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I dream of being a pilot (Merged 2009)

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I dream of being a pilot (Merged 2009)

Old 8th May 2009, 20:12
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Exclamation I dream of being a pilot (Merged 2009)

Hi. I really want to become a pilot and im determined. Im in year 9 and just chose my GCSE options for next year. I needed some advice .. I wanted to know if any Airlines in the UNITED KINGDOM do sponships to help me get my PPL and also the other licenses because at the moment my family is quite poor. Thanks If you can reply as soon as possible

Kind regards..
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Old 8th May 2009, 20:28
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Could try GAPAN or the Air League (just google either). Not sure of the entry requirements, but they offer scholarships to help obtain a PPL.

Good luck!
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Old 8th May 2009, 23:42
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Flybe part sponsored scheme is probably the best going at the minute, but even then you'll need to find 40-50k yourself. Other than that try GAPAN.
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Old 9th May 2009, 05:27
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RAF give you 20 hrs for a flying scholarship.
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Old 9th May 2009, 11:08
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im in air cadets.. but havent had the chance to fly yet because im still a recruit. But my next flying course will begin in june/july . Do the flying hours still count to help me get my ppl?
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Old 9th May 2009, 12:16
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I'm 16 and Cpl in the corps.
I would suggest that you undergo a gliding scholarship. From there you can be recommended to complete a flying scholarship. This is 12-15 hours towards your NPPL however if you've started a PPL the hours can go towards that instead. I was under the impression you had to be at least 16 to do both though as both courses result in you flying solo. Unless you're on another course in the summer that I don't know about I would suggest this is the way to go. Until you are 16 I'd suggest trying to get as much AEF time as you can to show that you are keen and to help build up your experience before your scholarships.
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Old 9th May 2009, 14:04
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I wanted to know if any Airlines in the UNITED KINGDOM do sponships to help me get my PPL and also the other licenses because at the moment my family is quite poor
Try the routes mentioned above to get your PPL but as for the others, it's better that you change your attitude towards your commercial flight training now. There is actually no such thing as a free sponsorship for commercial flight training. The best and most likely way to achieve your end goal is not through "sponsorships" but by studying and then working hard to earn money in another area of life whilst saving. This attitude is what makes poor people rich. Focus on that goal and the rest will fall into place nicely.
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Old 9th May 2009, 15:32
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Try and see if you could join your local gliding club. You will get alot more flying than with the Air Cadets.

You might also want to think about getting a job at a nearby airfield, helping cut the grass or pulling planes out, they may give you discounted lessons and club members may take you flying for free!!

Good luck, never let anyone tell you it cant be done!

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Old 9th May 2009, 19:58
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Honestly, go and visit your local flying club and ask them if you can help out, get some experience and maybe get some return in hours. Don't be afraid, they've heard this request before, and if they need someone, they will let you do it. Many pilots with airlines have started this way including a few of my friends.
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Old 9th May 2009, 21:49
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what grades do i need in gcse's to be a pilot and also do i need a-levles to do a scholarship.. and in what subjects , and grades... and do virgin atlantic or easyjet do scholarships? Thanks for your help so far guys.. Im starting to understand things alot more than be4
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Old 9th May 2009, 22:09
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btw does any1 know the requirements for GAPAN and easyjet?
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Old 9th May 2009, 22:15
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I would forget the scholarship route if I were you. These days they are as rare as hen's teeth, in fact (and I'm ready to be corrected here) nobody offers them any more*. Over the last few years more and more people have bought their own type ratings to get a job which has convinced the airlines that they've no need to help anyone. By the time you are ready to apply I think airline scholarships will just be a fond memory.

One option might be the military where places are very hotly contested and for which you would need a full set of GCSE's, A-Levels in (preferably) physics, maths and another similar subject. A degree probably wouldn't go amiss either. One thing I would say, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, you'll need to be in the top stream at school/college and you'll need to brush up on spelling (I know, this is 'only' the internet but start as you mean to go on and ditch the textspeak). The people against whom you'll be competing for slots will be the very best, you'll need to be too.

If the military isn't an option then consider what Superpilot wrote earlier. You'll have to pay your own way through your training and although that will be slower if done correctly you could come through relatively debt free. You'll need to be patient though as that will entail building another job/career to the point where you can fund your flying training. Probably not what you want to hear now but many commercial pilots went that way and have very rewarding careers. It just took a few years is all.

Your profile doesn't say exactly where you are but as has already been suggested if you are near an airfield get along there and see if you can get involved.

Edit. You'll also need to show that you have initiative. Asking questions here is fine but how about using the internet to find the GAPAN site and see what you can learn for yourself? People here are very helpful but they won't spoon feed you

*Air Atlantique still offering theirs, anyone?
Old 9th May 2009, 22:16
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If you're 14 years of age - stop asking about airlines - you can't go solo for another 3 years...sloooow down! Get your grades, yes A Levels are an advantage, especially if you're seeking sponsorship, Maths/Physics...that's all you need right now - come back here when you're ready for a PPL or Flintstones advice is good...
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Old 10th May 2009, 05:46
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Hey JB.......

didn't you want to be a pilot.......................once..............
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Old 10th May 2009, 12:44
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school ??

right i am abit stuck.
i am only 14 but at school teachers and career officers keep asking what i want to be and i want to say pilot but i dnt know if i can make it.
i aint the best behaved at school but i am pretty clever. i can knuckle down when i want to and learn but i have been messing around alot this year. i already have 2 gcse 1 at c grade in it and a b grade in statistics (maths). i have choose my options and went for geography,pe,restistant materials and sociology.
i have been excluded a couple of times but i have always wanted to be a pilot and it is my dream to be a comercial pilot.
are all your school records perfect and are any of you that wasnt the best behaved at school ???
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Old 10th May 2009, 12:51
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I was never asked about my school record and cannot believe airline recruiters would be interested.

If your flying exams are good and you interview & sim-check well you should be fine.
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Old 10th May 2009, 12:56
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ok thanks but could they have looked at your record
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Old 10th May 2009, 13:09
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Never been asked about school records and I doubt they care. All they want to know is did you pass their requirements (whatever they are, all slightly different)

I got kicked out of a few classes here and there, eventually "grew up" and settled down. Got a job (actually several to pay for it all) and did it all part time.

If however, you're going for some scheme (ala CTC, OAA etc) they are extremely competitive and so a "couple of GSCEs" won't cut it.

If I knew then what I know now I would have got extra tuition in maths and physics and studied French.
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Old 10th May 2009, 13:23
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No, Airlines or FTO's will not look at your behaviour record in school. They will look at your grades however.

We all act up to a greater or lesser degree in School, i think its part of the growing up process. However, if you want to be a Pilot you will have to mature a bit in the next few years, or else you will be "found out". There is a lot of classroom work involved in pilot training, and if you act up in these classes, then you will be asked to leave, and not return.

If you say you can knuckle down, etc. then man up and do it. Hammer out your GCSE's, get the best grades you possibly can, then onto A-Levels and do the same. Learn some self discipline - it will serve you well in your future career. Remember, when you do eventually get to the type rating stage, you will be back in the classroom, except there will be a lot of money riding on you by that point. How do you think the Airline / Bank that is sponsoring you will feel if you get binned for being a bit of a div in class?

And before you ask, I was no angel in School. I had my fair few bollockings and detentions...
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Old 10th May 2009, 13:29
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thanks everyone is it better to take a language gcse aswell??
also is there anyway i can find out all the abbreviations(sp)??
thanks kyle
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