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easyJet (merged)

Old 8th Feb 2004, 07:17
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Easyjet and other European Carriers Hiring Americans?


I've got a B.S.E. degree in Mechanical Engineering. About five years experience as a Aerospace Engineer, US FAA ATPL, 1540 Total, 140 multi.

Anyone know if I meet EasyJet's requirements? Any know if any European carriers would be interested?

If not, I'm willing to consider to work with a European carrier in any capacity (ticket agent, operations, etc.).

If anyone can help me at all, I would really appreciate it.

Thank You.
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Old 8th Feb 2004, 08:31
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Two very important questions :
- are you a EU citizen ?
- do you have a JAA frozen ATPL ?

If the answer is YES/YES, than I think that you should apply and see what happens. You should be treated the same way than any other EU guy.
If the answer is NO/NO, I think that you shoudn't waste your time.

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Old 8th Feb 2004, 18:56
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If the answer is NO/YES don't bother either. Sorry
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Old 8th Feb 2004, 23:42
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Great attitude. Thanks for your support.
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Old 10th Feb 2004, 19:05
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YDG (tacky name , well done!). In exactly the same way as employment is restricted in the US to those with a Green Card and the appropriate professional qualifications, in the EU you must have the right to live and work here, and you must have a JAA professional pilot's qualification (CPL or ATPL).

The right to live and work here requires that you are either an EU citizen, or that you are eligible for EU citizenship through birth ie one or both of your parents are EU citizens. In certain countries of the EU there may be a slightly more liberal interpretation of this rule - but not much! If you're not sure, check with the Consulate or Embassy of the EU nation which you think you may be eligible for nationality of.

Once you have established the right to live and work here, you must obtain the JAA CPL or ATPL. The conversion from the FAA equivalent is not easy or straightforward, but has been covered here before so please search using something like 'FAA to JAA conversion' - you should find it. Alternatively, you can research the requirements on the CAA's website (here, I think!) yourself.

Your degree and engineering experience are less important than your flying experience - unlike the USA, degrees are not required of pilots. Whether easyJet would be interested in you can only be established by you contacting easyJet, I'm afraid! Similarly for any other EU airline.

Best of luck.

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Old 21st Mar 2004, 18:25
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Snoop Easyjet Roadshow Bournemouth

Anyone attending this Thursday?

A search on these forums regarding past Easyjet roadshows does not make for particularly positive reading. Can anyone 'in the know' provide info as to exactly what they're after?

The advertising banner reads Captain/FO vacancies, presumably experienced & type rated is the order of the day, which counts me out! as I've only just crossed the Frozen ATPL Rubicon.

I don't want to put my glad rags on and practice my best brown-nosing techniques for nothing! However, I guess nothing ventured... and as Pilot Pete commented recently, networking is the key, especially for that first job!

All info/views appreciated.

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Old 22nd Mar 2004, 10:01
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I have been to 2 Easy road shows and I would suggest that they have previously been of little use to me personally.

If anything they do brutally remind you of how many fATPL holders are seeking that first job. It has recently been suggested on PPRuNe that previous successful applicants for the TRSS have mostly come from an airline background so I personally would be interested to know if any non-airline applicants were now being recruited. If you do go perhaps you could ask the question and let me know.

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Old 22nd Mar 2004, 10:15
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And to add,

Both the ones I have been to, you have to fill out this form and hand it in. The person you give it to sorts it into two piles by quickly scanning it. I guess that one is for people who meet the recruiting requirements, and the other for those not. I'll leave it to your imagination which one is the larger pile BY FAR. My guess is that this pile go straight into the WPB, or if they do things properly, the shredder.

I noticed at the last one that the Cabair students arrived in a bus - a road one naturaly.

Got to say that my personal view is that if you don't meet the requirements, it's a waste of time, effort and money to go and hear comments like "we have 16,000 pilots on our database" - yea right.

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Old 22nd Mar 2004, 11:22
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They probably do - but 15,000 won't even have a PPL! Keep the faith; the pool of experienced pilots is diminishing. The TRSS scheme is aimed at more experienced people, but they will need to widen their hoizons before too long.

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Old 22nd Mar 2004, 11:41
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I'm guessing there will be a whole bunch of ex EAAC 737 pilots attending who have recently been made redundant - and I'll be one of them!!!

Not sure which scheme if selected we would be recruited on though (TRSS or direct entry), as apparently converting to 737-200 to 737-300 upwards may require a full conversion course.
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Old 22nd Mar 2004, 20:52
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Well that explains why it is in Bournemouth !!!

Just as EAC go bust !?!

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Old 23rd Mar 2004, 19:06
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Question why to fly?what does easyjet ?

why to fly? and get experience when school like CTC and easy pick up students with 200-300 hours.

I dont really understand what all these schools in UK or US do?
so everyone should apply to CTC now?

what is this story to get jobs with 300hours when they market is plenty of pilots who can not find a simple damn job on a single engine plane.

explain me what is wrong, because I do not really undertstand if it worths to pay more money for a flying training?

all I can say is what Easy does is not fair, and I will nor purchase my next flight with easy!!!
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Old 23rd Mar 2004, 19:26
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Well that's them told ... I bet Easyland was rocked to the core by that scathing attack

Seriously mate you need to get out a bit more ... if you spent a bit more time looking for a job you could do, instead of coming on here and b!tching about all the ones you can't, then the world would be a happier place all round.

I've got 10 times more hours than you and I can't get a job with Easyjet either ... no it isn't fair but that's life.

Now p!ss off and post some c.v.'s
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Old 24th Mar 2004, 00:12
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Were you drunk when you wrote your post or do you just choose not to proof read them first?

If the level of English spelling and grammar in your post is indicative of that in your job applications, I am not surprised you are having difficulty finding employment!

My apologies if English is not your first language.

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Old 24th Mar 2004, 13:02
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You say you want a job in aviation, but you moan and behave like a child.
I have not read one post off you that has been positive.
I think you need to look at yourself and realise that with a negative attitude like yours people will just tell you to get lost.
Still at least that means there are more jobs for those who are prepared to go and find one.
Why did you choose aviation, you would be better off in another career as you attitude seems to be melancholic to me (and from what I have read others as well, no wonder you cannot get a job!)
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Old 24th Mar 2004, 15:52
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Not convinced of the logic there. Only 25% or so of EAAC 737 guys were based BOH and the few that are still working are all (but one) BOH-based. So the majority of us out of work drivers are many miles away. I filled in their on-line form last week and had the usual 'received- but-don't-call us-and-we-may-or-may-not-bother-calling-you' electric response. Any evidence that showing up and brown-nosing will make any difference????
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Old 24th Mar 2004, 19:01
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recruitment roadshows

A company I used to work for would set up a roadshow or similar everytime a company went tits up. And yes, most CVs did end up in the Bottomless Information Network (BIN), or if correct procedure was followed formed part of the thousands of CVs on the database! By the end of the roadshow, its unlikely theyll be able to single any one person out that they've seen.

Basically they hope to grab anyone they can employ, and the fact there are other carriers locally, they may poach a few CVs into the bargain for future use.

Yes they probably do have thousands of CVs but if they were relevant, they'd not need to advertise for flightdeck!! You'll probably find most CVs they have are only FAA licenced or have 6 hours on a puddlejumper.

Doesnt harm to register your CV, for now or later, but maybe save yourself the journey and do it by post or e-mail!

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Old 24th Mar 2004, 19:20
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I attended a seminar type roadshow by low cost operator, the roadshows are very good and give you look at airline and the people, It has given me employment and they are very low on pilots joining. They also need persons who can be left hand seated.

One of the two british low cost airlines is going to set base in poland this year with EU moneys helping them. This will be good for pilots and good for persons flying.
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Old 24th Mar 2004, 19:48
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What's the crack with this recruiting malarchy.......why are us wannabees told "Don't bother training, save your money, there are hundreds of pilots knocking around, just waiting to get a first airline post, you've got no chance mate," and then Easy and others have recruiting days..........
is there a pot of balloons who will never get a job as long as their s**t smells........
or will there pretty soon be a void of experienced Pilots, so fATPL people with a few hours will get a chance?
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Old 24th Mar 2004, 22:14
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Well , if EZ would only look for experience pilots they would not advertised a roadshow only a few days in advanced only.
Some of us are flying that day and if I am not going to Bournemouth it's simply because I couldn't change my schedule!(besides other considerations...)
If some of you are going just tell others what they said , this would be very nice.

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