fairly quickly. Hope that helps...
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 11:46
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allmost correct then, but i under paid you by 5 an hour, that can only be a good thing.

the pay hold until end of calander month is a bit of a con, admin excuse to save money i guess, but if you finish on the 28th its ok i guess, 1st would be a bit of a pain.
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 11:56
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OK, a little bit less crazy then!

Fact remains a further 40k will have to be forked out initially - lotta dough!

Still, I can't help it but the more I hear directly from RYR folks the more I think it's a pretty good deal after all. It is indeed a highly performance based pay scheme they have in place but overall pilots make more than with most other European carriers. And the 5/4 roster with no overnights is awesome. At least in my eyes.

Just a couple more questions, from what stage can new joiners deadhead? On average, how long does it take to gain command?
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 13:42
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You should get your ID end of the first week training in East Mids, from there you can dead head for company business (travel to where your flying/line training and get home)
or ask capt's nicely if you can sit in the flight deck jump seat to observe the operation for training.

command will depend on your hours now, 200hr cadet or previous experiance

command upgrade info states requirements as
1500 Jar25
500 Ryanair Jar25 and a winter season

then been good enough
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 17:56
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Sorry, I'm being pedantic:

You should get your ID end of the first week training in East Mids, from there you can dead head for company business
Only if you actually get your ID by the time you leave EMA! If not, you have to go there in person at your own expense to collect it, which you won't have time to do until after your TR. You also need your uniform to use jumpseat travel, and it normally takes 4 weeks from the start of the TR to be delivered to your home address. Pain in the bum...
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 19:21
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C'mon guys, gimmie a break

I was only a week or so out on my estimates - the general point being roughly 3 months of no pay and that most cadets will need access to 40,000 euros over this time.

I have been in the company for 2 years now and I have not worked for free!
Well, since it costs 40,000 euros to get to your position and you probably earn not much more than that after tax in the first 24 months then you have.

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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 19:33
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No no EK4457 don't you know, Ryanair pay-to-flyers earn enough to pay off their parents TR debt of 33000 Euros (not Euro) in 2 months. These big guns earn a minimum of 100K in the first year and it goes up exponentially from there......or so they tell their parents.

However I must say, Easyjet these days seem to be being even bigger to their pilots.

Let's face it, if you pass the 'selection', you'll find the money, so why worry?
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 20:00
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Somehow i had the feeling Beak was going to turn up very soon.

We've heard it all before mate and im sure im not the only one who finds you very boring. Your not wanted on this thread, so do the rightful thing and stop posting as your wasting your time.
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 20:03
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I thank you. Lighten up dick. My final sentence sums it up, so why discuss. You WILL apply to Ryanair on completion of training. If you are so 'lucky' to be called for selection you WILL pay for it and go. If you 'pass' the selection you WILL find the money and disregard all your senses and feelings to buy the job whether it involves dragging others further in to your mess or not.

Job done. Discussion over. Personal attacks ignored.
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 21:57
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Despite of all the negativity you impose on RYR I really do think you are an intelligent person, who is correct in many of what you say, be it about RYR or the industry in general. However, you cannot dismiss the fact that a job with RYR does have a whole lot of benefits. You even said so yourself in one of your latest postings. I really do think only a fool would not want to see the benefits a flying job with RYR brings. That being said, I do not think they are perfect, far from it. But they definitely are one of the better companies out there.

I am very much hoping to be given the opportunity to join them, but will do this with my homework done thoroughly and eyes wiiide open. I will have 1/3 of the mentioned 40k in savings and the rest I am going to finance through a bank, but on my own. If it all goes tits up I will go down alone. But something is telling me, if you keep your head down and are hardworking you are going to be OK.

Call me crazy but I do prefer RYR over virtually any other operator (except the classics) as I find the 5/4 roster, prospect of fast command and base in Italy or Spain veeery appealing. Plus, they are incredibly cash rich and hence stable outfit and if they do not have one of their AC drop out of the sky tomorrow they will be around for a long time to come. I might be massively naive and foolish but I don't think any other company in Europe can offer you the lifestyle and career prospects they do.

I had better scrap the pilot stuff and join RYR's marketing team instead...
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Old 23rd Nov 2009, 23:29
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Hi Beaky.

How you doin?

I actually think you are a pretty smart guy (or girl, sorry political correctness) and sincere at that. I wasn't a ryr cadet but I do work for them.

You know, i do agree this whole cost thing is gettin a little out of hand but its supply and demand right now. No, it aint worth going into debt.

There is a PUB frequented by RYR crew, thats in a TOWN near RYR's biggest base in the UK. Do the research its quite easy to find out its burnt down a few years ago.

Come down, look me up, meet some RYR pilots, we really aint a bad bunch and listen to what they have to say. And I'll buy you a pint

Good Luck!
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Old 24th Nov 2009, 00:11
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I have not paid 40,000 to fly for FR! so far I have made 18 payments of 475 towards my type rating repayment = 8550 and the type worked out to 21500ish when I did it, add 4000 for living while doing that and a contrbution towards reduced pay while line training and I have paid maybe 13k! a long long way off 40k, in that time I have earnt (not that its really your business 58k ish. and the average is increasing now on the higher rate.


stop been a prat and making up figures.
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Old 24th Nov 2009, 14:37
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Type rating

Hi all

Just trying to make contact with anyone starting there type rating on 15 feb in Ema / 1 march Ema

If you are send me a message

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Old 25th Nov 2009, 21:00
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And a further question.

I keep hearing rumors about Brookfield folks flying close to zero hours over the winter and hardly being able to make a living, if they don't live on savings made over the summer months? Any comments?
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Old 25th Nov 2009, 22:31
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Anyone starting type rating in amsterdam 15th of march 2010? Pm me.
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 14:08
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Upper age limit

Does ryanair have an upper age limit for the cadet entry with 250hrs?

It just seems like there's alot of young people early-mid 20's getting selected and was wondering if they have a limit or if anyone knows people who have been selected over the age of say 35..?

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Old 26th Nov 2009, 14:57
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Salaries & Pay

Hi, I'm thinking of doing the Ryanair type rating in 2010... does anyone know what the starting salary for Ryanair would be if one was successful? Any info on any other carriers would be greatly appreciated. I'm aware on easyjet pay scales etc... thanks
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Old 26th Nov 2009, 17:28
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Wannabe Zombie Army.


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starting salary for Ryanair
Oh how I chuckled.

They don't do salaries. How much they pay you is up to them and you have no control over it.

You get paid per scheduled block hour. You have no guarantee of how many you'll get.

For more info trawl the whole of this thread.

And don't skip WWW's comments.

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Old 26th Nov 2009, 18:58
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starting salary for Ryanair
Sleeping bag and car spring to mind........
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