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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

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Ryanair Interview and Sim Assessment (merged)

Old 11th Jun 2009, 16:16
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Hey cmvidini!

Yeah, they called me the day after and said I passed. Just waiting for a TR date. Think it'll be quite some time. At least six months if I've understood everything correctly. (They didn't say though)

Were you there?
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Old 11th Jun 2009, 19:50
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Yep I was there. I've been offered a cheaper Type and Job Opportunity, still on the 737 so taking that instead. Wish you all the best - Try to get a RyanAir contract after the TR, you'll have less chance of being furloughed when its time for them to start paying you.
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 10:04
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Ok! That sounds good! Where are you gonna do the TR and how much is it?

For the moment I'm just happy to have been accepted =).
Heard from a friend within Ryan that they were gonna expand quite a bit next year (but you never know), so I'll just hang around 'til they give me a call.

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Old 12th Jun 2009, 11:08
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That would be after safety pilot released since you are paid during line training, although they deduct 20e/psbh until line check is passed.
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 11:40
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FAO - Swinglow

Do you know what the pay is during Line Training?
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 11:54
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60e/psbh - 5,5 for sim - 20 for l/t =34,5e/psbh
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 12:12
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Thanks, how many hours/month are usual?
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 19:31
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I am looking for "Proof" not rumour that RYR are laying off pilots (Cadets) after they reach their 500 hour payrise.
It would be a major factor in the decision making process for low hours pilots either Integrated or Modular.

Currently my research supports the fact that, Pilots are not being laid off or having their yearly hours significantly reduced upon reaching the 500 hour point.
The only pilots that I have heard of who are at risk, are those who after 6 months, have not reached the required standard at their OPC, even these have been given more training at RYR expense, and I am glad to say are in a minority.
Some have failed to reach the standard on their type rating course and left the course, others have been asked to undertake more training at their own expense.

Those of you who think that if you can pay, you get a job are sadly deluded as there is a standard set in RYR as in all other airlines, below which you simply fail the course paying or not.
RYR standards are some of the highest in the industry LoCo or Legacy.

Further research has shown that most air carriers in Europe would happily have SSTR's as they are more cost effective and offer less risk to the company.
So I consider that they are here to stay in one form or another, call it what you like Cadet programs or SSTR's.

My T&C's over the years have been reduced (erroded) long before LoCo's appeared in Europe, mostly due to the CAA changes in F.T.L's post Bader report.
Even today they are being attacked by the bean counters in management, and nothing has been done through union representation.
I.E. Lets this change go through or we must make redundancies !!!!

Those of you who can factually answer my questions please reply, others who might know someone etc, please keep it zipped as without fact I am not interested.
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 20:51
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Day Dreamer haven't heard anything at all about this and believe me IF it were happening the cockpit FM would be all over it and we would be hearing about it till the cows come home. Mentioned it to friends and haven't heard anything either so as far as I'm aware not true.

But hey let people make uninformed speculation after all if you believe some people we are take your pick a) whores, b) scum etc etc and have single handedly bought aviation to its knees.
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Old 12th Jun 2009, 21:49
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As a group Ryanair pilots are some of the finest men and women in the Industry.
Much of what we read on here is sour grapes and people who jump on a bandwagon to brighten their sad lives.
Too many persons seek to make RYR the cause for all aviation's ill's, but are too jaundiced to see through the wood for the trees.

As for union membership its a personal matter and only the individuals can make that decision.
There are two sides to every argument, but in the case of RYR its waters are muddied by the add concerns of the Brookfield pilots, and overseas contracts.
Outside of the UK unionisation needs to be on a country to country basis so collective negotiations for all the pilots cannot work, even with the consent of the employer who in this case will be obstructive and are based in another country.

The only way for this to work are local councils for each country with elected representatives negotiating directly with management, possibly associated with IFALPA.

RYR is currently the only main employer in town, so they can and will dictate the terms.
Those who join get exactly whats on the box, no more no less, ultimately a fairly paid job in new aircraft.
Yes it should be the same for all but in a downturn with more demand than jobs, I cannot see there being any change until the reverse is true.
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Old 13th Jun 2009, 04:56
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DayDreamer, while most of what you say is true, Ryanair does not necessarily give what they promise. In my short time with Ryanair (3 years) my contract was altered at least every 4 months and never to my benefit! They were only small changes, but each one nibbled away at my terms and conditions.

Now the 5/4, new aeroplanes and pleasant colleagues were great but the pervasive blame culture of management was neither attractive nor condusive to a safe operation in my opinion. This is an unquantifiable negative that would make me think twice before applying for my old job again.

Having said all of that, when one talks to American colleagues Ryanair is a fresh green pasture of opportunity so perhaps rather than damning those who agree to the Ryanair contract we should more encourage them to make their decision with eyes wide open?
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Old 13th Jun 2009, 08:26
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RYR is not the only management with a so called blame culture, or who are cutting T & C's.
It is becoming endemic in the industry. (Here people will blame RYR) but its not unusual as accountants rule the roost.
What can we do about fuel cost ? (Hedge) what can we do about other costs ? (Hit the easy targets Crew)

This is going off topic, so I shall say no more on the subject.

Those wishing to Join RYR it will be on a Brookfield contract, few if no RYR contracts being issued.
You know what is on offer, so its your choice take it or leave it !! but there are many out there to take your place.
As a cadet the choice is the unemployment que or a shinny new 737, great people to work with and a better salary than most other air carriers.

You know what your getting into, so its your choice !!!
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 00:36
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Are Ryanair still recruiting?

Havent seen any activity regarding assesments etc on here for a while. Has anybody got an interview/assesment coming up ?
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 12:34
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Some facts here...

I often try to be honest a possible about FR, in many cases I will let what is being said be said...but some of this is utter drivel. I'll take a few quotes of certain individuals replying to this thread.

And remember its not a career you are starting with FR its 6 months before you are chucked on the scrapheap and another lamb to the slaughter takes your place.
Utter sh1te. Where are these people who have been chucked out the door after 6 months in FR? In an airline with a rumour mill the size of O'Leary's gob, I have heard nothing..nout...nada on this subject. I have colleagues who are based throughout the FR network...not a whisper from any! To have a matter with such considerable extent not being openly spoken about internally is completely out of character in this organisation.

Something that I find quite ironic is that I have been in FR for nearly a year. Last month I did more hours than I have ever flown during my time at Ryanair. That figure even surpassed the amount that I flew during line training - when my hourly rate was at its lowest (Ohh, and by the way that was an hourly rate I was being paid...not the other way about). So that shoots this little ditty down in flames of glory.

Can you imagine the PA to passengers "and my first officer who is paying us to fly you to Benidorm today is......."? half of the plane would walk off!!!
And to be completely anal, Benidorm is a resort served by an airport called Alicante (ALC)!

And this one...
And remember its not a career you are starting with FR
As much as Ryanair management are critisised (and often righty so I will add) their plans of expansion would be served a massive kick in the jacksy if they couldn't offer and indeed support a career path for it's pilots. Command Upgrades are occuring now....FACT. FOs are encouraged to enter the training department as SFIs.....FACT. TRI/TRE courses are being advertised internally....FACT. The Command Upgrade process is entered after 700 hrs in FR and your second sim after the initial LST....FACT.

In a lot of us BALPA member unionised airlines there are many captains who refuse quite rightly to fly with cadets who pay for line hours or do them for free.
Who is this BALPA member unionised airline that you so speak of....
...it cant be Easyjet, bmi, Thomas Cook or Astraeus. They have all had pay-as-you-fly schemes. Notably Ryanair haven't.

We actually think that a young lad with thousands and thousands of pounds debt hanging over him is more dangerous than any of us egotist pilots you talk about.
So no cadets...who do you work for then? Because the majority of cadets have debt and the majority of airlines employ or have employed cadets.

Listen guys, I understand your plight and wish you all the best, I really do, just so long as it doesn't affect my T's&C's somewhere down the line which one day ultimately it will.
Well if Ryanair pilots are all quite willing to be shafted then you are obviously willing to as well. Your T&Cs are not going to be directly effected by something Ryanair management does. They aren't the benchmark. Plus, if your T&Cs are so rightly important to you then use BALPA (you are a member, right?). That's what hundreds of Ryanair and BRK pilots are doing in the UK right now....FACT. They are fighting for T&Cs, choice of contract, the status of their profession.

What are you and others doing??...jumping on the 'it's all Ryanair's fault' bandwagon. That's one of the easiest things to do in the world. I am sick to the teeth of people from the outside pissing in, creating rumours to unsettle people and in turn suit their own agendas. You and others are totally correct, this airline isn't perfect...but show me one that is! At least there are people out there fighting for change rather than sitting on there arse adding to the lies and conspiracy theories that people seem to get a hard-on over!
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 13:17
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Has anyone had a sniff at an assessment in the last couple of weeks?
I applied via CAE and was told to expect a telephone interview. They said if it does not come in 4 weeks I am to consider myself unsuccessful.

They also said recruitment has slowed right down however the 4 week rule still applies. I have a little over a week till my 4 weeks is up.

Any thoughts?
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 13:30
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Boo Hoo Callsign Kilo, You work for an outfit that whether you like it or not is ruining the industry for the rest of us!

As to Ryanair not having a pay to fly scheme, what the hell do you call paying for your type rating and 'cadet' flying for six months
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 17:22
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MVE - Boo Hoo...who the fecks crying? Except for you and all your mates who keep trumpeting on about big bad Ryanair and how Ryanair pilots are a bunch of cowards with no back bone!

If you want to harp on about 'pay-to-fly' then go back to the very beginning when you decided that you wanted to fly for a career. Unless you were in the RAF or were part of a pre 9-11 sponsorship scheme then you did exactly that. 'Payed to fly.'

And as for the TR. Well, you got me bang to rights on that one. I and everyone else had to pay for it. Do I regret it...no. Would I have prefered not to...absolutely. Maybe I should have been one of those people who should have stood up, wove a big stick in front of the industry and said 'no, I'm not paying for anything.' Then I would have been in the same place as I was for the 12 months after I finished my CPL/IR...nowhere!

So single handedly me and my mates have ruined the industry for you. Maybe you should take a step back and consider that maybe this industry is ruining itself. And where do you get this 6 months cadet flying crap from? Just another one of those mythical tales I'm afraid.
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Old 17th Jun 2009, 23:02
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I attended the assesment day in East Midlands at 5th February and fortunately got THE call confirming I had been selected for a type-rating course a little over a week later. The first start date that they offered was in August, but two months later I got a call and was told that that course was cancelled and that the next available for me would be in October.

Anyone here that has been offered a TR course with start on 12th October? I was rather surprised to hear that the whole TR course would be held at East Midlands since I thought CAE and OAA in Stockholm were the only FTOs offering Ryanair TRs. Has anyone heard about courses beeing held at EMA? The facilities and instructors at least seemed very good during the assesment day.
Any suggestions about accomodation for approx. 2 months in that area?
Feel free to PM me with answers or questions concerning the matter.

Terveisiš (Finnish)
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Old 19th Jun 2009, 09:04
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Direct Entry Capt process

Hi guys. I appreciate that most people here are going through this process at the beginning of their careers, and I sympathise! However, I am at the other end, and looking for a job. Does anyone have any ideas re the timescale etc for DE Capts?
I have applied on line and been put forward by Brookfield.
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Old 19th Jun 2009, 19:29
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Callsign Kilo

As long as you can hang out at the vegetable aisle at sainsbury's in your two gold bars and aviator shades, I am sure it will have been worth the £100k+.
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