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Ginger 1 16th Oct 2009 23:29

Ryanair threads (merged)
Hi Guys,

Trying to make contact with anyone who is on the Jan 18th course in East Midlands. Give me a shout back.

EI-022 17th Oct 2009 09:59

Any idea on the number of people in this batch at EMA?

Well done on passing selection Ginger 1!

earthwalker 17th Oct 2009 12:51

Ryanair Type rating gossip
Hi there!

Who else starts on 4-th of Jan in EMA for 6 days of intro and then in CAE (18-th of Jan) in Amsterdam?

jonnyboy102 17th Oct 2009 15:06

Ryanair TR starting EMA 25th Jan
Hi, is anyone else on this course? I think we're at OAA in sweden for the TR on 8th Feb.

Also does anyone have a rough idea of the total number of cadets that will be ready for the Spring next year. I estimated about 200.

Halfwayback 17th Oct 2009 21:53

Ryanair Type rating gossip
A collective thread for RYR type rating gossip


738fly 20th Oct 2009 08:21

Starting Ryanair TR 23rd Nov EMA/CAE
Hi all,

I am starting the TR at EMA 27th Nov then CAE 7th Dec, Thought it would be good to get in touch with others starting on these dates.

Please post if you are, or pm me.

Looking forward to it! :)

ps. Please no slagging about FR, I know what I am getting into, Thanks.

LAX 21st Oct 2009 00:06

Awwwwh......what a let down:confused: When i heard the words RYANAIR and GOSSIP i thought this thread was about new cabin crew girlie's - down the bridge or monday nights in chicagos...............not necessarily in that order:)

73Heaven 21st Oct 2009 01:00

Dec TR
Anyone starting intro week Dec 14th & TR at EMA on the 29th? Any advice about local accomadation for the tr would be much appreciated. Cheers

The Real Slim Shady 21st Oct 2009 09:12

You could try these


East Midlands Airport Bed and Breakfast Cheap Hotel Guest House Accommodation

Always ask for the Ryanair rate.

Mikehotel152 21st Oct 2009 09:54

...and get punched on the nose? :confused::}

IrishJetdriver 22nd Oct 2009 20:29

check out travelodge.co.uk

The EMA hotel is at the service station as you leave the m1 for EMA. Less than 5 mins from the training centre by car.

I have nearly always stayed there. In fact I'm booked for 3 nights for 87 in mid nov, When I joined FR I stayed 6 nights for 92 ! The earlier you book, the cheaper it is.

douk2k 22nd Oct 2009 21:30

Starting with Ryanair
Good evening people,

I am due to start Type rating soon. I would be grateful if anybody either whom have gone through the Ryanair Type rating process or anybody whom knows something, that can explain what needs to be done and sorted before starting the type rating. For example, accountants, licence conversion, etc.


flyhighspeed300 22nd Oct 2009 22:36

Interview at Stansted (Ryanair)
just got an offer of an interview with Ryanair at Stansted.
Its at the end of November.

I know the techincal interview is in 2 parts.
one about current aircraft types, e.g MEP & SEP questons.
whats the second part of questons they asked?

On the simulator assessment,
i know its a departure from XXXX airfield , climbs, decents at assigned the speed. then onto steep turns. then back to the NDB on an assigned bearing, with an engine fire on the way back. then into the "hold". then out for a procedural single engine ILS into RWY XXXXX

What are the airports are they likely to used in the simulator assessment?

I have not flown on a B373-800 to be used at stansted, should i do some sim work on the B737-800 before the interview?
I did my MCC on a B737-200 series, not glass cockpit!!! :confused:

One9iner 23rd Oct 2009 05:30

Mods. Is there no way all these Ryanair based threads can be reduced down to 1 or 2.... Every other thread is "Starting at Ryanair, Interview with Ryanair, Ryanair Gossip, Ryanair Type Rating, Ryanair's over there? Ryanair cut short back and sides, Ryanair red bull air race"


One9iner 23rd Oct 2009 05:33

Why don't you search all of the other Ryanair related threads that already exist here? !!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::ugh::ugh:

TheBeak 23rd Oct 2009 05:40

Come on, it's very unlike Ryanair and it employees (to be) to monopolise everything.

hollingworthp 23rd Oct 2009 09:19

I haven't interviewed for FR but would expect some generic ATPL questions from any airline interview.

BigNumber 23rd Oct 2009 09:44

I haven't interviewed for FR but would expect some generic ATPL questions from any airline interview. [/quote]

Possibly a couple of questions with regard to how 'Sir' would like to settle his bill?

pilotcop 23rd Oct 2009 11:57

flyhighspeed300 - with regards the interview:

Basic ATPL theory, if you know your stuff and do a bit of revision, you should be ok, they're not trying to trip you up

when I interviewed, they spent a bit of time on my CV, just chatting about my background, experiences, etc - again, just be open and honest so they can see what kind of person you are.

Re the Sim check:

There will be vast differences between the 200 and 800, I did my MCC on the 737-400 and found the 800 to be alot quicker. You will have a full brieifing pack to prepare yourself, up to you if you feel the need to pay for more sim sessions!

You will be given the plates on the day for whichever procedure you will be flying, pretty irrelevant knowing them before hand, you have enough time to prepare! Other than that, there will most probably be some general handling, NDB tracking, etc. Don't do anything you wouldn't normally and remember CRM!! Good luck

hollingworthp 24th Oct 2009 09:14

BigNumber - believe it or not - that is not true. I know of several guys who failed selection there. Granted it sounds as though they porked the sim, but there was a real technical focus on the interview questions. I think they were trying to probe your knowledge level so would keep asking harder and harder questions till they found a gap (but not trying to catch you out)

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