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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

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The CTC Wings (Cadets) Thread - Part 2.

Old 23rd Jan 2009, 18:36
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Edmooriginal, well done for the interview... Do you know if it's on a permanent contract or through the flexi scheme?

Best of luck, I knew AerLingus was about to open a new base in LGW but I didn't expect them to hire some CTC cadets so soon.. That's very good.
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Old 24th Jan 2009, 15:14
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To my knowledge, I believe the Aer Lingus recruitment of CTC cadets is for the guys who were not taken on full-time by either EZ or MON at the end of their line training. They will be coming in as DEPs - nice deal for Aer Lingus....Type rated, current, a number already experienced with ops out of LGW.
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Old 25th Jan 2009, 19:05
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Had my stage 2 and stage 3 for ctc a couple of weeks ago now. Passed all the tests for stage 2 and stayed for my interview, however the next day I received an email saying they was not going to continue further with my application. I'm 18 years old, so I did expect this result as I felt I did not have enough experience in the aviation industry (straight out of college applicant). The good thing is that they have invited me back to reapply in 12 months time! Just wondering if anyone had some information on how many people who fail at stage three are invited to reapply. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, how many people are accepted on the course after the second application? I'm sure information like this isn't exactly readily available, but just wondering if anyone had any help/advice?

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Old 25th Jan 2009, 22:28
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No idea on how many they say should re-apply in 12 months.

Apparently, the group I was with were told 95% of re-applicants get through the selection again...but don't take this as fact unless they say so.

Best thing to do is be positive and the best advice I could give you is to follow their feedback to the letter! It will most probably be blunt...very blunt but it's for your own good. I was in the same situation, I applied at 18. They said come back in 12 months. I spent the year improving aspects I was told were weak and went back. No the second time wasn't perfect but it was far better and at the end of the day, nobody is perfect and I passed at 19 instead.

It seems that the majority of cadets that get through have a degree, certainly on my course 85% have a degree and under 21s are the minority!

I would disagree with djfingerscrossed though. I wouldn't suggest you get a degree for the sake of it. If you want to go to university to study something you really enjoy then go for it. However, I found that I had so much more freedom and versatility to have the world at my feet and focus on the goal at hand rather than (in my opinion) follow the sheep as it seems the logical and most common thing to do.
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Old 26th Jan 2009, 09:41
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I guess some serious thinking needs to be done... Thanks a lot for your replies, still waiting on my feedback, so I guess I will wait and see what comes of that...

Thanks again, really helpful!
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Old 26th Jan 2009, 10:39
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what do you mean by nominal type jobs? I understand that it does focus you in one particular area, and perhaps reduce your chances in other areas, but what do you mean by nominal? Also, having a degree in a subject which has nothing to do with aviation, would this effect my chances of re-applying in a few years?

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Old 26th Jan 2009, 13:08
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Wow DJ that's rather cynical lol! Nobody will say what THE best way to go about becoming a pilot is. My thoughts echo what has already been said - this current economic downturn is typical - the global economy works in cycles and you need to continually be able to position yourself effectively if you are to get through it fairly unscathed. Timing too is a very real factor, and that basically comes with luck to a large extent. Having a degree gives you a number of things:

- An added qualification, demonstrating your ability to work to a high academic standard
- An opportunity to get away from home for the first time and gain some independance...this in turn is excellent life experience and builds maturity, something employers and CTC alike look for
- For a pilot, it is a fall-back...a Plan B, if you like
- It is an opportunity to get involved in all sorts of socials and clubs - these are often the defining aspects of your cv, the things that seperate you from the next graduate with similar grades.

My degree was completely un-related to flying, although it was always my intention to be a pilot. I did Business Management & Economics - very dull indeed in places, but got me into a graduate job with a logistics firm in a managerial position and CTC felt it had given me some very useful experience to take into a flying career. It is re-assuring to have a degree to fall back on to.

To address the specialist degree stuff DJ has shared, I do not agree! In the current climate, everyone is finding it tough to find work, not just graduates. I do not think managers discriminate against graduates because they fear they might surpass them - businesses thrive on new talent and young fresh minds - stagnation in any business is never sustainable, and in the long run their job would be just as vulnerable! I agree that having one of the specialist sector degrees effectively maps a career path for you to some extent, but you still have the competition for jobs. I know a number of guys in med school struggling to get placements/ jobs.
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Old 26th Jan 2009, 14:00
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Not wanting to get off track because "degree or no degree" has been debated ad nauseum elsewhere on these forums, but in my case going to university definitely helped. These comments only really apply to people coming out of school rather than people looking to become mature students... Not only does it give you experience of living away from home before you venture to the other side of the world for the best part of a year, but it also forces you out of your comfort zone of home/school life and makes you more socially aware. Getting a good degree proves you are capable of studying a subject at a higher level - remember, getting your fATPL involves a lot of study and the FTO will want to see evidence of your capability to get your head down and work. It doesn't have to be aviation, maths or science related - I actually did a maths degree but not one bit of it has come in any way useful for my flying career. It's more to do with the experience it brings. PAJ's bullet points sum it up perfectly.

If you do end up without a flying job straight after training then I would suggest that having a degree would open more doors to you, not fewer. I don't know of too many people who struggled to find work in these circumstances, and the vast majority have degrees. What's more likely to be an issue is the fact you have "aviation" on your CV - potential employers might be scared off by the knowledge you're bound to jump ship back to a flying job as soon as one comes along, unless you went into a job on an agreed temporary basis as I know quite a few have done. I wouldn't, however, advocate DJ's suggestion of CV-doctoring.

Although some study of maths or a physical science might help you a bit, degree level stuff tends to be far more advanced than is required for ATPL study. I found A-level maths and physics helped me understand some of the concepts, particularly in Navigation and Meterology, but it's not utterly necessary. As I said above, as long as you have the work ethic and the ability to study properly, then the degree you go for doesn't really matter.
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Old 26th Jan 2009, 15:17
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Chilli Corneto
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PAJ & Bjkeate I couldn't of put it better myself!

A degree will not necessarily get you a decent job. I graduated, got a job and I'm still on the same graduate payscale as I was 2 years ago.

I even secured the job ahead of more experienced, better qualifed applicants.
That still doesn't mean squat. If a company can get away with paying someone peanuts they will.

The irony of it is that had I not gained the experience or interpersonal skills through doing my job I may not of been mature enough, or prepared enough to go through the selection.

A necessary evil it has been but I am counting the days until I can hand in my notice.

Old 30th Jan 2009, 19:58
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Info for CTC wannabes.

For those wishing to go to CTC but are having trouble arranging funding CTC have found another bank that is willing to provide funding for the scheme.
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Old 30th Jan 2009, 20:19
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I bet they have!!!
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Old 31st Jan 2009, 02:35
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They have infact found two new banks who will provide funding, and will be announcing this via the website (I expect) in the next few weeks. Keep your ears to the ground.

Mr. A
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Old 1st Feb 2009, 18:25
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That is excellent news about the new banks funding CTC's scheme!
Thanks for the info guys!
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Old 1st Feb 2009, 21:57
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Please be aware the funding provided by BBVA and a UK street bank will not be under the same Ts & Cs as the original HSBC loan; the new funding will require assets to be secured against the loan.
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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 13:09
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anyone for etihad cadet scheme from newyork

anyone going for etihad airways cadet scheme from new york in august, we shall all meet up before the assesment day.

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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 19:23
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College leavers?


Do CTC take on people who apply straight out of college or will they take priority over other applicants? Is there anybody who has gone straight from college straight into CTC? Final question, where can I get hold of a copy of get a head for the sky? I googled it to no avail!

many thanks
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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 19:59
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If you meet the education requirements and demonstrate the skills they require at the interview (stage 3) they will accept you. If you do not demonstrate the leadership or key life skills at the interview but they like you then you will get asked to reapply 6 - 12 months later on.

As for the book I have seen it mentioned on the forum recently with the link to the website. It might even be this very CTC thread but not sure.
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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 20:09
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Ok, thanks for that

I'll have a look around for the link
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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 20:15
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I was feeling extra helpful tonight so I had a quick look over this thread and canít find the link only people recommending the book. Maybe I imagined the link or it could be on the other CTC thread lurking around at the moment.
Anyway I just happened to have it in my favourites.

Get a Head for the Sky - Airline Interview Preparation - About the Book
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Old 3rd Feb 2009, 20:53
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